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Imagine Communications Nexio Farad

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Nexio Farad™ delivers unprecedented levels of
bandwidth and storage to support demanding media
workflows. This high-performance online storage system is specifically designed for broadcast and production
facilities, including news, sports and live-event applications. Nexio Farad provides sharable and scalable storage
throughout the content lifecycle, while offering the highest levels of digital asset protection.
Flexible capacity and bandwidth. Allows scaling of storage and bandwidth as your requirements grow and
even during on-air operations, without affecting existing media
High availability. Enables continuous broadcast operations, with no performance degradation in the event of
multiple and simultaneous failures
Facilitates collaboration. Provides true shared access for fast-turnaround editorial environments and shorter
time to air
Reduces capital expenditures. Provides economical entry-level storage supporting lower cost environments
Easy to manage. Allows unattended drive rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics, and includes
an informative graphical user interface (GUI)

High performance with flexible capacity and bandwidth. Allows scaling of storage independently of
bandwidth, managing storage costs as requirements grow, without affecting existing media.
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Nexio® Farad™
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Scale Nexio Farad capacity to more than 1 PB of usable storage and/or 48,000 Mb/s easily, with no disruption
to on-air operations
Non-destructive background restriping allows new storage to be added with no performance degradation and
keeps current content intact without performing additional backups.
High availability. Enables continuous broadcast operations, with no performance degradation in the event of
multiple and simultaneous failures.
Nexio Farad uses RAID-601, protecting against drive, controller, and storage chassis failures and maintaining
system throughput. RAID-601 combines RAID 6, 0 and 1 technology.
Nexio RAIDsoft striping increases bandwidth and patented Intrinsic Mirroring ensures content is always
Nexio Farad supports a non-mirrored configuration of up to three enclosures with RAID-60 data protection, for
shared storage in workflows where the extra investment for high availability isn’t justified
Facilitates collaboration. Provides true, shared, online broadcast storage and eliminates the need for separate
storage islands, simplifying workflows.
All media is stored in one place for ingest, production and playout, so there are no time- and money-wasting
file transfer tasks to, from or between servers.
All users have access all the time, without any restrictions, to get their job done.
Nexio Farad supports high-speed archive and restore interaction with network attached, clustered or tape
Easy to manage. Allows unattended drive rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics, and includes
an informative, web-based graphical user interface (GUI)
“Spare Drive Provisioning” technology provides a pool of standby media drives that are used for unattended
and automatic drive rebuild following a drive failure.
Replacing a failed drive can be scheduled at a convenient time, without any performance degradation.

- On-air scalability to over a petabyte of online shared storage with RAID-601 storage protection
- Tens of gigabits per second of assured streaming bandwidth, even during degraded or rebuilding modes
- RAID-601 provides high availability, protecting against drive, controller and storage chassis failures, while maintaining system throughput
- Nexio RAIDsoft™ striping increases bandwidth and patented Nexio Intrinsic Mirroring™ ensures content availability
- Configurable spare drive provisioning provides automatic drive failover and rebuild 
- Automatic drive rebuilds require no operator action and result in no performance degradation
- High drive density with 12 3.5 in. drives (raw 24 TB, 48 TB, 72 TB, and 96 TB; usable 16 TB, 32 TB, 48 TB, and 64 TB) in 2RU
- Support for Ethernet and Fibre Channel client connections
- Redundant, high-performance 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel connections per Nexio Farad core storage sub-system, with active/active redundant RAID controllers
- Dual hot-swappable power supplies per enclosure

GENERAL INFORMATION Farad Core Chassis Active/Active controller module pair per enclosure 4 x 8Gbps Fibre Channel I/O ports per module 1 x 4-lane 6Gb mini-SAS connector per module Farad Store Chasis Dual SAS Connector modules with two 4-lane 6Gb mini-SAS connectors per module Management/Status Reporting Farad Storage Manager Maximum Stack Configuration Nexio Farad-60: 4 enclosures – total of 48 drives Nexio Farad-601: 8 enclosures – total of 96 drives Maximum Single Volume Configuration Nexio Farad-60: 1 stack of 4 enclosures – total of 48 drives Nexio Farad-601: Up to 4 mirrored stacks, each with one Nexio Farad Core; total of 8 stacks with 768 drives Protection Levels Nexio Farad-60: RAID-60 Nexio Farad-601: RAID-601 Hot-Swappable Components Disk drives, PSU/cooling modules, Core Controller modules & Store Connector modules Physical Height: 8.9 cm (3.5") 2 EIA Units Width: 44.7 cm (17.6") IEC Rack Compliant Depth: 60.2 cm (23.7") Weight: 26.9 kg (59.2 lbs.) DISK DRIVES Drive Type SAS 6 Gbps Drive Size 2 TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB Spindle Speed 7,200 RPM Cache, Multi-segmented 32/64 MB depending on drive model Seek Time, Read/Write (average) 8.5/9.5 msec or lower Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 1.2 million hours or higher Annual Failure Rate (AFR) at Full 24x7 Operation 0.73% (at full 24x7 operation) Transfer Rate, Sustained 147 Mb/s or higher Power Consumption (idle) 9.0 W or lower Rotational Vibration @ 1,500 Hz Maximum 12.5 Rad/sec2

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