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HDV Camcorder


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Equipment Description:
The GYHD200 has been discontinued.B-stock

Model Description:
3-CCD ProHD CAMCORDER w/16:1 FUJINON LENS, Now includes Anton-Bauer Battery and charger!

Model Details

Las Vegas, NAB, April 25, 2006 - JVC Professional Products Company expanded its ProHD line with the introduction of the GY-HD200U and GY-HD250U HDV camcorders. The GY-HD200U is targeted at independent filmmakers and stringers, while the GY-HD250U is intended for studio use as well as electronic news gathering.

The GY-HD200U has the "Compact-Shoulder" form factor popularized by the GY-HD100U. Due to the implementation of JVC's new "Super Encoder," developed for the latest line of ProHD products, it is capable of HDV720/60P true progressive image acquisition. The GY-HD200U utilizes all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD100U, including the new 1/3" mount HD lenses being introduced at NAB 2006. To further enhance the HD200U's ability to utilize multiple types of lenses, JVC created an exclusive optional lens adapter - HZ-CA13U - specifically designed for the 1/3" bayonet mount of JVC ProHD camcorders, which enables the use of 16mm film prime lenses with a PL (Positive Lock) mount to address the needs of the cinematography community. The GY-HD200 is also capable of inverting the image from a prime lens, rendering special editing functionality unnecessary.
Additionally, the GY-HD200U has Enhanced Cinema Gamma capability, which allows the photographer to enhance the captured image. The camcorder also records in both SD - including 24P and 24PA - and HD, and has JVC's patented focus assist function, which enables the user to focus precisely on each scene by highlighting details in the viewfinder. Finally, the HD200U features 2 XLR connectors for each audio channel and records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format. Audio level indicators are visible on the viewfinder and the flip-out LCD display.

New for 2008, GYHD200U now includes an Anton-Bauer ABTRIMPACPKG2 POWER SYSTEM



Professional Specifications

Multiple frame rate recording
The GY-HD200U records full HD in 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p. When recording in faster frame rates such as 50p or 60p, motion is smooth and retains the "live look" of television while maintaining a frame by frame sharpness superior to interlace signal formats. Furthermore, when the intended output is 24p or 30p, higher frame rate recordings can be slowed down in post production to give an ultra-smooth slow motion effect. Again all the sharpness of the full frame progressive signal is retained. JVC's new "Super Encoder" provides highly efficient realtime MPEG2 encoding of progressive signals resulting in broadcast quality HD recordings that are virtually free of visible artifacts.

Real 24p shooting
The GY-HD200 also offers real HD 24p recording capability — previously available on only the most expensive HD cameras. Ideal for DVD production, HD progressive 24-frame-per-second recording makes it possible to shoot images with film-like quality and smooth motion. Once recorded, those images can easily be transferred without frame rate conversion to 16 mm or 35 mm film with full HD fidelity. ProHD's outstanding image quality is supported by a wide range of powerful features which have great appeal to true film professionals. These include the image inverse function, as required by certain film lens adapters, and a menu to select the appropriate combination of color matrix and film gamma type. Cinema Gamma is deployed to make video look like film, and Film Out gamma is used when the video is to be ultimately transferred to film. This choice of gamma means that the cinematographer, irrespective of whether the final production will be presented as film or as video, can be sure of always getting the best possible film look.

HDV and DV compatible
As the HDV format uses the same recording track pitch as Professional DV, the GY-HD200 can record signals in either standard (576i/60) or high (720p/60) definition, according to the user's needs. Being able to record in DV is ideal for someone migrating to HD, but who may not be ready to produce in HD immediately.

Interchangeable HD lenses
The GY-HD200 features a standard professional 1/3" bayonet lens mount, providing the opportunity to use a variety of other professional HD lenses. In addition to the standard Th16x Fujinon lens supplied, a number of other 1/3" bayonet mount zoom lenses is available. Canon offers a powerful 20x5mm zoom lens and Fujinon similarly an 18x4.2mm, besides a very wide 13x3.5mm lens and 17x5mm lens. Furthermore, lens mount adapters ACM-12 and ACM-17 convert the mount to 1/2" and 2/3" bayonet mount respectively, providing cost savings by way of using existing 1/2" and 2/3" lenses. Also, to enable the use of film camera lenses, special film lens adapters are available.

3-CCD camera system with 720p HD CCDs
The GY-HD200 uses three 1/3" high definition CCD image sensors. Each array has a pixel resolution of 1280 x 720 and uses a micro lens system. Since this native resolution matches that of most HDTV displays, the need for image scaling is eliminated, further enhancing the quality of the recorded images. Another advantage of using these CCDs is their sophisticated circuitry which virtually eliminates both lag and image burn.

Uncompressed 720p/60 live output via component
When required, the GY-HD200 can output a live uncompressed 720p/60 signal in the form of analog component signal, making it an excellent choice as a video server feed.

Uncompressed 1080i/60 output via component
One very important reason why JVC developed the progressive form of HDV was the ease and speed with which a progressive signal can be converted to other formats, irrespective of whether the conversion is up, cross or down. Conversion is always performed in real time because the time-consuming complexity of de-interlacing is not required. The GY-HD200 can be set to output 1080i/60 from any recorded 720p/60 footage, whether recorded on a MiniDV cassette or on the DR-HD100 hard disk drive.

Professional Functions

Compact shoulder mount
JVC's ProHD camcorders are the first fully professional HD camcorders to feature a compact design and shoulder mount. Like its predecessors, the GY-HD200 offers excellent mobility and enhanced usability, while its flexible range of ergonomic adjustments ensures that any camera operator, regardless of stature or physique, can support the camcorder firmly and, above all, comfortably.

Professional functions and switch layout
In addition to the Full Auto Shooting to handle difficult or variable lighting environments, the GY-HD200 is equipped with an array of functions that give professionals creative flexibility. These include, zebra, gain, white balance and full shutter control. Also, the GY-HD200's switches have been positioned where professional camera operators expect them to be. Shooting is intuitive, precise, easy, and error-free, because there is no learning process to go through. The GY-HD200 is the ideal camera for any assignment.

Detachable 230,000-pixel LCD color viewfinder
The viewfinder's eyepiece can be moved backwards and forwards and can also be adjusted laterally for left or right eye shooting, so the viewfinder can fit any operator comfortably. JVC's own developed Focus Assist control ensures fast and easy focusing. It has 3 settings, (high, medium & low) depending on the type of subject in view. To make focusing even easier, a black and white mode is available. Stronger contrast and reduced color noise make visualization and composition easier in this mode and put less strain on the eyes, which allows longer periods of shooting. The eyepiece viewfinder can be used at same time as the LCD display. If it is not required, the eyepiece viewfinder may be detached.

3.5" LCD display panel
This 250,000-pixel 3.5" color TFT LCD monitor provides a high-resolution image during shooting and playback. JVC's own developed Focus Assist control ensures fast and easy focusing. A push button selects three display modes:
  1. Video only
  2. Video images with text information overlay including time, status, mode and other data are shown on the screen.
  3. Only information such as time, status, mode, time code, audio levels and other data is shown on the screen.

Various audio-related functions
When color bars are output, an audio reference level (test tone) can also be output if required. This is requested via the menu. The audio reference level can be set at -12 dB or -20 dB as required. To minimize extraneous noise picked up by the microphone, a "wind cut" function is provided.

Versatility and Flexibility

Camera settings recorded on SD card
Customized settings can be stored on a standard SD memory card and loaded into another GY-HD200 or changed on site, as required.

IEEE 1394 (FireWire) in/out
A convenient IEEE 1394 interface allows easy direct connection to NLE systems or to a PC for capturing, editing and archiving.

Patented "FOCUS ASSIST" function
A JVC patented device, Focus Assist, turns focusing into a fast, easy and accurate process. When Focus Assist is activated, the picture in the viewfinder becomes monochrome and all objects which are in focus take on a colored fringe. In addition to the factory default Middle position, Low and High positions are available. In the Low position, you can limit the area in focus for more precise focusing. This is particularly helpful when using the technique of pulling focus. Focus Assist works equally in the 0.44" viewfinder and the 3.5" LCD panel. There are two Focus Assist buttons, one for each of handheld and shoulder operation.

Connect to optional external HDD
The camcorder has a hard disk drive accessory option, DR-HD100, which connects via the IEEE 1394 port. Footage captured on the hard disk can be edited immediately without having to wait for data to be transferred.

DR-HD100 Hard Disk Drive incorporating the latest DTE (Direct to Edit™)technology

Connects to GY-HD200 camcorder
The DR-HD100 has been designed specifically to attach to the GY-HD200 camcorder. Interlocked to the camcorder's record trigger, HD and SD images can be recorded together with audio and time code. It is powered by either a built-in rechargeable or an external battery. The DR-HD100 is supplied with its own cradle, from which it is detached easily. Optional bracketry is available for mounting the HDD recorder at the rear of the camcorder.

Compatible with popular NLE systems for HDV and DV editing
DTE™ technology permits the DR-HD100 recording data in HDV and DV to be set to the NLE's native file format. This means that no time is lost to the lengthy processes of file transfer and rendering. Use DR-HD100 instantly with the most popular applications from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Canopus and many more. As new application support is released, the DR-HD100 can be updated in the field with new system software, by an easy process using the disk drive itself.

Integrated with camcorder and disk drive operation
Attached to the GY-HD200, the DR-HD100's record and record/pause functions are controlled from the camcorder. Time code generated by the camcorder is recorded to files on the DR-HD100. The status of the DR-HD100 and other vital information appears in the camcorder's viewfinder and LCD display.

Long record times
This hard disk drive option extends uninterrupted record time by hours. For example, an 80GB FireWire drive can store 6 hours of DV video and 7.5 hours of HDV video, and a 40GB drive does half these times. It is possible also to daisy chain up to four external drives of different capacities to the DR-HD100, enabling uninterrupted recording of incredibly long durations.

LCD display and playback modes
The DR-HD100 features a detailed LCD that displays system mode, time code and disk space remaining. When used with the GY-HD200 camcorder, clips can be reviewed on the viewfinder, LCD panel or external monitor, by using DR-HD100's playback mode. Functions include record, play, pause, stop, forward index, back index and multi speed fast forward and rewind.

Other features

  • Two XLR audio inputs
  • Full Auto Shooting
  • Adjustable color matrix
  • LCD mirror mode
  • Two-mode composite out
  • Color bars

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Power requirement

DC 12 V

Power consumption

Approx. 23 W (in the Record mode)


242 (W) x 233 (H) x 414 (D) mm (9-9/16" x 9-3/16" x 16-5/16")


3.7 kg (8.16 lbs.) (including viewfinder, microphone and tape)


Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage: -20°C to 60°C (-4F° to 140°F)
Operating: 30% to 80% RH
Storage: 85% RH or less

Camera section

Image pickup device

1/3" interline-transfer CCDs

Color separation optical system

F1.4, 3-color separation prism

Number of pixels

Total: Approx. 1,110,000 pixels

Color bars

HD:SMPTE HDTV color bars / EBU color bars

Sync system:

Internal sync (built-in SSG)

Lens mount

1/3" bayonet system

ND filter

+1/4ND, +1/16ND


0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 dB, ALC

Electronic shutter:

Standard value: 59.94 Hz
Fixed values: 7.5-10,000 Hz, 11 steps (HDV HD60P/HDV HD30p;DV 60i mode:
6.25-10,000 Hz 11 steps (HDV HD50p/HDV HD25p mode: 6-10,000Hz, 12 steps (HDV
HD24p/DV 24p)
Variable scan: about 60 to 10,000Hz (HDV HD60p/HDV HD30p; DV60i/ about 50 to
10,000 Hz (HDV HD50p/HDV HD25p), about 24-10,000Hz (HDV 24p;DV24p)

VTR section (VIDEO)

Recording format:

720/24p, 720/25p, 720/30p, 720/50p, 720/60p, 480/24p, 480/60i


Video signal recording format:

HDV1 format, 8-bit, 19.7 Mbps


MPEG-2 video (profile & level: MP@H-14)

Video Format:

720/60p: 74.25/1.001 MHz (4:2:0 component), 720/50p:
74.25 MHz (4:2:0 component), 1080/60i: 74.25/1.001 MHz (4:2:0 component, up
conversion only), 1080/50i: 74.25 MHz (4:2:0 component, up conversion only)


Video signal recording format:

DV format, 8-bit, 25 Mbps


DV compression, 4:1:1 

VTR section (AUDIO)


Audio signal recording format:

MPEG1 Audio Layer II


Audio signal recording format:

16-bit (locked audio), 48 kHz PCM for 2 channels or
12-bit, 32 kHz PCM for 4 channels

Usable tape:

Mini DV tape

Tape speed:

18.831 mm/sec. 

Record/play time:

63 minutes (with an M-DV63PROHD tape)


Analog composite output:

1.0 V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (RCA)

Analog component output:

Y: 1.0 V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (BNC)
R-Y/B-Y: 0.7 V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced (BNC)

Audio inputs:

Mic: -60 dBs, 3 kohms, balanced (XLR), +48 V output for phantom power supply
Line: +4 dBs, 10 kohms, balanced (XLR)

Audio outputs:

-8 dBs, low impedance, unbalanced (RCA)

Earphone jack:

-18 dBs to -60 dBs, 8-ohm impedance (stereo mini-jack x2)

IEEE1394 connector


Remote connector

DIN 6-pin

Accessories provided

Viewfinder x 1, Lens (Th16x5.5BRM) x 1, Microphone x 1, SD memory card x 1

Additional Detailed Information:


Designed for news gathering, field production and cinematography, the GY-HD200 offers multiple frame rate recording including full-frame 720p/60 imaging and real 24p. Its high resolution and smooth motion make it perfect for ENG and recording sports events, while its HD progressive 24 frames per second record rate lends itself to cinematic productions, giving them a very natural and film-like appearance. So whatever your HD requirements may be, this ProHD camcorder from JVC provides an affordable HD solution which can meet your needs today and tomorrow.

  • Multiple frame rate recording: 720/24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, and 60p
  • Compact Shoulder Professional form factor
  • Wide choice of lenses and accessories
  • Optional HZ-CA13U Prime Lens adapter
  • Built-in image flip recording when using prime lenses
  • Built-in 14.4V type Battery Mount
  • Dual-media (tape +HDD)recording with DTE
  • Next generation super-efficient MPEG-2 encoding
  • Enhanced Cinema Gamma
  • Advanced 14-bit A/D converter
    • Lower noise in low light
    • Better highlight handling
  • BNC connectors

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