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Production Switcher

Broadcast Pix Granite 5000

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Item #:MO816159
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Model Description:
2 M/E Integrated Production System

Model Details

Granite 5000
2 M/E Integrated Production System
The Granite 5000 features a large full-function 2 M/E (Mix/Effect)
switcher panel to harness the power of a 2M/E Granite System.
Broadcast Pix provides the only full 2 M/E systems that access
both video and file-based content.
2 M/E’s allow you to set up powerful looks on an M/E wholly
separate from the one on which you do your main switching.
You also have the power to drive a dual-screen production with
full control of each, and add even more screens with auxiliary
outputs. Or, produce two shows tailored to different audiences.
Broadcast Pix brings dual M/E power at a surprising price.


Create Professional Live Video

with End-to-End Integration

Integrated Ingest

Inputs: 11 or 22 HD/SD SDI inputs, plus 7 channels of clips, animations, graphics

• Fluent Watch-folders: Flow in clips, animations and graphics, even during a show.

• Cloud Access: Connect watch-folders to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft


• Fluent Rapid CG: Connect Twitter, databases, scoreboards and news automation

Integrated Production Control

• 2 M/E Switcher: Powerful switcher with 6 key layers and two M/E control banks.

• Clip Server: Holds up to 180 hours of clips, with audio.

• CG Graphics: Inscriber GS CG (Character Generator) from Harris Broadcast.

• Dual Patented Device Control Banks: Access any clip, graphic, animation, camera

preset, and more, from each of two device control banks.

• Patented PixButtons: Show the device and file-name of right on the panel’s


• Customizable Fluent View: The powerful heads-up display is fluent in both video

and file-based content, and fully customizable.

• Fluent Macros: Add one-button magic to your production with the only memory

system that combines switcher moves with recalls of specific clips and graphics.

• External Device Control: Drive robotic cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi,


• Operators: One operator can create great video, or easily add operators.

Integrated Delivery

• Video Outputs: 6 or 12 HD/SD SDI and 2 DVI

• Multi-Screen Productions: Drive up to 3 screens at once with program, M/E 2

and PowerAux™ outputs.

• Ultra Low Latency: Maintains lip-sync with patented process for constant 1

frame delay.

Powerful and Redundant

Granite is our highest capacity, most redundant system with the

most options. It includes a Granite Switcher and a Granite Server.

Built-in redundancies include redundant power in both and in the

panel, redundant switching even if the Granite server should ever

stop, and redundant control using Fluent-View if the panel should

ever stop. The premium storage option adds redundant RAID5 clips.

Granite Switcher

The switcher runs 1080i native and takes 11 SDI video inputs (22

optional), and 7 channels of file-based inputs from the Granite Server.

Each SDI input automatically detects 1080i, 720p or an SD source - the LED color

tells you which format is in use. There is a frame synchronizer and aspect correction

on each input. 6 keys are standard, and DVEs enables up to 4 PiP boxes. There are 6

SDI (12 optional) and 2 DVI outputs. Output multiple formats, and use the built-in

router to send any SDI input to any SDI output. Create a second or third composited

output with PowerAuxes or another M/E. Output audio from the clip and animation


Granite Server

Granite’s dedicated server provides a channel of clips, 2 channels of animations,

and 4 channels of graphics. The clip store holds up to 60 hours of H.264, ProRes and

DNxHD clips plus animations, expandable to up to 180 hours. The Inscriber CG is

from Harris Broadcast. The server runs the Fluent-View display, Fluent Macros, and

Fluent Watch-Folders. Control of ViewCast streamers and AJA Ki Pro recorders are


Granite X

The Granite X model includes 22 SDI inputs, 12 outputs, quad monitor Fluent-

View, access to 2 M/E’s, and features an enhanced Fluent-View with 16 full motion

windows for cameras and other external inputs, up from 8 in the standard Granite.

Additional external inputs move more slowly. All Granite Fluent-Views also have

full motion windows for 4 outputs and 6 keys,



• Processing: 1080i

• Video I/O formats: 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94,

720p/50, 480i/59.94 or 576i/50.

Video Outputs:

• Program and Preview of each M/E, Clean Feed,

PowerAux, Aux.

Inputs: Granite Granite X

• SDI Video 11 22

• Clip Channels 1 1

• Animation Channels 2 2

• Graphic Channels 4 4


• SDI Video 6 12

• DVI 2 2

Switcher Server

Dimensions 3RU 2RU

19 x 16 x 5.25 in 19 x 23 x 3.5 in

49 x 41 x 13 cm 48 x 58 x 9 cm

Power 150W 400W

Weight 16 lbs / 7.3 kg 29 lbs / 13 kg

Additional Information

2015_BroadcastPix_Granite_Product_Sheet V4-5.pdf
Granite_5000_Product_Sheet V3-1.pdf

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