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Sencore SC3100

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Item #:EQ514047N
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Model Description:
"Auto Tracker" Automatic 100 MHz Waveform & Circuit Analyzer

Model Details

Measure DC voltage, peak-to-peak voltage, frequency, DC current, ohms, continuity - and analyze waveforms up to 100 MHz in one complete, easy-to-use instrument. The autoranged timebase and vertical attenuators, the SC3100 "AUTO TRACKER" lets you view signals without resetting controls. With an input capability from 2 mV to 2 kV, the "AUTO TRACKER" can handle any signal you need to measure. The "fiddle free" sync circuits give you hands-free analyzing all the way from sine waves to video waveforms. The Delta features let you analyze any portion of the waveform without counting graticules.


  • A complete waveform and circuit analyzing system in one instrument
  • Integrated measurements of all circuit parameters provides fast troubleshooting answers
  • Exclusive autoranged timebase and vertical attenuators eliminate wasted time
  • All functions microprocessor integrated for ease-of-use
  • Auto-Tracking? digital readout of waveform voltage and frequency with one probe connection
  • Full performance, 100 MHz dual trace oscilloscope
  • Digital delta measurements to analyze every portion of any waveform

  • Vertical Amplifiers : DISPLAY MODES: Channel A, inverted Channel A (-A), Channel B, dual trace (A&B), algebraic sum (A+B) or difference (B-A), vector (X-Y), CALIBRATION ACCURACY: ?3% at 1 kHz, FREQUENCY RESPONSE (100 MHz): AC coupled: ?3 dB of 1 kHz level from 10 Hz to 100 MHz, usable to 150 MHz, SENSITIVITY: 20 mV/div. to 200 V/div. with supplied 39G292 10X probe; 2 mV/div. to 20 V/div. with (optional) DP270 Direct Probe, MAXIMUM INPUT PROTECTION: Supplied 39G292 10X Probe: 2500 volts breakdown (DC + Peak AC)
  • Horizontal Sweep : SWEEP RATES: 100 milliseconds/division to 20 nanosecond/division. Autorange automatically selects sweep rate to show approximately 2-5 cycles of waveform. ACCURACY: ?3%
  • Trigger Circuits : TRIGGER SOURCE: Ch A, Ch B, AC power line, or external, TRIGGER MODES: Norm, Auto, TV
  • Auto-Tracking? Digital Tests - DC Volts : DCV FUNCTION: Provides direct reading of DC voltage on selected channel, ACCURACY: ?5% ?2 digits
  • Peak-to-Peak Volts : VPP FUNCTION: Provides direct reading of peak-to-peak voltage on selected channel with either X10 or direct probes, ACCURACY: ?2% ?4 counts, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ?0.5 dB from 20 Hz to 30 MHz, less than or equal to -3 dB at 100 MHz
  • AC Volts : ACV FUNCTION: Calculates RMS sinewave value from PPV measurement; dBm FUNCTION: Calculates dBm measurement from PPV sinewave measurement, referencing 1 mW across 600 Ohms (0 dBm = .7746 volts RMS)
  • Frequency : Automatically displays the frequency of the signal on selected channel; RANGES: 10.00 Hz to 150 MHz; ACCURACY: 0.001% ?1 digit
  • Delta Peak-to-Peak : Measures amplitude of intensified area on selected channel
  • Delta Time : Measures time of intensified waveform portion
  • 1/Delta Time : Converts Delta Time reading to equivalent frequency
  • Delta DC Volts : FUNCTION: Measures DC voltage level of marked waveform point in respect to ground using the PPV and DCV functions; MARKER: Fully adjustable over entire range of waveform
  • Digital Meter Tests : Ohms FUNCTION: Provides in- or out-of-circuit ohms; RANGES: 0.00 to 100 M Ohms; ACCURACY: 0.2% ?2 digits
  • Continuity Test : Provides audible tone of continuity; RANGE: 0 to 199 Ohms. Audible tone turns on if resistance is less than 10 Ohms and turns off if resistance is greater than 15 Ohms, ?2 Ohms
  • DC Current : Provides measurement of DC current; RANGES: 0.001 to 1.99 Amp; ACCURACY: 0.3% ?2 digits
  • HWD Size : 7.25 x 13.75 x 15 inches (18.4 x 34.9 x 38.1 cm)

Additional Information

SC3100 brochure-5660.pdf
SC3100 flyer-5129.pdf
TT153 - 6585.pdf
TT218 - 5584.pdf

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