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TBC&/orFrame Synchronizer

Leitch HFS6801+

BCS Price: $3,952.50
Item #:EQ501635N
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Model Description:
Auto-Sensing HD/SD-SDI Video Frame Synchronizer/Processor

Model Details

The HFS6801+ is an auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI Video Frame Synchronizer/Processor designed to handle ingest and re-timing of HD or SD -SDI video in relationship to the local clock in any broadcast/professional facility. The video processing amplifier corrects input levels and provides adjustments for black level, luminance level and chrominance level. The module provides a number of user settings that allows the user to finely tailor his or her operation to meet specific needs.

The module can be set to two modes of operation: Synchronization or Delay. In either mode, almost eight frames of delay can be selected for 1080i standards, and almost 16 frames for 720p standards.

The module provides one auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI input, four processed outputs and two outputs reclocked from the input signal. An external Genlock input is provided, as well as in internal Genlock bussed from the frame Genlock input.

HFS6801+ modules can be controlled at the card edge, or controlled and monitored via +PilotLite and Navigator software applications, HTTP web browser (with QXF-series frames only), NUCLEUS hardware control panels, or via third-party control applications using SNMP.


  • Auto-sensing HD or SD-SDI input
  • 10-bit signal processing for high quality
  • User adjustments include H Phase, V Phase, Black level, luminance gain, Cb gain and Cr gain
  • Video delay of up to eight frames less two lines for 1080i standards, and 16 frames less two lines for 720p standard
  • In Delay mode passes VANC (Vertical Ancillary) and HANC (Horizontal) data, including compressed audio such as Dolby®E
  • When input video is hot switched, the module cleanly handles the output video
  • Internal test generator can output color bars for signal path testing
  • Card-edge LEDs to indicate video input presence/standard, Genlock presence, and when output video is frozen

  • Specifications:
    HD-SDI Video Input
    Number 1
    Standards SMPTE 259M-C, 270 Mb/s, 525/625 component
    SMPTE 292M (1080i/720p)
    SMPTE 274M (1080i)
    SMPTE 296M (720p)
    Connector BNC per IEC 169-8
    Impedance 75 ohms
    Frame rate 1080i: 25, 29.97 Hz
    720p: 59.94 Hz
    Return Loss >18 dB (typical) from 5 MHz to 1485 MHz
    Equalization Adaptive cable equalization for up to 393 ft (120 m) (typical) of Belden 1694A

    HD-SDI Output
    Number 2 reclocked, 4 synchronized
    Standards SMPTE 292M (1080i/720p)
    SMPTE 274M (1080i) at 25 Hz and 29.97 Hz
    SMPTE 296M (720p) at 59.94 Hz
    Frame Rate 25 Hz, 29.97, or 59.94 Hz (user-selectable, based on HD standard and reference standard)
    Connector BNC per IEC 169-8
    Impedance 75 ohms
    Return Loss >18 dB (typical) from 5 MHz to 1485 MHz
    DC offset 0.0 V ± 0.5 V
    Signal level 800 mV ± 10%
    Rise and Fall Time <270 ps
    Overshoot <10%
    Jitter Alignment (>100 kHz) <134 ps peak-to-peak
    Timing (>10 Hz) <673 ps peak-to-peak
    Delay 1080i: up to 8 frames less 2 lines
    720p: up to 16 frames less 2 lines
    Frame Synchronizer Lock Range At least ± 35 ppm

    Genlock Input
    Level 1 V peak-to-peak ± 3 dB
    Signal Type Analog composite NTSC/PAL-B or ±300 mV tri-level sync (1080i/720p)
    Connector BNC per IEC 169-8
    Impedance 75 ohms
    Return Loss >35 dB to 30 MHz

    Propagation Delay
    Video 1080i/29.97 Hz: 8.4 microseconds
    1080i/25 Hz: 8.4 microseconds
    720p/59.94 Hz: 8.2 microseconds (approx.)
    Power Consumption Typical 7.1 W
    Operating Temperature 5° to 45°C (41° to 113°F )

    Additional Detailed Information:


    • One HD or SD-SDI input with HD auto-detection supporting:
      • 1080i, 25 Hz
      • 1080i, 29.97 Hz
      • 720p, 59.94 Hz
    • Automatic cable equalization to 120 meters
    • Dedicated Genlock input on the module for composite or tri-level sync, or use bussed frame Genlock
    • Status feedback indicating input video presence and standard, plus external Genlock standard and lock status
    • When the video standard is switched, the module shadows/restores the associated parameter settings


    • Four synchronized serial digital SMPTE 274M/SMPTE 296M outputs when input is HD-SDI
    • Two reclocked serial digital SMPTE 274M/SMPTE 296M outputs when input is HD-SDI
    • If the input video is disrupted, the output video can be set to: Freeze, Black (from internal generator) or Pass as-is
    • Audio is muted in the above condition when Freeze or Black is selected
    • Selection to force the output video to Freeze mode (by Field or Frame)


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