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Monitor Color Monitor

Ikegami TM20-20RH

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

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Equipment Description:
Fair Condition - monitor with analog inputs

Model Description:
20 inch High Resolution Autosetup Color Monitor. 700 TV lines at 35Fl Luminance .3mm

Model Details

700 TV lines at 35Fl Luminance for 100% ofwindow signal, scans 50Hz-10MHz RGB & up to 7MHz Monochrome, Convergence area .3mm, Pitch .43 mm, RGB/NTSC/Y,R-Y,B-Y, Underscan 90% of Normal



High Performance Cathode Ray Tube


!In-line Self Converging Electron Gun assures convergence stability.

!Controlled Phosphors to ABS or EBU Standards provide consistent and

known colorimetry.

!Black Matrix surrounding Phosphor Dots assures high contrast under

bright ambient lighting.

!13V and 19V units available.

Digital Control System (DCS)

The preset control system is completely digitized with the 8 bit MPU and

the 10 bit D/A converter. It enables several status indications, and auto

setup capability with an optional PROBE (ASP-15C). Since a rotary

encoder for preset controls and variable resistors for manual controls

(CONTRAST,, BRIGHTNESS, CHROMA, HUE) are provided, the 20-

series monitors can be adjusted in the same manner as conventional

analog-controlled monitors.

Auto Setup System

By using an optional Auto Setup Prove (ASP-15C), the following

functions can be automatically setup at a reference level or stored in less

than 50 seconds.



Remote Control Operation

An infrared remote controller (RCT-20) is provided as an option. With

each of them, the following functions can be remotely controlled for up

to 99 monitors.














Beam Feedback System(BFS)

To insure long-term black level stability, the 20-series monitor incorporates

Beam Feedback System(BFS) which detects CRT cathode current deviation and

eliminates brightness changes due to changes in CRT emission.

Adaptive Comb Decoder*

By incorporating a CCD 1H delayline into the standard comb filter, cross

luminance and cross color are improved over conventional monitors. In

addition, by replacing it with an optional Adaptive Comb Filter Decoder*

(NTSC only), performances of 20-Series are significantly improved for

precision color monitoring or graphics display.

Improvements include:

!Chroma edges are greatly improved by patented process based on use of

luminance transitions.

!Dot crawl at chroma transitions is eliminated.

(* Under license from Faroudja laboratories)

Wide Range of Input Capabilities

The 20-Series can accept 3 composite video inputs and an RGB or a component

(Y, R-Y, B-Y) input as standard. Optional plug-in decoder boards are available

for Digital (D1, D2, D3), PAL-B, SECAM, PAL-M TV standard systems.

Modular Concept

The 20-Series provides modular construction for ease of repair and adjustment.

The boards of video system are plug-in, and many of the boards can be removed

with the monitor mounted in a rack.



Input Voltage

Input Power 160W

Standard Accessory Remote connector, Power cable,Operation Manual

Input Facilities

!Input Signals *Encoded video


TM20/14-20RH….. NTSC Decoder standard

TM20/14-20RP….. PAL Decoder standard

Other decoders are options.

(*Two of them can be installed simultaneously

-two slots construction)

*R/G/B or Y,R-Y,B-Y

(MII or BETA switchable internally) 1ch

*D1(4:2:2), D2(D3) –Option

PARALLEL input 1ch

SERIAL input 2ch

SERIAL output 1ch(monitor OUT)

*Y/C (option) 1ch

!Input Level *Encoded Video

Composite 1Vp-p

Non Composite 0.7Vp-p

*RGB 0.7Vp-p Non Composite

Sync on Green

No Sync on Red + Blue or

Sync Red Green Blue or External Sync

*Analog Component (Y, R-Y, B-Y)

MII Y signal White level 700mVp-p

(N10) Setup level 0mVp-p

(SMPTE) Sync level 300mVp-p

R-Y signal p-p level 525mVp-p

B-Y signal p-p level 525mVp-p

(100/0/75/0 Color bar)

Beta Y signal White level 714mVp-p

Setup level 53.6mVp-p

Sync level 286mVp-p

R-Y signal p-p level 700mVp-p

B-Y signal p-p level 700mVp-p

(100/7.5/75/7.5 Color bar)

*Y/C Y signal 1Vp-p

C signal 0.286Vp-p (burst level)

!Connection Bridging BNC connectors, high impedance,

isolated from chassis ground.

!Return loss Less than 46dB (up to 10MHz)

!Crosstalk between adjacent channel

Less than 50dB (up to 6MHz)

!Hum suppression 60dB with 4V RMS common mode rejection

!Remote control (via 10 pin connector)

Video input selector (A/B/C)



Color killer (COLOR/MONO)

Tally (ON/OFF)

Display Device In-line gun, shadow mask high resolution CRT

TM14-20RH/RP: 0.31mm

TM20-20RH/RP: 0.43mm

!Chromaticity *ASP standard X Y

R 0.630 0.340

G 0.310 0.595

B 0.155 0.070

*EBU standard X Y

R 0.640 0.330

G 0.290 0.600

B 0.150 0.060

*Tolerance +/-0.005


*Preset Contrast

35Ft-L at factory setting(100% window signal)

*Max brightness

TM14-20RH/RP:More than 70Ft-L w/window signal

TM20-20RH/RP:More than 70Ft-L w/window signal

!Resolution (at 35Ft-L)

TM14-20RH/RP: 700TV Lines (at center)

TM20-20RH/RP: 700TV Lines (at center)

Output Facilities (option)

Y 0.7Vp-p

R-Y 0.525Vp-p

B-Y 0.525Vp-p

(100/0/75/0 Color bar)

Video Signal System

!RGB Response 50 ~ 10MHz +1, -3dB


*Frequency Response

w/o Notch: +/-1dB at 50Hz to 7MHz

w/Notch: -30dB at 3.58MHz

w/comb: +/-1dB at 50Hz tttto 7MHz

(w/o Notch) (w/Notch) (w/Comb)

*2T pulse <+/-1% <+/-2% <+/-1%

to base line

*2T pulse <+/-1% <+/-2% <+/-1%

to Bar

*T step <1% <1% <1%

*Distortion <1% <1% <1%

*Square <1% <1% <1%

wave response

!Linearity Differential Gain less than 2%

!Black level varies: less than 1% (APL 10% ~ 90%)

!Color temperature stabilities: less than 1% for 500hours,

+10’C ~ +40’C

!Aperature correction

*Correction characteristics

Waveform of overshoot of 2T pulse appears

symmetrically with TRAP ON.

*Frequency response

60Hz to 100KHz: less than +/-1dB

1MHz: less than +2dB

2.5MHz less than +6dB

3.58MHz(NTSC): less than –15dB

4.43MHz(PAL): less than –15dB

!Noise (at each RGB in active scan period)

Coherent Noise less than –46dB

Hum Noise less than –55dB

Other less than –55dB


Color Signal System w/COMB w/TRAP

!Chrominance Suppression in >24dB >30dB

!Luminance at 4.43 or 3.58MHz at 4.43 or 3.58MHz

!Luminance Suppression in >20dB ----------

!Chrominance at 4.43 or 3.58MHz at 4.43 or 3.58MHz

!Chroma/Luma Delay <20nsec. <20nsec.

!Chroma Signal Response

NTSC 2.3MHz to 4.9MHz: +1, -3dB

(reference 3.58MHz)

PAL-B 3.1MHz to 5.7MHz: +1, -3dB

(reference 4.43MHz)

!Demodulator Axis

R-Y VS B-Y 90 degree

!Oscillator Performance

Subcarrier Lock-in

+/-200Hz (NTSC/PAL-M)

+/-300Hz (PAL-B)

!Phase Error Less than 2 degree for each of following individual


a)Burst frequency: +/-10Hz

b)Burst level change: +6dB, -12dB

c)Ambient temperature change by +10’C

d)Sync-blanking within FCC requirement

!Color Killer Automatic operation when burst level is less than 5

+/-1 IRE.

!Adjustments *Chroma amplitude: +/-6dB

*Subcarrier phase: +/-15 degree

Raster + Deflection

!Scan *Normal scan

Aspect ratio 4:3 with blanked raster 1%

*Under scan

Aspect ratio 4:3 approx. –7.5%

(adjustable 90% of normal scan)

*Over scan

105% of normal scan

!Stability of Raster Size

1% of picture height 0 ~ 100% APL at 35Ft-L


!Linearity H + V line

0.5% of picture height

!Geometry Entire Screen

0.5% of picture center

!AFC Time Constant

Normal: 2msec

Fast: 0.5msec

Slow: 7msec

!Retrace Time Horizontal: 0.9usec.

Vertical: 0.8msec.

!High Voltage *Tolerance: TM14-20RH/RP 25kV+/-0.5kV

TM20-20RH/RP 25kV+/-0.5kV

*Regulation: within +/-1% at 0 to 450uA

!Convergence Center: <0.3mm(within circle of 80% of picture


Corners: <0.5mm(outside area of picture center)


!Adaptive Comb Decoder (option)

!Safe Title Generator

(100,95,90,85,80%, 100+90+80%, 5 CROSS

HATCH, 10 CROSS HATCH selectable)

!Auto Setup (with an optional probe)

!Infrared Remote Control (with an optional remote control box)

!Test Signals *Cross Hatch, * Flat Field(50%), *Window (100%),

*10step stair signal with plugs as standard,

!Video A/B Split (reference & variable vertical position)

!Color/Mono Split (reference & variable vertical position)

!Beam Feedback System

!Menu Assist *Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, Hue, G. Gain,

B. Gain, R.BLG, G.BLG, B.BLG, Aperture Level,

Height, Width, V.Cent, H.Cent, Rotation, F.Focus,


*Safe Title Setup

*Split Setup

*System Setup

Decoder Select (NTSC/PAL-B/PAL-M/SECAM)

Test Signal ON/OFF

*Mode Setup

User Display ON/OFF


CH C / Y/C

Level Display ON/OFF

Control Lock Setup

Front Control

!Outside of Drawer *Power ON/OFF

*Degauss ON



*Video Select (A/B/C/Aux/Digital/Test/A-B split)

*Delay (H Delay, V Delay, HV Delay)

*Scan (UNDER. Normal, OVER)

*Aperture ON/OFF

*Screens (R/G/B ON/OFF)

*Safe Title ON/OFF

*Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, Hue Preset/Manual

!Inside of Drawer *Setup ON/OFF


*AFC Normal/Fast/Slow

*Residual Subcarrier

*File Control

*Rotary Encoder

*Preset Change

Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, Hue,

RGB Background, GB Gain,, Rotation,

Aperture Level, Fine Focus, Height,

Width, H Center, V Center, H Phase

Dimensions TM14-20RH/RP:

450(W) x 265(H) x 515(D) mm

17.72(W) x 10.43(H) x 20.28(D) inches


450(W) x 399(H) x 515(D) mm

17.72(W) x 15.71(H) x 20.28(D) inches

Weight TM14-20RH/RP: 26kg (57.3 lbs) approx.

TM20-20RH/RP: 38kg (83.8 lbs) approx.


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