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Betacam Camcorders

Sony DNW-9WS

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

BCS Price: $15,900.00
Item #:EQ456946U
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Equipment Description:
In excellent condition comes with a Canon J21aX7.8 lens with 2x extender.

Model Description:
Betacam Sx Camcorder

Equipment Details

pistol grip,portabrace cover and bag, has the anton baur brick batter plate installed.

Model Details

One piece camcorder to Betacam SX standard. Requires VCT-14 Tripod Adapter Plate.Includes BVF-20W Viewfinder.
The DNW-9WS is a 10 Bit Digital Signal Processing camera and SX Recorder/Player packed as one piece camcorder. This "IT" Power HAD camera provides performance of f9 @ 2000 Lux (89.9% Reflectance). New features include digital recording. Turbo Gain, Good Shot Marker, and system docking capability.

16:9/4:3 Switchable
Low Acoustic Noise
Diagnostic Information for Easy Maintenance
Redesigned Cassette Compartment
New Betacam SX Tape or Current Metal Particle Tape Can Be Used
Color Playback without an External Adaptor
Variable Speed Electronic Shutter
Comprehensive Menu Control






16:9/4:3 Switchable


The DNW-9WS is equipped with 2/3-inch 520K Widescreen Power Had 1000 IT CCDs. It gives superior quality digital recording in both aspect ratios.


Low Acoustic Noise


A sophisticated noise barrier is incorporated in the VTR section to make camcorder operators more comfortable, and to prevent transport noise pickup by the onboard microphone during shooting.


Diagnostic Information for Easy Maintenance


The DNW-9WS incorporates a sophisticated diagnostic system to detect malfunctions within the camcorder. Digital signal processing improves the ability to specify the precise location and nature of a fault: camera faults are indicated by warning lights in the viewfinder, and VTR faults are indicated on the camcorder LCD display.


Redesigned Cassette Compartment


The cassette compartment does not pop up during cassette loading or ejecting, which helps to prevent damage to the cassette compartment mechanism. Cassettes are loaded vertically through a narrower entry that helps to keep out dust particles. The window on the cassette case has been repositioned, so it is easier for the operator to see how much tape is remaining.


New Betacam SX Tape or Current Metal Particle Tape Can Be Used


Conventional Betacam SP metal particle tape (type BCT-MA or UVWT) can be used in the DNW-9WS, so tape is always readily available and, with the DNW-9WS, recording time is double the stated duration of the type BCT-MA and UVWT tapes. To achieve even higher performance and cost efficiency, a new Betacam SX tape has also been developed.


Turbo Gain: High Sensitivity


The Turbo Gain function of the DNW-9WS instantly raises the gain of the camera to +42dB at the touch of a button on the side of the camcorder, allowing immediate adaptation to extremely low light shooting conditions. By combining DPR Plus (Dual Pixel Readout Plus) technology with a conventional electronic gain-up function, a high signal-to-noise ratio is obtained with only a small loss of resolution in the Turbo Gain mode. The maximum gain level of the Turbo Gain mode is +36dB/+42dB selectable.


Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW)


The DNW-9WS camcorder is equipped with Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) capability which enables automatic adjustment of white balance according to the overall scene lighting conditions. When lighting conditions change quickly -- for example, moving from indoors to outdoors -- white balance is quickly and automatically readjusted with this ATW function.


TruEye™ Process


In conventional RGB analog digital processing, some non-linear signal processing occurs after gamma correction, such as knee and white clip, and this can result in hue errors -- a phenomenon that is particularly obvious in extreme highlight conditions. This significant problem is virtually eliminated by the TruEye process which manages video signal data according to three factors: brightness, hue, and saturation, so that color reproduction even with a very wide dynamic range approaches the faithfulness of the human eye. With this TruEye processing active, the factory preset value of the knee point (in the case of DCC OFF mode) is shifted from 98% to 85% for more faithful reproduction.




Based on the TruEye system, the DNW-9WS further offers a unique new feature called DynaLatitude Function which adaptively manages the contrast of each pixel according to a histogram of video signal level distribution. DynaLatitude brings a new dimension to the technologies, such as Dynamic Contrast Control (DCC), that control the dynamic range of video signals. DynaLatitude optimizes the video level distribution to expand the limited dynamic range of the normal video signal. DynaLatitude is switchable in four steps: LOW, MID, HIGH, and OFF -- via a menu control system and a graphic display in the viewfinder.


Optional Color Viewfinder


The DNW-9WS is equipped with a lightweight 2-inch monochrome viewfinder, the BVF-V20W, as a supplied accessory. It allows easy focusing even in 16:9 widescreen mode. There is also an optional 1.35-inch color viewfinder available, the BVF-VC10W, which allows color playback through the camcorder viewfinder without using an external adaptor. And when shooting, with the BVF-VC10W, objects are more clearly identifiable by their color.


Color Playback without an External Adaptor


The DNW-9WS allows color playback together with two audio channels without an external adaptor, making it easy to verify recording results and send recordings to the studio via microwave transmission. Recordings can also be reviewed in the camcorder viewfinder while monitoring audio via an earphone or the speaker built in to the side of the camcorder.


Variable Speed Electronic Shutter


In order to capture clear images of high-speed moving subjects without motion blur, the DNW-9WS has several shutter speeds available: 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, and 1/2000 of a second.


Comprehensive Menu Control


Setup parameters are well organized in a two-layer menu system, categorized as User Menus and Engineer Menus. User Menus allow access to only the standard setup functions needed by operators. Engineer Menus allow access to all camcorder setup functions. Menu pages are visible in the camcorder viewfinder and may also be displayed on a monitor screen through video outputs. The setup control system is easily operated using a rotary encoder on the camcorder.


Setup Card for Uniform Camcorder Settings


The Betacam SX camcorder family allows all of the setup parameters for one complete camera setup to be stored on a removable Setup Card. These setup cards allow operators to set up this camcorder quickly, easily and accurately in the field. Several different camcorder settings can be stored and instantly recreated using separate Setup Cards prepared in the studio. Setup Cards also aid in matching the setup of multiple camcorders, when shooting in several remote locations, or when there is a break between shooting assignments on a single story or production.


Comprehensive LCD Display


The extensive LCD display on the DNW-9WS provides critical information on VTR operating status. Time Code, CTL and User-bit data, Tape Remaining and Battery Capacity are displayed via a bargraph meter. A digital audio peak meter allows precise adjustment of audio recording level.


Superimposed Camera ID on Color Bars


For easy confirmation of which camcorder was used for an individual recording, a camera ID can also be superimposed on color bars. The camera ID is set using the system control menu.


Fail-Safe Audio Recording


Through the VTR menu, four channels of audio can be assigned according to the user's needs. When Parallel mode is selected, the same signals are recorded by CH-1/CH-3 and CH-2/CH-4. In Separate mode, CH-3 automatically records the front microphone and CH-4 records the wireless microphone. This function ensures the microphone will not accidentally miss the audio recording; even when the external microphone is not connected, audio from the front microphone and the output of the wireless microphone will still be captured on audio channels 3 and 4.


Precision Audio Level Adjustment


The audio level of the front microphone can be easily and precisely adjusted by using the rotary switch located under the lens converter of the camcorder. Positioning the rotary switch in this location helps to prevent an operator's hands from accidentally touching the lens or entering the frame.


Stereo Audio Line Output (5-pin XLR)


The 5-pin XLR connector on the DNW-9WS carries two audio output channels. Either CH-1/2 or CH-3/4 can be selected through the VTR menu.


User-Friendly Controls


The DNW-9WS is carefully designed for simple operation. Switches are located in similar positions on both Betacam SX and Betacam SP camcorders, so operators accustomed to suing Sony analog equipment will immediately find these new digital camcorders to be familiar and easy to use.


Lithium-Ion Battery


Lithium-ion batteries provide higher capacity in a smaller, lighter size than the previously available battery technologies. The DNW-9WS will operate for more than 165 minutes using a fully charged BP-L90 Lithium-ion Battery. If the smaller BP-L60 Lithium-ion Batteries are used, 110 minutes of recording can be achieved. (For improved balance especially when larger lenses are used, use of the BP-L90 is recommended). Lithium-ion batteries can be attached directly to the camcorder using the V-shoe attachment which facilitates quick, easy battery changes. With optional adaptors, current NP-1B and BP-90A Ni-Cd batteries can also be used, allowing users to take advantage of existing battery and charging equipment for greater system flexibility.


New AC Adaptor


The optional new AC-DN1 ACC Adaptor attaches directly to the DNW-9WS to provide uninterrupted power to shoot special events or extended conference sessions. The AC-DN1 can also be used to slow charge the lithium-ion batteries in an emergency.


Test Output


The DNW-9WS incorporates a test output port, providing composite video, red, green or blue signals for camera testing.


Shot Data and Shot Markers


The DNW-9WS allows the operator to record shooting data on tape. Data such as Date, Time, Camera ID, Cassette Number and Shot Number can all be recorded during the shooting process. Shot Data can be used to quickly retrieve materials during editing. Furthermore, the DNW-9WS provides an innovative function to speed up the editing process: the ability to identify good takes while shooting in the field. A REC. Start Marker is automatically placed on the tape each time the VTR Start button is pressed while the VTR is in standby mode. A Good-Shot Marker can be added at any time by pressing the RETURN button on the side of the lens while in recording mode. When tapes are played back using the DNW-A100/A50/A45 Hybrid Recorders, these markets will appear highlighted as picture stamps on the GUI of the Sony Non-linear Editors. Using picture stamps helps to eliminate tedious searching through recorded material, and saves hard disk space by downloading only the scenes selected by editors. Picture stamp data recorded by the DNW-9WS can be used effectively throughout the broadcast


Multiple Tally Functions


In addition to tally functions on the front and back of the camcorder, the DNW-9WS has a camera tally on the viewfinder at the side of the eyepad, so the operator can see if the tally is on even when looking into the viewfinder from a distance.


PC Setup and Remote Control


For GUI-based remote control of camcorder setup, the BZP-100 Camera Setup Unit can be connected to the DNW-9WS via the 6-pin remote interface. The Sony Interactive Status Reporting (ISR) feature is also incorporated into the BZP-100. Furthermore, by connecting a RM-P9 Remote Control Unit via the 6-pin remote port, remote control of the basic function and adjustments of the DNW-9WS can be accomplished.









Approx. 4.0Kg (8 lb 13 oz)

Operating weight


Approx. 6.0Kg (13 lb 3 oz)

Power requirements


DC 12V +5.0V/-1.0V

Power consumption



Operating temperature


0°C to +40°C (+32°F to +104°F)

Storage temperature


-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)



25% to 85% (relative humidity)

Continuous operating time


Approx. 110 min. (with BP-L60)
Approx. 165 min. (with BP-L90)



Lens: 12-pin
Remote: 6-pin
Light: 2-pin, DC 12V, max. 30W
DC input: XLR 4-pin (for the optional AC-550)
DC output: 4-pin (for wireless microphone receiver), DC 12V

Signal inputs


Genlock vide BNC (x1), 1.0Vp-p, 75Ohms
Time code input: BNC (x1), 0.5 to 18Vp-p, 10kOhms
Audio (CH-1/2): XLR-3-pin female (x2), -60dBu/+4dBu selectable, high impedance, balanced
Mic: XLR-3-pin female (x1), -60dBu with an external power supply system

Signal outputs


Video output: BNC (x1), 1.0Vp-p, 75Ohms, sync negative
Video test output: BNC (x1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75Ohms, sync negative
Earphone: mini-jack
Audio output: XLR-5-pin make (stereo)





Recording format: Betacam SX
Tape speed: 59.575 mm/s
Playback/Recording time: Max. 60 min. with BCT-60SX cassette
Fast forward time: Approx. 5.5 min. with BCT-60SX
Rewind time: Approx. 5 min. with BCT-60SX
Recommended tape: Sony Betacam SX cassette (BCT-60SX series); Sony Betacam SP cassette (BCT-30MA series/UVWT-30MA series)
Sampling frequency: Y: 13.5MHz; R-Y/B-Y: 6.75MHz
Quantization: 8 bits/sample
Error correction: Reed-solomon code

Video Performance


K-factor (2T pulse): 1% or less
Y/R-Y/B-Y delay: 15ns or less

Digital Audio Performance


Sampling frequency: 48kHz (synchronized with video)
Quantization: 16 bits/sample
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +0.5dB/-1.0dB
Dynamic range (emphasis ON): More than 85dB
Distortion (at 1kHz, emphasis ON, reference level): Less than 0.08%
Cross talk (at 1kHz, reference level): Less than -70dB
Wow & flutter: Below measurable limit
Head room: 20dB
Emphasis (ON/OFF selectable): T1=50µS, T2=15µS



Pickup device


3-chip 2/3-inch Power HAD 1000 16:9 Widescreen IT CCD

Picture elements


1038 (H) x 504 (V)

Optical system


F1.4 prism system

Built-in filters


1: CLEAR 2: 5600K+1/8ND 3: 5600K 4: 5600K+1/64ND

Shutter speed


1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 (s)

Clear scan


CLS:60.1 to 7000 Hz (260 steps)

Lens mount


Special bayonet mount

Sensitivity (2000lx, 89.9% reflective)


F9 (Typical)

Minimum illumination


Approx. 0.35lx (F1.4 lens, +42dB Turbo Gain)

Video S/N ratio (typical)



Vertical resolution


(without EVS) 400 TV lines; (with EVS) 450 TV lines



0.05% (all zones, without lens)

Geometric distortion


Below measurable level (without lens)

Warm-up time


2 sec.

Modulation depth at 5MHz


16:9 mode: 70% (Typical)
4:3 mode: 55% (Typical)



CRT: 2-inch monochrome
Controls: BRIGHT control, CONTRAST control, PEAKING control, TALLY, ZEBRA, DISPLAY switches
Horizontal resolution: 16:9 mode: 450 TV lines, 4:3 mode: 600 TV lines
Microphone: Ultra-directional (detachable)

Additional Information


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