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Videotape Transfer to Digital files, Mass Media Migration

DVCAM Camcorders

Ikegami HL-DV7AW

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Item #:EQ459236U
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Equipment Description:

Model Description:
16:9 wide-screen switchable to 4:3 aspect ratio. 520,000 pixel (NTSC) IT CCDs

Equipment Details

Drum Hours: 674
Transport Hours : 227
Total Op Hrs: 861

Includes Fujinon A20x8.6BRM-SD
Camera Bag
Tripod Plate

Model Details

New Digital Process LSI
New digital process LSI (ASIC) is adopted to produce high quality video including a six - axis linear matrix system for fine tuning of color to match broadcast requirements.

Video In connector
The HL-DV7AW includes External Video Input. Pool feed or other video source can be recorded by the tape recorder section of this camera recorder. Allows user to Input an external video source for the purpose of recording it to the DV tape deck inside the camera.

Low smear and high sensitivity CCD
High quality CCD are employed to reproduce good quality PIctures even under very low light condition.

+48dB Hyper Gain for very low light conditions
Hyper gain of +48dB is provided so that good video reproduction is assured even in the harshest shooting conditions.

Super V
To enhance Vertical resolution, the Super V function can be enabled, increasing Vertical Resolution by 20%, to achieve natural picture reproduction with remarkably fine resolution.

High Resolution Viewfinder
A high resolution broadcast use 1.5 inch viewfinder is employed, featuring over 600 horizontal lines resolution. Ease of operation is carefully considered, e.g. Brightness, Contrast and Peaking controls are easily accessible on the front of the viewfinder and a rear tally light is provided. The positioning of the viewfinder is easily adjustable.

Additional Detailed Information:

High Picture Quality Digital Component Recording
The DVCAM format is a digital system with Luminance signal (Y) and Color Difference signals (R-Y, B-Y).

PCM Digital Audio System
Two modes are selectable between 2ch (48kHz sampling frequency) and 4ch (32kHz sampling frequency) which may be useful for Audio After Recording (dubbing).

Long Recording Hours
Standard size cassettes have a max. 184 minutes recording time, while mini-cassettes have max. 40 minutes recording time.



  • Preset and Variable Shutters
    The preset shutter has six speeds (1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 seconds) and variable speeds can be set between 1/60.3 and 1/787 seconds ( 1/50.3 and to 1/781 for PAL).

  • Diagonal Detail for higher picture quality
    The diagonal detail function increases sharpness in the diagonal direction. This function also helps to reduce cross color moire in NTSC.

  • Skin Detail for favorable reproduction
    The skin detail function is used when skin quality is being emphasized. The edge sharpness of the skin tone can be softened so that wrinkles or age lines become less visible on the TV screen. AHD, Auto Hue Detect, for easy setting of Skin tone detail is employed.

  • Soft Detail Function
    To ensure picture uniformity even with high contrast areas, Soft Detail is employed to produce images that are more natural, without excessive adge enhancement.

  • Variable Detail Settings
    8 step variable frequency boost of the detail signal and B/W balance function which controls center luminance level of detail signal are provided to have better detail effects depending on the subject.

    HL-DV7W:2.97MHz to 6.84MHz at 4:3 mode
    3.24MHz to 9.00MHz at 16:9 mode
    HL-DV5:2.97MHz to 6.84MHz
  • Various GAMMA settings
    Not only are 4 types of GAMMA characteristics selectable (OFF/0.35/0.4 /0.45), but a GAMMA curve pattern with x5 initial gain is also selectable for certain broadcast requirement.

  • Black Press
    To emphasize only the brighter areas of images, Black Press is provided. It is selectable in 3 steps (-7%, -5%, -3%). It can add contrast to a washed out picture.

  • Black Stretch
    The black stretch function meets the needs of professional camera-persons who want to avoid excessive dark areas in high contrast scenes. With three settings (3, 5 and 7%), this function enables improvement in dark areas in the picture by lifting the image level of only low brightness areas.

  • Shock-less Auto White Balance
    To avoid a sudden change in white balance when switching between white balance memories, change over time is selectable. This function exhibits superb results when the scene changes from an indoor to outdoor shot or vice versa.

    OFF:Changes Memory Data instantly
    ON - 0.3s :Changes Memory Data in 0.3 seconds.
    ON - 0.5s :Changes Memory Data in 0.5 seconds.
    ON - 1.0s :Changes Memory Data in 1.0 seconds.
    ON - 1.5s :Changes Memory Data in 1.5 seconds.
    ON - 2.0s :Changes Memory Data in 2.0 seconds.

  • A low center of gravity camera design
    Ikegami's long and rich experience in professional TV camera design has enabled us to produce a one-piece camera + recorder with excellent ergonomics and very good weight balance for the comfort of the operator.

  • Specially designed Shoulder Pad
    A newly and specially designed shoulder pad made of non-slip material makes camera work easier. The pad can be esily adjusted.

  • Convenient P. FUNC switch
    P. FUNC (Personal Function) switch is provided for the most frequently used functions for the operator's convenience, such as control of scene file recall, Soft Detail, and Black Press/Black Stretch.

  • Rotary Encoders for easier Setup
    On the lower side of the camera, 3 rotary encoders are provided for easier access to setup parameters. This allows camera settings and checkups even without a remote control panel.

  • Camera Menu
    The camera incorporates a very practical menu system which is easy to navigate with a rotary encoder at the front of the camera. The menu can be customized for specific users by changing which control items are included.

  • Instant recall to the Factory Preset condition
    Sometimes it is useful to be able to go back to the factory's original settings. The "initialize" function is provided to do this.

  • Return Video
    In a multiple camera operation, return signals can be observed by simply using the RET button on the lens control. This is achieved by connecting RET video to genlock input and selecting as return source (menu).

  • Memory Card provision
    A Smartmedia card slot is provvided in order to keep various camera setting parameters in a small memory card. Full camera set up, as well as scene file sets can be stored to and loaded from the card.

  • Various tally lights, even from the rear
    In the VF, tally lights appear both above and below the picture. Rear tally lights on the VF and handle are also provided.

  • Slot for a built-in wireless receiver
    A space for a wireless receiver is provided at the rear of the camera. This Ikegami standard Unislot for a radio microphone receiver avoids extra wiring and possible damage.

  • Battery bracket with extra connector for lighting
    An Anton Bauer type battery bracket is provided. The bracket has an extra lighting connection and supports the digital battery remaining capacity indication.

  • Multi-core remote system compatible
    A cost effective Multi-core cable remote system is available with the MA-400 control unit. This enables the one-piece camera recorder to be used in a production camera system.

  • DV output provision
    An i.LINK (IEEE 1394/Firewire, DV 6P terminal) output is provided for connection to other DV base equipment and systems.

  • Full Range of Remote Control Panels
    For flexibility in a video production environment, various types of remote control panels are available, ranging from basic operating control to sophisticated full set up control.
    RCP-50(RM-50) | RM-11 | OCP-45

  • System Adapters for multi-use
    In addition to the standard BNC Adapter, several optional system Adapters are available. An optional VTR adapter (26pin) is available for analog component output for external recorders. A Y/C output adapter, a triax adapter (TA-V70) and an MA-400 adapter are also available.

Additional Information


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