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White Instruments 4400

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Item #:MO9663
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Model Description:
1/3 octave equalizer

Model Details

1/3 octave single tuned, L-C filters on ISOcenteres from 31.5 Hz through 16k hz boostor cut 10db via continuously variable, pots


The Studio Standard:
The Model 4400 is perhaps the highest performance and most reliable one-third octave graphic equalizers on the market today. It has been in continuous production by White Instruments for more than 15 years. 

The 4400 features 28 one-third octave L-C active filters on I.S.O. standard frequency centers from 31.5Hz through 16kHz. Each filter has a range of ±10dB. 

L-C Active Design:
A pair of inductors/capacitors (L-C) are hand-tuned to create the resonant circuit of each filter. As passive devices they add no noise and are intrinsically reliable. 

Multiple Outputs:
Three outputs are provided and can be used to distribute the signal or biamp/triamp when an accessory crossover network is inserted in its powered socket. A digital pink noise generator can also be used in the crossover socket to turn the equalizer into a highly reliable masking noise source. 

Other Features & Options:
The 4400 includes adjustable high and low-pass filters; input and outputs 2 & 3 level attenuatiors; EQ in/out switch; sockets for optional input and output isolation transformers; and choice of a matching metal or clear plastic security cover. Let the specifications speak for themselves.



Model 4400

Number of Channels:

Frequency Range:
20Hz - 20kHz -2dB, typical with all 1/3 octave filters set at center. 

Dynamic Range:

Recommended Operating Level:
0dBu (0.775 volts rms). 

Maximum Operating Level:
+18dBu into 600 ohms. +15dBu into 600 ohms using optional output transformer(s). 

Better than -90dBu (re. 0.775 volts) at unity gain, 20kHz bandwidth. Worst Case. 

Less than 0.02% THD at +18dBu into 600 ohms, 20kHz bandwidth. 

Filter Type:
L-C active, single-pole pair. 

Filter Control Centers:
28 one-third octave filters on I.S.O. standard frequency centers from 31.5Hz through 16kHz. 

Filter Center Frequency Tolerance:

Filter Controls:
Rotary potentiometers. 

Filter Control Range:
±10dB at center frequency. 

EQ In/Out Switch:
Front panel mounted. By-passes 1/3 octave filters only. Silent operation. 

High-Pass Filter:
-3dB point adjustable from 20Hz -160Hz, 12dB/octave response. 

Low-Pass Filter: 
-3dB point adjustable from 20kHz -5kHz, 12dB/octave response. 

Level Adjustments:
Input and Outputs 2 & 3; 0dB to -20dB. Continuously variable. 

Barrier Strips. 

Input/Output Circuits:
Active balanced differential. Better than 70dB common mode rejection. Plug-in isolation transformer available. 
Single ended. Plug-in isolation transformer(s) available. 

Input Impedance:
~100 kilohms. 

Number of Outputs:

Output Impedance:
<100 ohms. 300 ohms with optional output transformer(s) 

Power Requirements:
115 /230 VAC, 50/50Hz, user selectable on rear panel, ~5.5W. 

Dimensions and Weight:
3.5" by 19" (rack mount 2RU) by 8" 
8.9cm by 48.3cm by 20.3cm 
8 lbs. - 3.6kg 

Black painted brushed aluminum. White nomenclature. Matching metal security cover furnished. 

Clear plastic security cover
Please specify when ordering. 
4390 Input Transformer Plug-in. 
4391 Single Output Transformer Plug-in. 
4392 Dual Output Transformer Plug-in. 
4393 Triple Output Transformer Plug-in. 
Crossover Networks
Please contact White Instruments. 
6, 12, 18 & 24dB/Octave for Bi-amp & Tri-amp

Additional Detailed Information:

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