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Waveform Monitor

Tektronix 1735-HD

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

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Item #:EQ512955U
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Equipment Description:
Fair Condition

Model Description:
Multi-format & Multistandard Analog High Definition Waveform Monitor.

Model Details

Full 30 MHz Analog Video Bandwidth l
Six Video Input Channels l
Parade and Overlay Displays l
Half Rack Width l
Complete Line Select l
Accepts Tri-level Sync l
On-screen Readouts l
Analog High-definition Video Monitoring for
Broadcast or Medical Applications
The Tektronix 1735 HD is a multi-standard, wide bandwidth,
television waveform monitor developed in support of high
definition television production formats.
Selectable Operating Formats
In addition to high definition production formats, the 1735
HD provides monitoring capabilities in 525 line/60 field and
625 line/50 field signal standards. The 1735 HD accepts
tri-level or traditional bilevel synchronizing signals.
Multiple Wideband Inputs
Six wide-bandwidth input channels are provided for
monitoring composite or component signals. New input
amplifiers provide flat frequency response and excellent
return loss characteristics through 30 MHz.
Input signal processing provides a choice of DC restoration
or an unclamped display. Inputs may be referenced to
ground. One signal may be displayed in a dual filter mode,
with one line or field low pass filtered and one unfiltered.
When two or three different input signals are displayed, the
second and third may be offset from the first to allow
accurate comparison.
Accurate Timing Measurements
To facilitate timing measurements in the critical high
definition environment, up to three signals may be presented
side by side or overlaid. A channel subtraction mode allows
timing comparison using the Bowtie signal. Calibrated
timing is facilitated by a versatile horizontal magnifier.
Full Line Select
Full frame line select, with on-screen readout of line number,
is provided in each television line/field format. The line to be
displayed may be selected at the front panel and a predefined
line may be easily recalled. The selected line is intensified in
the field rate display and on the picture monitor output. A
companion 1720 Series Vectorscope may be connected to
display a vector presentation of a selected line or the full
field signal in composite (NTSC or PAL) applications.
Microprocessor Control
The 1735 HD High Definition Waveform Monitor is a
microprocessor controlled instrument with a nonvolatile
memory. On-screen menus allow selection of operating
standard and screen display functions. Four user-defined
front panel setups are available through a remote input
connector. Also available for remote operation are selection
of sweep rates, input channels and activation of four
line/field display. The companion 1720 Series Vectorscope's
front panel setup follows the 1735 HD selection for quick
recall of desired test and monitoring configurations.


Sweep Standards Are Menu Selectable

Progressive Rates Interlaced Rates

312/75/1 525/60/2 (480i NTSC)

312/100/1 625/50/2 (PAL)

312/125/1 875/60/2

525/60/1 (480p SMPTE


875/60/2BV (block vertical


625/50/1 1023/60/2

750/60/1 (720p SMPTE



787/60/1 1112/60/2

1250/60/1 1117/60/2

1250/50/1 (1080p SMPTE



1125/60/2 (1035i or 1080i


1250/50/2 (1080i SMPTE


Additional Information


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