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Misc. Test Equipment

Sencore HA2500

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

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Item #:EQ513297N
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Model Description:
Universal Horizontal Analyzer

Model Details

The HA2500 Universal Horizontal Analyzer is the one instrument designed specifically for analyzing all horizontal and B+ related defects. The HA2500 teams up with the VG91 Universal Video Generator or any of the Sencore computer monitor generators (or use it stand-alone) to give you complete monitor analyzing. Its patented and exclusive features gives the HA2500 the capabilities to help you service computer monitors faster and more profitably than ever before. The HA2500 provides exclusive analyzing test and substitution capabilities to localize horizontal circuit defects faster than using conventional methods. The "chassis off" test determines if the horizontal stage is free of severe defects or if problems exist. The patented "ringer" test dynamically tests coils and transformers for one or more shorted turns - a common failure of flybacks. The exclusive Dynamic Tests analyze the input and output voltage parameters of the horizontal output stage with the chassis powered on.


  • Unique frequency lock and variable horizontal frequency use allows you to quickly service all horizontal circuits no matter the frequency
  • Patented "ringer" proves the condition of flybacks and yokes in seconds - even a single shorted turn
  • Variable-current limited & protected B+ substitute power supply permits testing of horizontal stages even when the power supply is dead
  • Exclusive "Horizontal Output Load Test" makes setup and testing a snap - even without applying AC power for more accurate estimates, fewer damaged replacement parts, and faster diagnosis and repair
  • Exclusive "Dynamic Tests" help you analyze the horizontal circuit in powered-up conditions to catch even subtle defects in the power supply, noise, and drive signal
  • Portable and field rugged to go on location when bringing the defective product to your bench isn't feasible

  • HORIZONTAL FREQUENCY GENERATOR : FUNCTION: - Squarewave generator for Load Tests and Sub Drive functions, FREQUENCY RANGE: 15 kHz to 125 kHz
  • External Sync Input : INPUT SIGNALS: - Horizontal Sync, Composite Sync, Composite Analog Video (? Polarity), FREQUENCY RANGE: 15 kHz - 125 kHz, SENSITIVITY: Composite Analog Video > .5 VPP Horiz. or Composite Sync > 2 VPP
  • HORIZONTAL OUTPUT LOAD TEST SETUP : EXCITATION DRIVE: Squarewave 50% duty cycle ? 2%, B+ VOLTS RANGE: 0 - 19.9 volts, VPP RANGE: autoranged 0 - 400 VPP
  • HORIZONTAL OUTPUT LOAD TESTS : B+ mA RANGE: 0 - 250 mA, TIME ?S RANGE: 0.1 ?S - 50 ?S, TIME ?S TRIGGER LEVEL: 5% ? 1% of pos. pulses with VPP > 10 VPP
  • RINGER TEST : FUNCTION: Approximate coil "Q" determined by exciting the coil and counting ringing cycles to a damped level
  • DYNAMIC TESTS (Collector or Drain Meter) : VDC RANGE: Autoranged, 0- 400 volts, VPP RANGE: Autoranged, 0 VPP to 1500 VPP, TIME ?S RANGE: 0 - 50 ?S, TIME ?S TRIGGER LEVEL: 5% ? 1% of pulse VPP >20 VPP
  • DYNAMIC TESTS (Base or Gate Meter) : VPP RANGE: 0 VPP to 50 VPP
  • DYNAMIC TESTS (Horizontal Driver Test) : FUNCTION: Measures the horizontal driver stage output current capability by simulating a low impedance base/emitter transistor junction, BASE mA RANGE: 0 - 2000 mA
  • DYNAMIC TESTS (Sub Drive) : FUNCTION: Substitute drive optimized to properly drive the base or gate of any horizontal output transistor, BASE SUB OUTPUT: Squarewave 50%, -2/+6% duty cycle, GATE SUB OUTPUT: Squarewave, 50% duty cycle ?2%
  • SUBSTITUTE B+ SUPPLY : VOLTAGE RANGE: 30 volts to 180 volts, POWER OUPUT: 2 amps ? 10% to 40 volts, 80 watts ? 10% over 40 volts, POWER LIMIT RANGE: 3 watt (min.) to 80 watt
  • FLOATING GROUND ISOLATION : 600 volts (DC + peak AC) from "-" terminal to chassis ground with 500 ?A
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY : Vacuum fluorescent matrix, 40 x 2
  • AC Power : 105 to 125 VAC 50/60 Hz. May be factory converted to 220 VAC
  • Size : 6 X 11.5 X 15.5 inches (15.2 X 29.1 X 39.3 cm)
  • Weight : 14 pounds (6.4 kg.)

Additional Information

HA2500 brochure-6711.pdf
HA2500 flyer-6670.pdf
TT219 - 6621.pdf
TT220 - 6657.pdf
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