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Digital Betacam Camcorders

Sony DVW970P 24P

BCS Price: $80,820.80
Item #:EQ456503N
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Equipment Description:
Digital Betacam Camera with J22ex7.6BIRSE/MS-210D Lens

Model Description:
Digital Betacam Camera

Model Details

New Power HAD EXTM CCD Technology
Three 2/3 inch Power HAD EXTM CCDs provide a high sensitivity of F11 and a signal-to-noise ratio of 63dB. Smear is reduced to
-145dB (typical)

Interlaced and progressive recording
The DVW-970P can record in both 625/50i interlaced mode and 625/25P progressive mode. This allows the camera operator to shoot either 50i "TV look" or 25P "Film look" pictures.

Please note that 24P recording is not provided in the 625/50
DVW-970P camcorder.

14 bit A/D conversion and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP)
The DVW-970P uses 14 bit A/D conversion to process captured images from the CCDs with great precision. This provides a more accurate reproduction of contrast in mid-to-dark tone and bright areas of the picture. Advanced Digital Signal Processing, using more than 30 bits for non-linear processing, also maintains the exceptionally high quality of image from the CCDs. The ADSP also provides sophisticated image control including, multi-matrix, triple skin tone detail and adaptive highlight control.

Ultimate sensitivity
The DVW-970P has a sensitivity of F11, and has a built-in slow shutter feature. This feature allows the camcorder to slow its shutter speed down to a 16 frame period to dramatically increase sensitivity when shooting in dark conditions. The slow shutter feature also allows motion blur to be used as a creative tool during acquisition.

High quality digital audio
In addition to great pictures, the DVW-970P also records superb quality sound. Four channels of digital audio are recorded at 20 bit resolution at a sampling frequency of 48kHz.

Compact, lightweight and low power consumption
The DVW-970P weighs approximately 5.4kg including viewfinder, microphone, BP-GL95 Li-ion battery and BCT-D40 Digital Betacam cassette. Power consumption has been reduced to approximately 28W by the use of latest-generation IC technology.

Long recording duration onto Digital Betacam cassettes
Up to 40 minutes of material can be recorded onto a BCT-D40 Digital Betacam cassette.

Picture Cache recording
It's always annoying to miss a great shot, especially when shooting sports or wildlife footage. With the DVW-970P you have an additional chance to capture the action even if it occurred before you started recording. An optional CBK-MB01 board can be installed into the DVW-970P to provide picture cache recording. This allows you to capture the (up to) 8 seconds of material immediately before you pressed the record button.

TruEye Processing
TruEye virtually eliminates hue distortion, especially in extreme lighting conditions. TruEye processes videa data in a similar way to the human eye - processing brightness, hue and saturation. This significantly improves the reproduction of natural skin tones.

Auto Trace White
Auto Trace White (ATW) is a feature that automatically adjusts the white balance as lighting conditions change. This is ideal when shooting in rapidly changing lighting conditions (for example, when moving from an indoor to an outdoor location).

Multi Matrix function
Multi Matrix provides further in-camera creative control and can be used to match colourimetry during multiple camcorder shoots. It is also effective for manipulating the hue and saturation of specific selected colours within a scene. One example would be to adjust the hue and saturation of a flower petal without changing other colours within the picture.

Choice of video outputs
The DVW-970P has a composite video output as standard, and an optional SDI output (CBK-SD01) can also be installed.

Slot-in wireless receiver
You can slot a Sony wireless receiver directly into the chassis of the DVW-970P. This maintains balance, without compromising the compact ergonomic design of the camcorder. A Sony WRR-855A/B can be used.

Memory StickTM for storage of camcorder set-ups
A Memory Stick slot is provided for the storage and recall of set-up parameters. You can store your favourite camcorder set ups, camcorder settings for individual scenes and the settings of the user-assignable switches for rapid configuration of the camcorder at a later date.


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