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Orban 8200

ORBAN / 8200
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Item #:EQ517658U
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Model Description:
Digital Audio Processor with Stereo Encoder

Model Details

Specifications for measurements from analog left/right input to stereo composite output and to analog left/right output. Frequency Response (all structures, measured below gain reduction and clipping thresholds, high-pass filter off): Follows standard 50 microseconds or 75 microseconds pre-emphasis curve +/- 0.20dB, 5Hz-15kHz. Analog left/right output and 8200D/SRC digital output can be user configured for flat or pre-emphasized output. 8200D/32 output follows selected pre-emphasis curve.

Noise: Output noise floor will depend upon how much gain the processor is set for (LIMIT DRIVE, AGC DRIVE, TWO-BAND DRIVE, and/or MULTI-BAND DRIVE), gating level, equalization, noise reduction, etc. It is primarily governed by the dynamic range of the A/D Converter, which has a specified overload-to-noise ratio of 97dB. The dynamic range of the digital signal processing is 144dB. Total System Distortion (de-emphasized,100% modulation): <0.01% THD, 20Hz-1kHz, rising to <0.05% at 15kHz. <0.02% SMPTE IM Distortion.
Total System Separation: >65dB, 20Hz-15kHz; 70dB typical.
Polarity (PROTECTION, TWO-BAND PURIST, or BYPASS structure): Absolute polarity maintained. Positive-going signal on input will result in positive-going signal on output.

Configuration: Left and right.
Impedance: 600 ohm or 10k ohm load impedance, electronically balanced, jumper-selectable. Common mode rejection: >70dB, 50-60Hz. >45dB, 60Hz-15kHz. Sensitivity: -40dBu to +20dBu to produce 10dB gain reduction at 1kHz. Maximum input level: +27dBu.
Connectors: XLR-type, female, EMI-suppressed. Pin 1 Chassis, Pins 2 and 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical.

Configuration: Left and right. Flat or pre-emphasized.
Source Impedance: 30 ohm, +/- 5%, electronically balanced and floating.
Load Impedance: 600 ohm or greater, balanced or unbalanced. Termination not required.
Maximum Output Level: +23.7dBu into 600 ohm or greater balanced load.
Connectors: XLR-type, male, EMI-suppressed. Pin 1 Chassis, Pins 2 and 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical.

DIGITAL I/O (Optional)
Configuration: Requires 8200D/32 or 8200D/SRC I/O card.
Input Configuration: Two-channel AES/EBU standard.
Output Configuration:
D/32: Two-channel AES/EBU standard, pre-emphasized to the same pre-emphasis as selected for the processing.
D/SRC: Two-channel AES/EBU standard, software selectable for flat, pre-emphasized to the same pre-emphasis as selected for the processing, J.17 pre-emphasized, or pre-emphasized to the same pre-emphasis as selected for the processing + J.17 pre-emphasis.
Input Sampling Rate:
D/32: 32kHz.
D/SRC: 32, 44.1, or 48kHz, automatically selected.
Output Sampling Rate:
D/32: 32kHz.
D/SRC: Software-selectable for 32, 44.1, 32SYNC (frequency locks a 32kHz output to a 48kHz digital input), 48kHz, or SYNC (frequency locks the digital output to the digital input).
Input Level: Adjustable 0 to 20dB attenuation referenced to the maximum allowable digital word.
Output Level:
D/32: Maximum peak output (100% modulation). Fixed @ -2.76dB with reference to the maximum allowable digital word.
D/SRC: Maximum peak output (100% modulation) adjustable 0 to -23dB attenuation with reference to the maximum allowable digital word.
Output Word Length:
D/SRC: Software selectable 18-bit, or 14-bit truncated with re dithering.
Connectors: XLR-type, female input, male output, EMI-suppressed. Pin 1 Chassis, Pins 2 and 3 transformer balanced and floating.

Configuration: Subcarrier input sums into composite baseband outputs.
Input Impedance: 600 ohm.
Sensitivity: 1.0Vp-p for 10% modulation of main carrier.
Connector: BNC, floating over chassis ground. EMI-suppressed.

Configuration: 2 outputs, each with independent OUTPUT level control, output amplifier and connector.
Source Impedance: 0 ohm voltage source or 75 ohm, single ended, floating over chassis ground, jumper-selectable.
Load impedance: 37 ohm or greater. Termination not required.
Level: (0 ohm source impedance, 75 ohm or higher load impedance): Adjustable 0-8.0Vp-p with multi-turn OUTPUT LEVEL control.
Connectors: BNC, floating over chassis ground. EMI-suppressed.
Maximum recommended cable length (0 ohm source impedance): 100ft/30m RG-58A/U. Maximum permitted load capacitance 0.047 microfarad.

Configuration: Buffered square-wave reference for RDS or other subcarrier services.
Source: HCMOS logic level output, 0-5V peak.
Connector: On Remote Control Interface. DB-25, male EMI-suppressed.

Configuration: RS-232 interfaces to connect to IBM PC-compatible computers, directly or via modem, for remote control and metering.
Minimum Requirements: 386 computer or compatible with hard disk drive, 4MB RAM, VGA grayscale or color display, DOS 3.3, Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) 3.1, and Hayes-compatible modem (2400 baud rate, V.42bis data compression).
Optimum Requirements: Pentium(R) or 486 computer with hard disk drive, 8MB RAM, VGA color display, DOS 5.0 or later, Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) 3.1 or later, and Hayes-compatible modem (9600 baud rate, V.42bis data compression).
Connectors: RS-232 and RS-422; DB-9, male EMI-suppressed.

Configuration: Eight (8) opto-isolated inputs. User-programmable to select any eight of: user presets, factory presets, stereo, mono left, mono right, reduction of modulation for SCA 1 ON, reduction of modulation for SCA 2 ON, reduction of modulation for TX1 ON, reduction of modulation for TX2 ON, clock reset, EBS tone, exit test, analog or digital input.
Voltage: 6-24VAC or DC, momentary or continuous, optically isolated. 12VDC provided to facilitate use with contact closure.
Connector: DB-25, male EMI-suppressed.

Requirements: Switch-selectable on the rear panel, 90-130VAC or 180-260VAC, 50-60Hz; 55VA.
Connector: IEC; detachable 3-wire power cord supplied. AC is EMI-suppressed.
Ground: Circuit ground is independent of chassis ground; can be isolated or connected with a rear panel switch.
Safety standards: IEC65, UL.

19" (48.3cm) wide, 7" (17.8cm) high, 15" (38.1cm) deep. 4 rack units.

Operating Temperature Range: 32-122 degrees F; 0-50 degrees C.
Humidity: 0-95% RH, non-condensing.

HELP button: Available at all times. Push HELP, and a message will tell you what you are looking at on the screen, what can be done and how to do it. Press each soft key and the message will tell you the function of that button.

Function: Initial setup.
Controls: Studio chassis yes/no (defeats AGC), Pre-emphasis 50 microseconds or 75 microseconds, meter selects VU or PPM, analog input clip level, I/O meters indicate reference or clip level at full scale, analog input reference levels, analog left/right output level, analog outputs flat or pre-emphasized, modulation type, pilot on/off, clock sync to AC line/crystal, modulation compensation for STL or exciter overshoot, reduction of modulation for SCA 1 ON, reduction of modulation for SCA 2 ON, reduction of modulation for TX1 ON, reduction of modulation for TX2 ON. If digital I/O
is present: analog or digital input, digital input reference level.


Function: Guided screen-by-screen setup for all required setup adjustments.

Metering can be switched to indicate gain reduction (G/R) or input/output levels (I/O).

Gain reduction (G/R): Shows gain reduction of AGC, compressors, high-frequency limiters and gate on/off, as appropriate to the Programmable Processing Structure selected.
Input/Output (I/O): Left input, right input, left output, right output (dB), composite output (% modulation).
Pilot: 7.5-10%, in 0.5% steps.

Function: Save processing settings for recall from the front panel, by remote control, by remote computer or by Automation preset switching.
Number of user presets: 32.

BYPASS preset: No processing; audio is digitized and low-pass filtered only. Adjustable gain (-18dB to +15dB).
TONE Preset: Frequency programmable 30Hz-15kHz. Level programmable 0-131% total modulation. Modulation type programmable L, R, L+R, L-R, Mono L, Mono R. Bessel Null tone frequency of 13.5858kHz at 100% modulation produces 75kHz deviation on the second Bessel null.

AUTOMATIC Preset Switching
Function: Changes presets on a programmed event schedule.
Programming: Date (specific date, time, function) or daily (specific day or day of the week, time, function).
Events: Up to 64 events.

Function: To prevent unauthorized adjustment of controls by persons without passcodes.
Number of Passcodes: 10.
Access: Each passcode can be programmed to permit or deny access via front panel or computer to RECALL PRESET, RECALL TEST PRESETS, MODIFY PROCESSING, OBSERVE METERS AND PRESET NAME, PROGRAM AUTOMATION, SYSTEM SETUP, and SET PASSCODE.

Metering: Simultaneous dynamic metering of input levels, output levels, composite and pilot levels and all gain reduction (in color on color monitors).
Control: Full control of all user-adjustable processing parameters, preset functions and System Setup.
Presets: Recall all factory and user presets. Store a virtually unlimited number of preset configurations on your hard disk for archiving, backup, or transferring to other units. Preset backup feature copies all presets from the 8200 to your hard disk.
Password Protection: Programmable on the 8200 unit.

Device: Analog Devices AD1879.
Performance: >97dB dynamic range (overload-to-noise ratio).

Device: Motorola DSP56001.
Performance: 24-bit processing. 144dB internal dynamic range.

Subsonic Filter: Switchable in/out third-order Chebychev with 30Hz cutoff and 0.5dB passband ripple; -0.5dB @ 30Hz, -10.5dB @ 20Hz, -31.5dB @ 10Hz.
Time dispersion network: Switchable in/out all-pass network makes speech more symmetrical to reduce processing distortion.

Passband response: Typically +0, -0.26dB to 15kHz.
Stopband rejection (referenced to 100% modulation): To reduce spectrum in stereo composite baseband above 57kHz to <-75dB.

Device: Analog Devices AD1864.
Performance: 18-bit. 4X oversampled output. Linear-phase reconstruction filter.

Frequency: 19kHz.
Stability: +/- 0.005%. Contact the factory if greater stability is required for special applications.
Injection: Adjustable, 7.5-10%.

Noise (de-emphasized, referenced to 100% modulation): <-100dB, 20Hz-15kHz.
Distortion (de-emphasized, 100% modulation): <0.006% THD, 20Hz-15kHz; <0.01% SMPTE Intermodulation Distortion.
Stereo Separation: >65dB, 20Hz-15kHz; 70dB typical.
Linear and Non-linear Crosstalk (referenced to 100% modulation): <-80dB, main channel to subchannel or subchannel to main channel.
38kHz Subcarrier Suppression (referenced to 100% modulation): >70dB; 75dB typical.
76kHz and Sideband Suppression (referenced to 100% modulation): >70dB.

CIT25 Composite Isolation Transformer (optional)
Ground loops are a problem in some transmitter plants. A ground loop among OPTIMOD-FM and one or more exciters may occur, causing an increase in hum and noise. This is especially likely when OPTIMOD-FM is installed some distance from the exciter. The Composite Isolation Transformer provides the solution. Designed to be installed adjacent to each exciter, it provides ground loop isolation between the OPTIMOD-FM composite output and the exciter, and presents OPTIMOD-FM with a balanced floating load.

Frequency Response: +0.01, -0.03dB, 30Hz-53kHz. Group Delay: Deviation from linear phase <+/- 0.3 degrees, 30Hz-53kHz.
Separation: >50dB, 50Hz-15kHz.
Gain: Adjustable from full attenuation to 0dB.

As close to FM exciter as practical.

Interface at OPTIMOD-FM: Adapter cable, BNC male to 3-pin XLR-type male cable connector supplied.
Cable: Two-conductor foil-shielded audio cable, Belden 8451 or equivalent. Maximum length 100ft/30m. 3-pin XLR-type male and female cable connectors supplied.


Connector: 3-pin XLR-type female. Pin 1 cap actively coupled to chassis, Pins 2 and 3 transformer balanced, floating and symmetrical.
Maximum Level: 4.4Vp-p.


Connector: BNC, shell insulated from chassis.

Maximum Recommended Cable Length: 6 ft/1.8m RG-58A/U cable or similar, to avoid excessive RF pick-up on cable. Cable supplied.
Exciter Input: 1k ohm or greater; 1000pF or less. Replace 50 ohm or 75 ohm termination resistor, if present, with 1k ohm resistor, supplied.

7" (17.8cm) wide, 3" (7.6cm) high, 1.72" (4.4cm) deep.

Limited Warranty
Orban warrants our products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase for use, and agrees to repair or, at our option, replace any defective item without charge for either parts or labor.

This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product, loss of parts or inadequate repairs performed by unauthorized service centers.


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