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Content Storage Management

Grass Valley K2-SDA-22

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K2 Media Client

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Content Storage Management

USEDGrass Valley K2-SDA-22

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K2 Media Client

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Multi -Channel Video/Audio Production
With On-Board SD & HD I/O
You can configure a K2 media client as
part of a SAN solution with over 100
channels of sharing common storage—
or deploy a standalone client with
internal or external storage for use in a
distributed environment.
The Grass Valley™ K2 media server/media
client system is ideal for broadcast
and production environments, offering
support for a wide range of applications
to address specific workflow needs in
the most cost-efficient and cost-effective
ways possible.
As a critical part of this system, K2
clients support a number of standardand
high-definition (SD and HD) video
formats and channel configurations (see
table, third page). They also have agile
playout capabilities and advanced videoplayback
and audio features.
You can configure a K2 client as part of
a SAN solution comprised of a K2 media
client, K2 media server, and K2 RAID
storage—or deploy a standalone client
with internal or external storage and
built-in server for use in a distributed
environment. Both the SAN and
standalone systems are optimized to
work in a file-based environment.
K2 Platform – Overview
The K2 platform is comprised of one
or more four-channel K2 media clients
connected to one or more K2 media
servers and K2 RAID-protected storage.
The K2 media client performs all video
and audio I/O using built-in encoders and
decoders. You can attach more than 100
media client channels to the K2 media
servers and RAID system.
For its part, the K2 media server
manages the file system and controls
file transfer protocol (FTP) operations.
The K2 storage system offers options for
internal drives or external RAID systems
that can scale to more than 50 terabytes.
K2 Media Client
The standalone K2 media client is built
around a robust computer platform
with redundant hot-swappable power
supplies, mirrored system drives,
redundant Ethernet ports, and extra
cooling as standard features. Two iSCSI
or Fibre Channel ports on the client
switch to provide a backup data path
in case of failure, giving you a costeffective
way to design a no-single-pointof-
failure system.
To this architecture we’ve added our
Emmy® Award-winning core video
technology. Built around a highperformance
RISC processor and a realtime
operating system, it performs video
and audio processing in the robust and
secure manner needed for a 24/7, frameaccurate
Agile Playout Capabilities
You don’t always control the format of
the materials you receive—but using the
K2 platform, it doesn’t matter. The media
client will play out any supported format
back-to-back without interruption; there
is no need to transcode materials into a
common format.
For instance, the SD media client can
play DV25, MPEG I-Frame, DV50, and
MPEG Long GOP materials back-to-back

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