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Encoder and/or Decoder

Moseley DSP-6000D

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Item #:MO814683
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Model Description:
Digital Studio-Transmitter Link. Encoder Decoder

Model Details

The DSP6000A Digital Studio-Transmitter Link (DSTL) system conveys high quality
program material over FM radio or fractional T1 (FT1) networks to a remote site.
Typically, program material is transmitted from a studio site to a remote transmitter site
or to a repeater site.
The DSP6000E and DSP6000D comprise a digital audio codec (coder/decoder) which
converts high-quality audio material into a bandwidth-reduced digital signal compatible
with transmission over conventional FM radio links. This operation is shown in Figure
1-1. When used in conjunction with the PCL6000 or PCL606 studio-transmitter links
(STL), the overall system constitutes a digital STL radio spectrally compatible with
existing FCC Part 74 frequency allocations.
The DSP6000E encoder accepts four discrete audio program inputs, or one digital
stereo program input with two discrete audio program inputs. The encoder generates a
bandwidth-efficient digital baseband data stream that is accepted at the composite input
of the STL transmitter. This results in an efficient continuous-phase frequency shift
keying (CPFSK) modulation from the transmitter.
The DSP6000D decoder receives the recovered digital baseband from the STL receiver
and translates this signal back to high quality program audio or digital stereo for output.
The system also has provisions for two low-speed (up to 9600 baud) asynchronous data
channels for supervisory or other auxiliary applications.
The DSP6000A codec is also compatible with transmission over fractional T1 networks.
The 4:1 data rate reduction provided by the codec facilitates the transmission of four fullbandwidth
program channels over a fraction of one T1 service. The fractional use of the
T1 line typically provides a corresponding economy in monthly line costs.

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