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Time Code Device

Leitch CSD-5300

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Item #:MO12805
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Model Description:
Master Clock System Driver, provides access to stable, reliable, and UTC-traceable real time

Model Details

nded for stand-alone operation or any network-oriented application in which synchronized time and date information is important. Typical areas include broadcast organizations, governmental/private institutions and computer systems.

Our traditional Master Clock, the CSD-5300 Master Clock System Driver, provides access to stable, reliable, and UTC-traceable real time.

A Master for Your Master

To address the Master Clock aspect, Leitch offers the world-renowned CSD-5300 Master Clock System Driver, which is used by many of the world's major timekeeping organizations. The CSD-5300 Master Clock includes an optional telephone modem, which allows direct connection to similar units located at timekeeping standards institutions,such as the United States Naval Observatory and the National Research Council in Canada. This modem allows the CSD-5300 to synchronize to true UTC real time via a simple 30-second telephone call. The ovenized oscillator in the CSD-5300 is capable of maintaining correct time with 2 worst-case errors of only 3 milliseconds per day.

The CSD-5300 Master Clock outputs SMPTE-compatible longitudinal Time Code, but at the real-time 30flames/second rate without reference to any video signal. The SMPTE specification allows for such a deviation, particularly for audio applications.

The CSD-5300 also provides a RS-232 ASCII time/date serial output; digital BCD serial and parallel outputs; 1, 50, and 60 Hz pulse outputs; 1 and 5 MHz reference outputs; marker beeps; and impulse drive outputs for easy integration into new or existing systems. A 5 or 10 MHz input may be used to reference the CSD-5300 to a more stable cesium or rubidium atomic standard.


  • External battery input for total power back-up

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