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Digital Video Effects

Sony DME-3000

SONY / DME-3000
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Model Description:
DME-3000 Processor, (made 1995-1996-1997 )

Model Details

Talent, Creativity, and Quality; The DME-3000 and DME-7000 are artistic devices - for talented and creative video professionals.Whether the application is post, production, or remote, a DME effect can make the difference between an average transition and a spectacular one - between an average commercial and one that gets attention, and gets results!; Its difficult to summarize just how important the DME-series has become to the creative aspect of video production - from simple fixes (transparent to the viewer), to remarkable "look at me" effects, ripe with creativity.; One thing is clear, however - the decision to buy a DME-3000 or DME-7000 is not based exclusively on the number of tricks in the digital effects toolbox!; Granted, the DME-series has spectacular effects, including Digital SKETCH™, Digital SPARKLE™, and with the DME-7000, Advanced Shadow™.; Granted, the DME-series offers superb system integration through DME-LINK™, Keyframe-LINK™ and the powerful Processed Key functions offered by the DVS-2000C and DVS-7000 series switchers. ; These criteria alone, however, are not enough to convince a customer that the DME is the right decision.There's one more important factor - high quality real time image manipulation.; Regardless of the application, image quality is the main ingredient in the DME's digital mix.No matter how spectacular the page turn, if the matchframe to the source isn't transparent - if the image quality isn't crisp - the effect loses its impact (and the customer can see the difference)! ; Compact yet sophisticated, with a dynamic


  • Easy Operation
  • Advanced Graphic User Interface
  • Digital and Analog Signal Processing
  • Composite and Component Signal Processing
  • Key Signal Input/Output
  • Frame-based Processing
  • Creative Visual Effects
  • Non-linear Effects
  • Lighting Effects
  • Recursive Effects
  • Wipe Pattern and Mask Generator
  • Extensive Effect Modifiers
  • Keyframe Operation
  • Multi-channel Operation
  • Switcher Interface
  • Keyframe-LINK™ to Sony DVS Series Switchers
  • System Integration with Switchers and Editors
  • Built-in Floppy Disk Drive
  • Shot Box Operation
  • Color Grabber for Quick Color Selection
  • The DME-3000 system provides an advanced graphic user interface with capabilities you won’t find on other digital effects systems. Using the unique integrated track ball with Z-Ring™ control, numeric keypad, or mouse for drag and drop of setups or matte color control, images can be maneuvered in 3D source or target space using the conventional coordinate system. The easy to view color SVGA display makes learning the system simple. Many features help to speed effects creation, such as:•two menu levels displayed at the same•"Go To Page Number" for immediate access to any menu layer•color grabber, which allows the operator to select color from the image and copy them to matte memories, and•quick enabler to quickly turn on the effects modes and modifiers from a single menu.Control can be provided through standalone panels or fully integrated into the new line of DVS-7000 series switchers.
  • The DME-3000 can be configured for•analog or digital•composite or component•4x3 or 16x9•525/60 or 625/50 video standardsComposite video I/O modules can accommodate both analog and serial digital signals. The component video I/O modules also can accommodate both analog and serial digital signals at 525/60 or 625/50 standards. The digital I/O module can be switched between serial composite digital NTSC standards and serial digital component at 525/60 or 625/50 video standards. When switching between composite and component standards the DME sample rate changes to assure maximum video quality is maintained and to eliminate the artifacts associated with sample rate conversion.In parallel with the video signals, an externally supplied key signal can be processed in the key processing channel option.
  • All the signals including key signals are processed component 10 bit input resolution, contributing to high quality picture manipulation. The DME-3000 utilizes frame based interpolation.
  • A full complement of controls for X, Y, and Z location, compression, rotation, perspective, aspect, skew, and size permit manipulation of the image in 3D space using either source or target coordinates. If you like to fly by the numbers or enjoy positioning objects visually, the DME permits control of values through the integrated track ball and Z-Ring™, numeric keypad, knobs, or mouse control. The DME does not limit your creative options.
  • Complex keyframe effects can be stored in the 99 registers. Four types of motion paths - Linear, Spline, Smooth and Step - are available. The path type and its motion parameters can be applied independently to each of the 3-D transformations such as Location and Sizing. A full range of tension, continuity, and bias controls can be applied to spline paths. Unlike other systems, separate paths can be set for each control rather than just a functional group - for example the border size can be varied on a linear path while softness and/or aspect can be splined. In addition, timelines for each channel can be viewed on the easy to read GUI. For the storage of the keyframe data and set-up data, a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive is supplied in the control panel.
  • The DME user interface gives you access to a wide range of creative tools such as Digital SKETCH™ (for artistic paint effects), multiple lighting modes, wipes, crops, masking, defocus, and extensive non-linear effects - used to warp, curl, or shatter an image.
  • Sony’s integrated system approach offers a wide range of highly sophisticated capabilities.SWITCHER INTERFACE AND INTEGRATION The DME has an intelligent interface with the Sony DVS-7000 and DVS-2000C switchers. When combined with these switchers, a number of powerful features are available including DME-Link and process key. DME-Link provides control of the DME within the M/E of the switcher at the push of a button. Process Key effect sends the switcher’s key with modifiers to the DME and returns it to the switcher keyer thus saving additional routing, processing, and time. Optional control panels permit full control from the DVS-7000 control panel. For other manufacturers switchers the Peripheral Protocol II has been adopted. Contact your Sony representative to find out more about extending the interface to your existing systems. EDITOR INTERFACEThe DME-3000 can be serially controlled just like a VTR from the Sony BVE-2000 or BVE-9100 as well as other edit controllers. Keyframe effects can be recalled and control PLAY, STOP, VARIABLE PLAY, JOG and SHUTTLE modes.FLEXIBLE I/OThe DME offers GPI inputs and outputs to provide additional control options.
  • Some features mentioned are provided as options or are user selected.
  • Frequency response: Component: 0 to 5.0 MHz, ±0.8 dBComposite: 0 to 4.2 MHz, ±0.5 dB
  • K factor: Less than 1%
  • S/N ratio: 55 dB
  • Sampling Clock: Component: 13.5MHzComposite: 14.3MHz
  • Quantization: 10 bits
  • Delay: 1 frame ± .3H
  • Power Requirement: AC 90 to 264V
  • Power Consumption: 400W
  • Dimensions: Control Panel (WxHxD): 424 x 84 x 285 mm (16 3/4 x 3 3/8 x 11 1/4 inches) -- Refer to product information guide for cut out specificationsProcessor (WxHxD): 424 x 221 x 450 mm (16 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches)
  • Weight: Control Panel: Approx. 3.5 kg (7 lb. 11 oz.)Processor: Approx. 25 kg. (55 lb. 2 oz)

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