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S-VHS Editor VTR


BCS Price: $5,860.32
Item #:MO13107
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Full-Featured S-VHS Editing Recorder. •Optional TBC/DNR with component video signal output

Model Details

The World's Most Popular Professional S-VHS Editing SeriesJust Got a Face Lift
JVC Presents the New 22DX Series

When JVC introduced the original 22 Series line of Professional S video equipment back in 1990, we turned the world of professional video upside down. Suddenly high-quality, professional-standard video editing was within everyone's reach. From business and industry to CATV and ENG, the affordability, versatility, and high performance of JVC Professional S made S-VHS the fastest-growing format in professional video.

Now Professional S is even better.

Introducing the 22DX Series. A deluxe new lineup with all the features that made the 22 Series the S-VHS standard including automatic or manual insert and assemble editing, powerful picture improvement technology for high-quality dubs, Variable Tracking, and comprehensive professional editing functions. But what really sets these new models apart (besides their handsome titanium-gray finish) is that you won't need any costly add-ons to put together a full-featured editing suite. Features like a Time Base Corrector**, VITC/LTC Time Code Generator/Reader, and Digital Noise Reduction** circuitry are all standard! So you'll be able to start editing top-quality video right away.

**Timebase corrector and Digital Noise Reduction optional on BR-S822DXU.

The 22DX Series from JVC. The new look of Professional S.


High-Quality Pictures While Professional S's affordability and versatility make it suitable for a wide range of applications, it has been designed to meet the most rigorous standards of all - television broadcasting. Meeting those standards requires more than minor enhancements. It requires that the picture quality be sustainable through multi- generation dubbing. To achieve this, 22DX Series models incorporate a powerful array of advanced picture-improvement circuitry including a digital luminance comb filter, a digital luminance noise reducer (YNR), and an all-digital luminance signal DOC. Superior picture quality is further assured by a high- performance chroma enhancer* which restores the chroma bandwidth lost during playback and a pre-amp on the upper head drum which cuts down transmission losses and edge noise. What this all means is that the integrity of the S-VHS picture is maintained even when dubbing down many generations, with quality matching that obtained with 3/4-inch equipment. For improved playback picture performance, all models incorporate a TS (Tape Stabilizing) head drum, noise reduction circuitry, and a switching noise masking circuit that sets the switching point 1.5H lower than normal to completely eliminate on-screen switching noise.

*Employs chroma-enhancing technology co-developed by JVC and FAROUDJA Laboratories and modified for S-VHS applications.

Built-In Digital Time Base Corrector (TBC) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) (Optionally available for the BR-S822DXU)

Elimination of time base errors is essential in the production of broadcast-standard pictures--particularly if you're planning to transfer S-VHS material to a component video format such as M-II or BETACAM SP*. Featuring full-field memory and bi-directional correction, the built-in TBC ensures highly stable, jitter-free playback at all times--even head impact errors are effectively compensated for. Further compensation is provided in the form of an advanced phase stabilizing circuit with double-loop decoder. This significantly improves the chroma signal's hue stability, as well as eliminating potential time base problems arising from the changes in tape dimensions that can be induced by temperature variations. The component signal cn be output directly to M-II or BETACAM SP*. To improve picture performance still further, JVC's built-in Hadamard DNR employs the industry's most advanced motion compensation to minimize after-images and boost the S/N ratio.

*BETACAM SP is a trademark of Sony Corporation

Built-In Time Code Generator/Reader High-quality professional editing requires absolute precision and accuracy. Cuts must be timed perfectly. Added sound must come in right on cue. Special effects must be generated at just the right moment. Achieving this level of accuracy requires more than a well- trained eye. it requires frame-accurate time code that tells you where each and every frame is. All 22DX models feature a built-in timecode generator/reader which enables recording (BR-S822DXU/BR- S622DXU only), and reading of SMPTE-standard LTC and VITC time codes. User bits are also provided.

High-Performance Professional Editing The 22DX Series is equipped with everything you need for studio- level editing. Search/jog dials are provided for fast and accurate location of edit points with maximum visual search speed increased to 32X. Edit quality is enhanced by features such as Auto H-Phase ON/OFF, preroll, and a capstan bump function. An on-screen display tracks all your edit data. And convenient functions such as preview, review, and edit point entry enable high-performance editing even without a controller.

Menu Display and On-Screen Mode Check As you would expect from machines of this caliber, 22DX models offer a wide range of possible feature settings and switches. To make it easy for you to set up and customize your system, a convenient menu display is provided which enables you to quickly set and switch most basic functions using the jog/search dials. Even functions normally requiring DIP switch resetting can be switched directly via the menu display. On-screen mode check and warning indications are also provided.

Dual Full-Size/Compact-Compatible Cassette Loading Mechanism Like most professional video formats, S-VHS cassettes come in more than one size - regular and C-size for camcorders. 22DX models feature a dual loading mechanism which can accept either size cassette directly so there's no need to transfer material on C-size cassettes before editing or to use an adapter; you'll be able to edit directly from the original recording. The tape transport system has also been improved to provide faster search speeds and more stable transport.

Built-In RS-422 Interface The RS-422 9-pin serial remote control interface is the one of the most widely used interfaces for professional editing controllers. 22DX models all feature a built-in RS-422 connector compatible with a variety of high-performance editing controllers including JVC's RM-G870U. If you need 45-pin control compatibility for use with JVC's 45-pin remote control systems, an expansion board slot is provided on the rear panel. This can accept the optional SA-K28U 45-pin remote control board.

Other features * Hi-Fi Stereo system with a dynamic range of more than 87 dB * Two-channel normal audio with switchable Dolby B** noise reduction * Independent audio level controls for all four channels * XLR balanced audio connectors * 2 level meters switchable between Hi-Fi and Normal audio * 8-digit time counter for indication of editing data in either TCor CTL mode * Y-frequency response control * Freeze picture memory * Black-burst signal generator (BR-S822DXU/BR-S622DXU only) * Assemble/insert editing (BR-S822DXU only) * SWAP editing (BR-S822DXU only) * Variable tracking system (BR-S525DXU only) * Tiltable control panel * Heavy-duty mechanism * Self-diagnostic warning system * Front-access test points * Automatic head cleaning mechanism * Digital hour meter switchable from tape counter * Color framing servo on/off switch * Headphone jack with adjustable level output * 19-inch EIA rack mount capability * Optional Y-688 (U-Format) dub output card

**Dolby noise reduction system manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby and the Double-D symbol---are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.


  • High quality S-VHS pictures with more than 47dB S/N
  • Loading mechanism compatible with full-sized or compact cassettes
  • Built-in VITC/LTC time code reader/generator
  • Built-in 2-machine editor controls most VTRs
  • 8-digit counter/edit data display

  • Fully equipped master editing functions including swap editing control capability
  • Optional TBC/DNR with component video signal output
  • Full size / compact -compatible cassette loading mechanism for maximum 120 min. recording and playback
  • Open ended system architecture
  • Provided SMPTE time code reader / generator (VITC / LTC)
  • High quality pictures: chroma enhancer, digital Y/C separator*, digital luminance comb filter, digital drop out compensation
  • Pre-roll function
  • High-speed variable search at up to 32 times (10x with C-size cassettes)
  • Hi-Fi stereo system with a dynamic range of more than 90 dB
  • Two-channel normal audio with switchable Dolby B* noise reduction
  • Independent audio level controls for all four channels
  • XLR balanced audio connectors
  • 2 level meters switchable between HiFi and Normal audio
  • 8-digit time counter for indication of editing data in either time code or control track mode
  • External sync reference video input with loop through output
  • Automatic H-phase lock
  • Y- Frequency response control
  • Wide format 16:9 playback capability
  • Tiltable control panel with jog/shuttle dial
  • Provided RS-422 9-pin serial remote interface
  • Heavy duty mechanism
  • On screen menu and on screen mode check
  • Self diagnostic warning system
  • Front access test points
  • Automatic head cleaning system
  • 9999 hour meter
  • Framing servo on/off switch
  • Headphone jack with adjustable level output
  • 19 inch EIA rack mount capability A Y/C filtering technique incorporated under license from

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