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A/B Edit Controller

Sony FXE-120

SONY / FXE-120
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Model Description:
Integrated A/B Roll Editor/Switcher/Audio Mixer

Model Details

Integrated A/B Roll Editor/Switcher/Audio Mixer. Control up to 3 VTRs (1 recorder, 2 players). VTRs can be controlled by switchable and mixable RS-422A, RS-232C and LANC Control L for Sony consumer VTRs and camcorders (as players only). 1 auxiliary video and audio input. 99 event edit memory, edit list can be output via a dedicated RS-232C data port. Built-in 3-input video switcher accepts and outputs Y/C (S-Video) and composite signals. Includes over 129 wipes and effects including posterization, mosaic, freeze and strobe. Built-in full frame synchronizers for background and foreground buses, fade to black/white, color corrector, auto transitions. Built-in audio-follow-video audio mixer with mic input. Internal chroma keyer and luminance keyer, can operate with 1 monitor, ideal for working with DVCAM, DV, SVHS, Hi-8, UVW/PVW Betacam SP, and U-Matic VTRs. Replaces FXE-100 Integrated A/B Roll Editor/Switcher/Audio Mixer. \


  • Three VTR Control The FXE-120 provides three switchable RS-422A and/or RS-232C ports for control of two players and one recorder VTR. Basic VTR functions such as PLAY, STOP, STILL, FF, REW and REC are controlled through these interfaces. variable speed control is also poss
  • LANC Interface for Player VTR The FXE-120 can be interfaced with consumer and professional LANC VTRs to expand the versatility of player VTRs and camcorders as standard. With the IF-FXE2 interface box, the FXE-120 can control recorder LANC VTRs.
  • Time Code Based Editing In addition to CTL signals, SMPTE/EBU standard longitudinal time code (LTC) and 8mm time code can be used to specify locations on source and master tapes.
  • Two Bus Switcher The FXE-120 is composed of two busses, the A-bus and the B-bus. Each bus provides P1, P2 AUX inputs and background color.
  • Multiple Video Format Input/Output Since the FXE-120 accepts and outputs both composite and Y/C video signals, system integration with the combination of various VTR formats such as DVCAM, S-VHS, Hi-8TM, and Betacam SPTM is possible.
  • Synchronized Operation Fully synchronized system operation is possible without the need of an external signal generator.
  • Audio Mixing Two inputs are assigned for each player VTR input and a channel output for the recorder VTR. Two inputs for AUX and a MIC input are also featured for flexible audio mixing of background music and narration.
  • Digital Processing for High Quality Video 4-fsc sampling of input video signals, 8-bit quantizing, and 4:1:1 digital processing of the signal processing assures the FXE-120 of stable, high-quality video.
  • Built-in Frame Sychronizers The FXE-120 provides a frame sychronizer in each bus, which automatically synchronizes the INPUT video signals without the need for TBCs.
  • Noise Reduction and Digital Vertical Enhancer Chromainance Noise Reduction (CNR) and Luminance Noise Reduction (YNR) circuits maximize picture quality and a digital vertical enhancer maintains sharp picture.
  • Color Correction Various color settings are possible by moving the color correction joystick.
  • Wipe Patterns 135 kinds of wipe pattern, including picture scroll and slides, are programmed in the FXE-120.
  • Mix Effect/Fade Effects A variety of MIX Effects such as Mosaic Mix, Black & White Mix, Posterization Mix and Picture in Picture are provided.
  • Input Effects Attractive visual effects such as Mosaic, Posterization, Pixel Trail, Multi-picture, Mono-tone, Strobe and Zoom are provided.

  • Power Requirements - AC120V 10%, 50/60 Hz 5%
  • Power Consumption - Maximum 57W
  • Operating Temperature - 5 to 40oC (41 to 104o F)
  • Storage Temperature -20 to 60 oC (-4 to 140oF)
  • Editing Mode - Assemble Edit: Video, Audio 1/2 Insert edit: Video, Audio 1/2 First Edit, Time code insert Split edit (audio split offset from video IN point) Dynamic Motion Control (DMC)
  • Edit Reference - CTL, LTC, SMPTE/EBU Time code 8mm time code, RC time code, DV time code
  • Edit Accuracy - RS-422 0 frame with TC, frame with CTL RS-232C: 1 frame with TC LANC: 5 frame with RC time code
  • Split Edit Reference - Audio or Video input
  • VTR Interface - RS-422: 9-pin RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin LANC: stereo mini-mini jack
  • Controllable VTR - 1 recorder, up to 2 players
  • Composite - BNC X 4 unbalanced PLAYER1, PLAYER2, AUX1, RECORDER Video:1.0Vp-p, 75 Sync: 0.286Vp-p Burst: 0.286Vp-p
  • Black Burst Out - BNC X 4, unbalanced Sync: 0.286Vp-p, burst:0.286Vp-p
  • Signal Processing
  • Quantization - Y/R-Y/B-Y:8-bit
  • Y/C delay - Less than 50ns (Composite)
  • Time Counter - Internal Time Counter (x3)
  • Transition Time Range - 0 to 999 (unit:frames)
  • Pinch-on Delay - Simultaneous measurement of pinch-on delay for up to three VCRs connected to RS-422/RS-232C/LANC connectors
  • EDL Memory Capacity - 99 edits
  • GPI Interface - GPI In (BNC) GPI Out (BNC)X 2
  • EDL Interface - EDL IN/OUT (D-sub 9-pin)
  • S-Video - 4-pin X 2 Unbalanced Sync: 0.286Vp-p,burstVp-p
  • Video Outputs
  • Mic Input (monaural) - Phone x 1, unbalanced Input level: -60 dBs Input Impedence: more than 4.3 k or above
  • Audio Outputs (stereo) - AUDIO L/R OUTPUT (phono jack) X 6 PGM 1 (2), PGM 2 (2), Monitor (2), Output level -7.5 dB/+4.0 dB selectable Output Impedence: 47k (-7.5dBs/+4.0dBs)
  • Time Count Display range - (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) Time code: 00:00:00:00 to 23:59:59:59 CTL 9:59:59:29 Full edit mode
  • Edit Type - MIX, WIPE, SYNC-Roll, CUT, MANUAL 1st edit, Audio Split Edit, DMC Control
  • Video Inputs Player 1,2, AUX, RECORDER
  • Audio Inputs(stereo) - AUDIO L/R INPUT (phone jack) (2 channels x 5) PLAYER 1 MAIN (2), SUB (2) PLAYER 2 MAIN (2), SUB (2) RECORDER (2) AUX1 (2) AUX 2 (2) Input Impedance: selectable with 600 terminal switchInput level: -7.5 dBs (input impedance 47k or above, 600 switch OFF) 4
  • Sampling rate - Y:910fH (fH=15.743kHz) R-Y/b-Y:1/4 x 910 fH
  • Frequency response - 0 to 5 Mhz + 1 dB/-3dB
  • Signal to noise Ratio - More than 53 dB
  • Recommended LANC Camcorders/VTRs
  • Camcorders - DSR-200, DSR-PD1, DCR-VX1000, DCR-VX700, CCD-VX3, CCD-TR700, CCD-TR500, CCD-V801, CCD-TR3000
  • VTRs - DSR-30, DHR-1000, EV-S7000, EV-S5000, EVO-540, EVO-550H, CVD-500

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • Built-in video switcher with color backgrounds
  • Audio-follow-video audio mixer with MIC input
  • RS-422A, RS-232C and LANC (Control-L) Interfaces
  • 135 digital effects and wipes
  • Auto Time Track editing
  • 99-Event memory
  • EDL output and input

Additional Information

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