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Sync Generator

Sencore VG91

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Item #:EQ512719U
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Model Description:
Universal Video Generator

Model Details

The VG91 Universal Video Generator is an all-channel, TV-RF generator that simulates any off-air or cable channel to completely analyze all NTSC tuners. Variable level RF and IF signals allow you to prove the operation of tuner and IF circuits in seconds. The exclusive and dynamic video patterns provide you with the information you need to analyze the operation and performance of video equipment.The MTS audio generator of the VG91 provides both standard audio and MTS stereo signals for testing and troubleshooting both mono and MTS receivers. You also get standard Y/C, composite video, and line level audio found on consumer and most professional equipment. With the spare video output and exclusive interconnect design, the VG91 lets you add to your service bench as your needs grow.


  • All channel TV-RF generator for complete tuner analyzing
  • Variable level 45.75 MHz video-IF troubleshooting and alignment generator
  • Proof-positive tests for MTS Stereo/SAP on all channels
  • Exclusive and dynamic NTSC video test signals
  • Standard Y/C, composite video, and audio line outputs
  • Spare video output and exclusive interconnect design that permits future updates or expansion
  • Portable and easy-to-use

  • TV-RF Generator : STD TV 2-69, STD CABLE 2-125, HRC CABLE 1-125, ICC CABLE 1-125; RF CARRIER FREQUENCY ACCURACY: ? 50 kHz; AURAL CARRIER: Visual carrier + 4.5 MHz, ? 1 kHz; AUDIO MODULATING FREQUENCIES: 300 Hz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz, 5 kHz; RF AURAL STEREO SEPARATION: > 25 dB Typically > 30 dB
  • Video IF Generator : VIDEO IF FREQUENCY: Video: 45.75 MHz ?10 kHz; Aural: 41.25 MHz; IF TRAP SIGNALS: 47.25 MHz, 41.25 MHz, or 39.75 MHz ?10 kHz selectable; 4.5 MHz SOUND IF: 4.5 MHz ? 1 kHz
  • RF-IF Output : RF-IF LEVEL STEP ATTENUATOR: RF Output = LO: 5-50 ?V, MED: 50-500 ?V, HI: 500- 5,000 ?V; RF-IF LEVEL VERNIER ACCURACY: RF "NORM" 1000 ?V; ?3 dB HI range. RF-IF OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 75 ? 10%
  • Video Pattern Generator : PATTERNS: Raster, Dot, Dots, Window Circle, Crosshatch, 10 Bar Staircase, Color Bars, EIA Color Full Field (Split Field Added), Multiburst Bar Sweep, Chroma Bar Sweep, Luma/Chroma Bar Sweep; EXTERNAL MODULATION: Input: BNC jack, 1 VPP (negative sync) 75 impedance
  • Multichannel TV Sound Signal : AUDIO MODES: Mono, L only, R only, L+R, SAP; MODULATING FREQUENCIES: 300 Hz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz, & 5 kHz, ? 2 Hz; STEREO PILOT FREQUENCY: 15,734 Hz ? 2 Hz, locked to horizontal sync; STEREO PILOT LEVEL: Variable 0-100%; 100% = 5 kHz deviation; STEREO SUBCARRIER FREQUENCY: 31,468 Hz ?4 Hz, phase locked to pilot; SAP CARRIER FREQUENCY: 78,670 ? 10 Hz, phase locked to Pilot
  • STD Y/C Output : LEVEL: 1 VPP (Y) luminance ?10% into 75, .63 VPP (C) chroma ?10% into 75; LUMA & CHROMA SOURCE: Selected by VIDEO PATTERN switch; FREQUENCY RESPONSE: (Y) Flat Multiburst Bars to 4.5 MHz, ?10%
  • STD Video Output : STD VIDEO LEVEL: 1 VPP into 75, negative sync; FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Multiburst flat to 4.5 MHz, ?10%
  • STD Audio Output : AUDIO SIGNAL: Selected by AUDIO FREQUENCY control; LEVEL: 400 mV ?150 mV into 10 k
  • Power : 105-125 VAC, 60 Hz, 42 Watts
  • HWD Size : 7 x 14 x 16.7 inches (17.9 X 35.8 X 42.5 cm)
  • Weight : 18.2 pounds

Additional Information

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TT200 - 4919.pdf
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TT213 - 5382.pdf
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VG91 flyer-5013.pdf

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