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Time Code Device

TimeLine Lynx-2

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Item #:EQ701581U
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Model Description:
A wideband, high speed, bi-directional time code reader, and a multistandard time code generator

Model Details

· A wideband, high speed, 1/10 to 60x play speed, bi-directional
time code reader, and a multistandard time code generator.
Each module can be designated as master or slave.
· Internal software parameter selections for over 125 different
transport types, a Macintosh computer port, GPI and mute
relays, and system status outputs.
· Setup menus provide convenient user access to configure the
system for specific applications.
· One or more Lynx-2 modules can be used to form a system, and
they can be used with or without an external controller.
· The front panel keys and indicators provide complete user
access of all setup, functional and operational features.
· A multifeatured synchronization interface, providing control
over a wide variety of audio and video machines.
Option Cards
An Optional Film card is available.
Each Lynx-2 Time Code Module contains four independent
functional units.
· Time code generator
· Time code reader (wideband)
· Transport synchronizer/resolver
· Asynchronous Communications (RS422 serial port)

Time Code Generator
The time code generator provides convenient, local time code
striping for each controlled transport. It can generate all worldwide
standard time code types. Pilot rates (60, 59.94, 50, 48 Hz)
are generated. Jam sync, Jam tach and Jam user-bit modes are
also provided.
The time code generator can reference two standard, and three
non-standard timing reference sources. The standard references
are the module's internal crystal, and an external video sync
input. The external sync input accepts black burst, color bars or
composite video sync references. Time code generator details are
covered in the Getting Started chapter.
MIDI Time Code
Lynx-2 will generate MIDI Time Code (MTC) on the Macintosh
computer interface, allowing synchronization of MIDI systems to
audio/video transports, external controllers and DAWs.
In addition, Lynx-2 can convert all worldwide time code standards
to MTC. The MTC output is provided through the Macintosh,
DIN-8 connector on the rear panel. More MIDI information is
provided in the Applications and Advanced Features chapters.
Time Code Reader (Wideband)
The time code reader reads all SMPTE and EBU time code
formats as well as 24-frame “film” code. The bi-directional,
wideband reader automatically detects the time code type and
displays the code-type on the front panel.
The time code reader accepts input levels from -15 dBm to +4 dBm.
Play speeds from 1/10 to greater than 60x are supported. Reshaped
time code output can also be derived from the reader. Time code
reader details are covered in the Getting Started chapter.
Time Code Reader (Serial)
Serial Time Code can be read and used for synchronization. Serial
time code is detected through the serial communication lines in the
50-pin transport connector, on the rear of the Lynx-2 Module when
a serial video transport is connected. Serial time code reader
details are covered in the Getting Started chapter.

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