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Sony NBSCN210

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Item #:EQ440684U
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Model Description:
E-Conference Communicator

Model Details

Sony's e-conference Communicator is a powerful network interface controller which enables non-network compatible projectors, and other system display devices, to be connected to a network. In addition, by using the Communicator system, it is possible to access Wide Area Networks (WAN) for true global e-conferencing.


  • Allows any projector to connect to a network
  • Enables easy wireless network presentations
  • Give users remote presentation control
  • Enhances video conferenced meetings
  • Remote control of video conference features
  • Simple graphic user interface
  • Simply by connecting the Communicator to a conventional projector or display device, the display becomes a network-ready device ready to be used in e-conference meetings.
  • Just drag and drop a file to a projector icon on the simple GUI, or from Windows Explorer, and a presentation can automatically begin. There is no need to disconnect and reconnect RGB cables between user PCs.
  • The progress of the presentation is easily controlled from the user's PC even though the presentation has been transmitted to the Communicator. This by means of the Communicator's remote mouse function.
  • Up to five files can be sent to the Communicator simultaneously, so another file can be sent to the communicator while a presentation is in progress. This enables multiple presenters to cue up their presentation and prepare in the background.
  • The Communicator can connect with another Communicator in a different network segment be means of a very simple operation. Then, after connecting to each other, the two Communicators are able to share presentation files
  • Snap shots of a PCs desktop can be sent to the remote Communicator when two Communicators are participating in a remote meeting.
  • When used together with a videoconferencing system, presentations can be made to all attendees as if the attendees were in the same room.
  • With the Sony PCS-1600 series, some very useful functions (connect/disconnect, input selection and power on/off) can be controlled from user PCs via the Communicator.
  • Passwords can be set for users to login to the Communicator. This enhances security and protects the privacy of the information exchanged during a meeting or conference.
  • The Communicator exemplifies Sony's unique approach to product design. The color and shape have been carefully chosen to represent the latest technology of e-conference and to blend with Sony projectors and VAIO computers.
  • The Communicator can be placed just about anywhere. It is small enough to be hidden, has threaded inserts for mounting to a ceiling or a wall, and is beautiful enough to placed on a table in plain sight.
  • The GUI of the Communicator is simple and easy to use. Fully setup from the factory, the Communicator requires very little information to begin operating and enhancing the meeting environment.
  • The Communicator maintains a "shortcut" history of the presentations that were displayed during a meeting. By using the history presentations can be recalled readily for the purpose of re-examining issues and points made during the meeting. Once the meeting is over and the PCs are disconnected, the material is unavailable ensuring the meetings privacy.
  • The communicator can assign a private IP address to client PCs when in Ad-Hoc mode, and enable them to share internet services via wireless access.
  • User information such as a person's name, photo, IP address and location (local or remote ) can be viewed in the "Attendee Window".
  • Users can exchange ideas by text chat and send files to each other during the meeting. When two Communicators are connected to each other, these functions are also available between users in local and remote locations.
  • Operating System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 98 SE, Windows Me®, or Windows 2000® Professional pre-installed model. Supported languages are English, Japanese, German, French, spanish or Italian.
  • Compatible Projector: Any
  • Wireless Lan Card: 802.11B compliant
  • Video Conferencing System: PCS-1600/1600P
  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP, NetBEUI
  • Band Width: 2.4GHz (11ch, ISM band)
  • Applicable file types: Microsoft PowerPoint® 97 / 2000 ; Microsoft Excel® 97 / 2000 ; Microsoft Word® 97 / 98 / 2000; Adobe® Acrobat® PDF ver 4.0 ; JPEG ; GIF
  • Power Supply: 5 volt


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