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Paint & Graphics

Discreet Logic FLAME

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Item #:MO14801
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Visual Effects and Compositing Digital 3 D Effects and Paint system.

Model Details

This generic description will not match all versions of Flames.

Flame is Discreet's high-performance, online digital system ideal for multi-layered effects and graphics in commercial spots, music videos, feature films, show openings, broadcast promos, and station IDs. Flame supports all resolutions from film to video to DTV/HDTV - all with universal 24p mastering capabilities - so no project is too large or too complex. With Flame, boutique post shops can offer clients with smaller budgets a powerful visual effects system. Now boutique post shops can compete for any project with the highly recognizable top-of-mind brand awareness that Flame carries. Broadcasters can bring more creative work in-house and develop standout template-based graphics for special events or daily use, all with fast project turnaround to meet intensive broadcast deadlines.

Film/TV Visual FX Station for digital compositing w/real-time record/playback, Runs on SGI w/up to 2048x1744. Has 3D distortions, Motion traking,Stabilization, Paint, Distortion Mapping 525/625.

Additional Detailed Information:


Features and Benefits

flame Version 7 Features
  • Colour Warper for intuitive master color tool including selective color correction and scene matching
  • Modular Keyer for radical new approach to keying based on 3D color space
  • Tracer for selective multi-keyer for edge-keying and rotoscoping
  • Major Batch Advancements-new caching mechanism, I/O node and random access pipeline
  • Advanced Visualization-Monitor Calibration, New Film Simulation LUTs, Grids/Guides
  • 3D Deformations enable animatable deformation of 3D models in Action
  • Expressions -user customizable 'signature' effects
  • Scripting, allowing remote project approvals and monitoring via web browser
  • 2D/3D Integration with 3ds max including full-res texture import, to accelerate workflow for 3D work like logos, text and titles
Colour Warper
  • Radically new and fast software color corrector emulates more traditional primary and selective color correction (telecine) approach
  • Industry-proven interaction models combine with landmark new color-space manipulation algorithms
  • Speeds up technical tasks such as color matching scenes, or black and white point adjustments
  • Match feature analyzes images and automatically matches scenes, colors or ranges of colors
  • Fine Tuning tool warps RGB space to produce never-before possible precision adjustments
  • Accessibility to intuitive precision tools such as a GUI-based vector scope and a graphical 3D color tool
  • Allows for multiple levels of precise color- balancing and selective color correction in a single pass
  • Animatable functions allow easy adjustments and controls of lighting in a scene over time
  • Accurate edge-keying tool, ideal for keying hair, fur
  • Supports multiple keying points, each with individual control over key parameters
  • Pull keys from live material (non-bluescreen)
  • Improved animation allows artists to track or animate a garbage mask while keeping full control over shape interpolation
  • Artist can add vertices between animated vertices and preserve proper shape animation
Modular Keyer
  • Innovative pipeline environment enables processes to be added as needed, and resulting key viewed in-context
  • Histogram of 3D RGB space enables fast and accurate manipulation of key parameters
  • Powerful new algorithm ideal for pulling keys such as transparencies, quickly and accurately
  • Sub-pixel accurate Keyer (RGB, YUV, HLS, RGBCMYL and custom)
  • Variable edge treatment and softness, with gaussian blur
  • Shadow, reflection and transparency keying capability
  • Unlimited trackable spline-based animatable garbage masks
Channel Editor Including New Expressions
  • Enables artists to get information faster by viewing all channels as a list, sorting channels in different ways
  • Expressions enable creation of powerful new effects formerly only available in script- based systems
  • Easy grouping and time-cascading of effects
  • Replace channel with Expression referencing other channels/perform mathematical operations between them
  • Relate different characteristics of an element, e. g. attach object shininess to its distance from light source
Film Tools and Advanced Visualization
  • Grain management with analysis and matching of various film stock
  • Allows users to reliably reproduce images that match the look of projected film
  • Calibration, using X-Rite device (or Barco CaliTalk) ensures accurate measurement of color levels
  • User can make manual adjustments to monitor curves (Gamma, Gain and Offset)
  • Enables user to have a standard from which any project-specific tweaks can be executed
  • Load custom LUTs or use film S-curves to simulate what specific print stocks (vision and premier)look like when projected
Grids and Guides
  • Fully customizable guides enable smooth transitions between different aspect ratios
  • Fully customizable safes
  • Fully customizable work area (ie, academy guides within full-aperture 35mm)
2D /3D Integration with 3ds max
  • Dramatic in-context workflow acceleration for everyday types of 3D work-logos, text, titles
  • Direct import/export of 3ds max (.3DS) camera data, models with multi-resolution textures, surface attributes
  • Support for high-resolution textures, without limitation of partition resolution, increases rendering quality
Action Module
  • Effects and compositing in a true interactive 3D design environment, ideal for in-context creative decision-making"
  • Infinite number of layers, each with independent control of key, color correction, tracking and axis attributes for in-context adjustment
  • Extensive 3D capabilities, including: model importation, text creation, displacement effects with lighting and shadows, an unlimited number of light sources, and a powerful on-line particle system for explosions or atmospheric effects
  • New Texture Projector projects images onto a 3D scene using various compositing modes (blend, additive, etc. ), allowing users to recreate 3D environments from 2D imagery easily, create advanced lighting effects
  • True to life camera attributes, including depth-of-field
  • Fully-animatable and editable parameters
  • Up to 4 simultaneous views
  • New camera node and improvements, including free camera -parent objects to/from camera; free camera simplifies support of motion control data
  • Surface blending modes, e.g. transfer modes such as screen, min, max, multiply in surface ul
  • Improved Bicubic animation; choose between shape or explicit X, Y, Z animation
  • High powered module enabling high efficiency, quick and reliable execution based on batch processing trees; view each node in-context of entire scene
  • Full integration with major modules and sparks®
  • Powerful new caching and bypassing functions allow automatic or user-set "pre-rendering" of certain parts of a Batch tree, dramatically increasing interactivity speed, especially with larger trees
  • Avoid reprocessing the same nodes when navigating the timeline
  • I/O Node supports wire and on-the-fly remote frame store transfers 1 (cross- resolution) into/from RAM; import and export image files from/to the system disk (all IFF-supported formats); excellent for testing 3D render iterations; avoids data duplication, and long delays while importing/exporting sequences; includes all import/export image functions
  • Scripting allows all the power of UNIX scripts within flame: scripts can be executed at any point, enabling custom effects, preview clips, QuickTime movies, or e-mail and Web notification
  • Batch Log outputs current status (what it is processing, in how much time)to HTML or text file, so artists can remotely monitor render progress via web browser

Additional Information

Model Brochure

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