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Sony BVM-L231

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Equipment Description:
with BKM-243HS HD-SDI & SD-SDI input and BKM-16R control unit. 2 available.

Model Description:
BVML231 23-Inch Full HD LCD Master Monitor ( Look at the PDF for more details) BVM-A series

Model Details

BVM-L231 – The Latest Enhancement to Sony’s
TRIMASTER Master Monitor Series
In 2006, Sony unveiled its first TRIMASTERTM master monitor, the BVM-L230*1 , which offered an
innovative master monitor concept based on the latest LCD monitor technology. TRIMASTER
technology has established a level of picture performance never before achieved with
conventional monitors, and the BVM-L230 master monitor has become widely recognized and
well accepted in the production community. Since then, Sony has been continuously
enhancing the picture quality of its TRIMASTER master monitors by carefully listening to
feedback from customers. Sony’s new 23-inch*1
TRIMASTER master monitor, the BVM-L231, is the
successor to the BVM-L230. The new BVM-L231, along with the BVM-L170*2
, features advanced
Black Frame Insertion technology - plus versatile HDMA and DVI-D inputs, and conventional
analog and digital signal interfaces including a new 3G-SDI*3
The stunning quality of the TRIMASTER master monitors is made possible by three newly
developed Sony technologies – a high-grade, 10-bit full resolution LCD panel, an exclusive
precision LED backlight system, and a 12-bit professional display engine – all of which have
been optimized for producing images at master monitor quality on a flat-panel platform. By
combining such devices with sophisticated color management algorithms and advanced
feedback systems, the TRIMASTER master monitors achieve highly precise color reproduction,
image consistency, and image uniformity to the same degree – or higher – as their CRT
For monitor setup and control, the TRIMASTER master monitors retain the same operational
convenience as the BVM CRT Series, including its remote-control panel design and features
such as Auto White Balance, Blue Only Display, Monochrome Display, RGB Cut Off, H/V Delay,
Chroma Up, and Safety Markers.
The TRIMASTER master monitors also take maximum advantage of new signal-processing
technologies, which enable unprecedented performance for today’s new master monitoring
needs. Such features include a newly developed Aspect Correction Mode as well as an
exclusively developed color gamut emulation function, unique Picture & Picture display
functions, a Pixel Zoom function, HD Frame Capture, an Interlace Display Mode, a Gamut Error
display, and a wide variety of PC and video input capabilities from VGA to WUXGA*4
and from
composite to 2K XYZ 4:4:4 via the Dual-Link HD-SDI and 3G-SDI interfaces.
Both the original BVM-L231 and the new BVM-L170 master monitors incorporate a robust
protection panel*5 . Thanks to its panel size, the BVM-L170 can be both AC and DC battery
operated and can be mounted in a 19-inch EIA rack. Where top-quality monitoring is a
necessity, the BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 master monitors are the ideal solution for high-end
acquisition, production, post-production, and broadcast monitoring, right through to Telecine
*1 22.5-inches viewable area measured diagonally.
*2 16.52-inches viewable area measured diagonally.
*3 3G-SDI interface is supported by the optional BKM-250TG interface board. The BVM-L170

Main Features
Accurate Color Reproduction
• Nonlinear Cubic Conversion Color Management System
The nonlinear cubic conversion color management
system of the BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 master monitors
uses a unique 3-D LUT (look-up table) to reproduce
precise wide color gamuts meeting SMPTE and ITU
standards, thus offering more accurate color
reproduction. It offers highly accurate tracking
throughout the entire grayscale. The combination of
their high-purity LED backlight system, together with this
color management system, allows the TRIMASTER master
to accurately reproduce color gamuts that
replicate broadcast standards such as ITU-R BT.709, and
EBU and SMPTE-C phosphor standards.
In addition, the TRIMASTER master monitors offer a
unique “D-Cine*2
” gamut that reproduces the wider
color space used for digital intermediate work.
Compared to past CRT monitors, which offer only one
color gamut per model, the BVM-L231 and BVM-L170
allow these color gamuts to be selected and reproduced
on the same monitor – a feature only made possible by
their unique technologies.
*1 In this brochure, "TRIMASTER master monitors" refers to both the
BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 master monitors.
*2 “D-Cine” is a color gamut emulating the color gamut described in
SMPTE RP 431-2-2007. The chromaticity of the green-red region is not
covered in full, however, the color shift is subtle in this region.
0.100 0.200 0.300 0.400 0.500 0.600 0.700 0.800
H position
V position
Precision Imaging
• Full HD Panel with 10-bit Driver
The BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 both achieve a high
resolution and stunning color depth using a full 1920 x
1080* HD LCD panel and precise 10-bit driver.
* The BVM-L231 incorporates a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution panel.
• Exclusively Developed I/P Conversion Technology
The BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 use a sophisticated I/P
conversion technique that keeps the artifacts often seen
in typical LCD monitors to a minimum, such as edge
jaggedness, conversion errors, and picture delays of less
than one field.
Picture-quality Consistency
• High-accuracy Display Engine
The BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 use a 12-bit display engine,
which allows images to be reproduced with high
precision for accurate evaluation and manipulation.
• Panel Calibration
Each and every BVM-L231 and BVM-L170 monitor is
carefully calibrated at the factory on an individual
basis, providing a high level of accuracy and stability for
characteristics such as gamma and uniformity.
• Color Feedback System
Using a color feedback system, the BVM-L231 and
BVM-L170 achieve the stability that’s required for master
monitor applications.

BVM-L231/BVM-L170 Acceptable Signal Formats
NO System Nomenclature Samples per
active line
Active lines
per frame
Frame Rate fV
Interface sampling
freq (MHz)
Samples per
active line
Total lines per
Line Frequency
fH (kHz) Standard

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