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3 CCD & Studio

Ikegami HC-390

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

Item #:EQ510293U
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Equipment Description:
Premium Condition - Camera like new ! Excellent CA-390,VF5023,Canon 17x lens,MA-200a

Model Description:
2/3-inch 3CCD Professional Color Camera

Equipment Details

Ikegami HC-390 3CCD Portable Color Camera
Ikegami CA-390 Camera Adaptor
Ikegami VF5023 Studio Viewfinder
Canon YJ17x9.5B4 KRS 17x Camera Lens
MIC Holder
Anton Bauer Mount
Ikegami MA-200A Multicore Cable Adaptor
CCU cable (High ,Definition camera for broadcast video professional !)

Model Details

cessary to deliver rock-steady pictures, with all non essential functions eliminated. This thorough re-design achieves an ultra-compact, lightweight body that fits snugly on to the shoulder of the camera operator, a new level of user friendliness and operating flexibility is achieved, including exquisite weight balance, easily accessible switches and buttons. In addition, the HC-390 provides substantial enhancement in actual performance, in terms of crisp picture detail, color fidelity. S/N ratio, and power saving. The HC-390 deserves a close look for its user-friendly, simple operation, with unparalleled image quality as compared to many of its competitors


  • Newly-Developed, High-Performance CCDs
    The HC-390 employs newly-developed CCDs with 380,000pixels to offer substantial improvements in actual performance over the current HC Series, in terms of crisp picture detail, color fidelity, S/N ratio, and power conservation. Video artifacts such as smear, moire, ringing, and fixed pattern noise are also reduced.
  • SHBA(Super High Band Aperture)
    New SHBA technology for boosting resolution and hyper-precision pixel staggering technology work together to yield a horizontal resolution of 800 lines.
[New Compact, Lightweight, Well-Balanced Design]
  • VCR-Dockable through Rear Panel Adaptor
    The HC-390 is easily dockable with a variety of VCRs using the appropriate rear panel adaptor.
  • Flexibly Designed Shoulder Pad
    The shoulder pad is adjustable for angle of tilt and weight balance to fit the shoulder of each camera operator, so that optimum weight balance can be achieved with the different types of VCR. Additionally, the non-slip mechanism further improves comfort and confidence in use.
  • Ultra-Compact, Lightweight body
    The camera head is built into a ultra-compact body, weighing approx. 2kg. Power consumption is also greatly reduced to about 9.5W for the camera head.
  • Simple Design
    Ease of use is considerably improved by completely eliminating unneccessary functions; about 50% of the menu items of its predecessors are eliminated. This promises error-free, stable operation.
[New Features to Facilitate Operation]
  • EV Mode
    Access to the EV mode, available on a single switch, offers enhancement to the level of details, type of detail, and chroma satuaration level depending on the type of VTR used, for crisp, sharp picture quality during playback.
  • Smooth AWB Memory Switching
    AWB memory switching can be effected smoothly by the new design. This permits On Air transitions between different lighting conditions.
  • Electronic Color Temperature Correction Circuit
    Color temperature conversion is performed electronically to match the ambient lighting conditions. Color temperatures from 3000'K to 5600'K can be handled, without the need for manipulating the filter wheel, so that smooth continuous shooting can be achieved both indoors and outdoors.
  • 36dB Gain
    The HC-390 has a 36dB gain-up osition, permitting use in light levels as low as 1.75 lux. It offers exceptional performance in coverage of fast-breaking news events under poorly illuminated conditions.
  • Initialize Switch
    Operating the initialize switch returns the custom preset to the initial default setting. This feature will prove useful when the camera is to be used by several camera operators or when an unusual preset needs to be cancelled.
[High Image Quality Inherent in the HC Series]
  • Auto Knee
    A wide dynamic range, in conjunction with Auto Knee, provides pictures with optimum contrast without washed-out appearance, even for high-contrast subjects.
  • Super V
    The HC-390 comes with Super V function to provide a 20% boost in vertical resolution.
  • Video Matrix
    The Video Matrix circuit built into the HC-390 compensates for optical color rendition to deliver crisp, natural-looking colors.
  • Black Stretch
    The Black Stretch function enhances the video levels only for low-luminance areas to improve black detail of the subject.
    [No-Frills Functions Demanded by Professionals]
    • Variable Shutter
      In addition to a stepped variable electronic shutter with speeds up to 1/4000 of a second, a continuously variable shutter capability is also provided. This can be set from 1/60.2 to 1/200.6 of a second. It not only delivers reproduction of stable, sharp pictures for fast action shots, but also eliminates flicker when shooting computer display monitors.
    • Filters
      The HC-390 incorporates a dust-free filter wheel to permit selection of a color temperature conversion filter that matches the surrounding lighting condition. In addition, effect filters with cross/soft effects give the camera operator artistic and creative freedom in vidual expression. The filter position can be checked via an indicator within the viewfinder.
    • Auto Controls
      The HC-390 offers a variety of auto functions. In particular, auto white balance comes in two memories, A and B, as well as the preset position at 3000'K. Additionally, the four- channel scene file allows rapid set up changes during shooting.
    • Phantom Power
      The HC-390 comes with +12V phantom power output as standard, so that a wide variety of microphones can be supported.
    • High-Resolution VF
      The High-resolution CRT viewfinder provides a sharp, stable picture. The VF Detail function mixes a dedicated detail signal onto the VF signal to substantially increase the vertical resolution of the picture. Various facilities, such as Quick Start and VF Light, are incorporated into this camera to offer the camera operator the best operating versatility.
    • VF Character Indications
      A suite of character indicators hel~ the camera operator to check almost all control status on the VF screen.
      (Battery Remainder)
      If you use an ANTON BAUER Digital Battery, the remaining level of the battery can be checked in 10% steps within the VF .
      (Audio Level/ Audio Control)
      During VTR recording, the audio level can be controlled by adjusting the volume knob located on the side of the camera while viewing the indicator within the VF.
      (Zebra Indicator)
      A newly-designed window-comparator.type zebra pattern generator permits the zebra zone to be set freely.
      (Recording Time Indicator)
      The real-time tape counter is indicated within the VF. Since the data is kept in the memory even when the camera is powered off, the time recorded and tape consumed can be checked accurately.
      (VF Marker)
      A marker indicated within the VF picture can be chosen from four types. This hel~ the camera operator to frame the picture. A 16:9 marker is also available to be ready for a wide screen TV format.
      Various operating conditions of the camera can be easily set and checked via a menu. Various settings and indications, such as for date, VTR start mode , marker indicator, titling, memory. and scene file, can be made using the indications on the VF.
    • Color Bar
      The HC-390 is equipped with SMPTE color bar signal generator. when Color Bars are turned ON, the title and date can be displayed. When the camera number is input, it is possible to identify the camera number on the monitor dispplay output.
    • A Host of Accessories
      A variety of extension units for the existing HC Series, including the MA-200A, can be used with the HC-390 without any modification.

    Optical System F1.4, RGB prism system
    Image Sensor 2/3" 3 IT CCDs
    Effective Number of Pixels 380,000 pixels
    Scanning System 2:1 interlaced, 525 lines, 60 fields, 30 frames/sec.
    Sync System Automatic change between internal sync (built-in sync signal generator)
    or external sync (gen-lock system)
    Storage System Field/Super V, selectable
    Input Signals * External sync signal (BNC connector)
    VBS 1.0Vp-p/75ohm or BBS 0.45Vp-p/75ohm
    * Return video (26-pin connector) VBS 1.0Vp-p/75ohm
    * Mic input (XLR type, 3-pin connector) -60dBm, 600ohm
    Output Signals * Composite output (BNC connector, 26-pin connector)
    VBS 1.0Vp-p/75ohm, 2 outputs

    * Y/C output (26-on connector, Y/C connector)
    Y: 1.0Vp-p/75ohm, 2 outputs, C: 0.286Vp-p/75ohm, 2 outputs

    * Component output (26-pin connector)
    Y: 1.0Vp-p/75ohm,
    R-Y: Any two positions selectable from four positions as follows
    0.486Vp-p/75ohm, 0.7Vp-p/75ohm,
    0.525Vp-p/75ohm, 0.756Vp-p/75ohm
    B-Y: Any two positions selectable from four positions as follows
    0.486Vp-p/75ohm, 0.7Vp-p/75ohm,
    0.525Vp-p/75ohm, 0.756Vp-p/75ohm

    * RGB output (26-on connector)
    V: 0.7Vp-p/75ohm
    SYNC: 2.0Vp-p/75ohm or 4.0Vp-p/HIGH

    * Audio output (26-pin connector)
    600ohm balanced, -60dBm or -20dBm (selectable)
    Intercom Built in the camera adapter
    Lens Mount Bayonet type (B4)
    Filter 3000K/5600K +ND (6.25%) /5600K/EFFECT
    Gain Setting * Standard 0dB, +9dB, + l8dB

    * Settable any two modes can be selected in addition to 0dB,
    from a range of -3dB, +3dB, +6dB, +9dB, +12dB, +15dB, and +18dB.

    * High sensitivity
    A setting of +36dB can be selected with the switch behind the door.
    Shutter 1/60(OFF), 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000
    Continuously variable speed range of 1/60.2 to 1/200.6
    DTL Correction Horizontal: Dual edged (with comb filter)
    Vertical: Dual edged (2H system)
    Shading Correction Built-in shading correction circuit (black shading)
    Flare Correction Can be corrected for each of R, G, and B channels.
    Color Bar SMPTE type
    Video Matrix Built-in
    Auto Knee (Highlight Compression) Built-in (400% or more)
    Auto White Balance Preset(3000K) 1ch, memory(A, B) 2ch
    Auto Black Balance Built-in
    Scene File 4ch memory
    Auto Iris Built-in
    Horizontal Resolution 800 lines
    S/N Ratio 62dB (gamma, detail, chroma off)
    Sensitivity * standard F8.0, 2000 lx
    * Minimum Fl.8, 3.5 lx (with +36dB gain up)
    Registration Entire screen: within 0.05%
    Input Voltage +11V - +16V DC
    Power Consumption * Camera head: approx. 9.5W
    * Camera adapter: approx. 1W
    Ambient Temperature -10°C - +40°C
    Dimensions (WHD) Approx. 125 x 285 x 150 mm
    Weight * Camera head: approx. 2kg (4.4 lbs)
    * Carmra adaptor: approx. lkg (2.2 lbs)


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