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Item #:MO814587
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Model Description:
Multi-Mode Control Panel with 16 source-destination keypad, LED status-display, 6 functions up-down

Model Details

The NV9602 Multi-Mode Control Panel manufactured by NVISION is a
router control panel that works with the NV9000 router control system. Capable of
operating in a number of selectable modes, the NV9602 panel is configured in software
using the NV9000 server.

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The NV9602 is a Multi-Mode Control Panel that provides an interface to the NV9000
Router Control System. Although designed for installation in a standard 19” electronic
equipment rack, the 1 rack unit (RU) high panel may be placed on any flat level surface.
The panel uses a fixed illumination LED display and adjustable illumination LED
buttons to provide good button visibility under all lighting conditions. Two 8-character
fields display status and destination information. Programmable front panel buttons
provide source, destination, and function selection. Key caps hold easily changed
button legends.

NV9602 Modes of Operation
Panel modes of operation are easily changed using the NV9602 Configuration Editor.
The following operating modes are available:
• Single destination, with or without breakaway levels.
• Limited X-Y.
• Multiple destinations.
These modes of operation are explained and illustrated on the following pages. Note
that the illustrations shown for each configuration are just examples. Other
combinations are possible.


NV9602 Configurable Functions

The NV9602 Control Panel can be configured to perform these functions:

• Previous Source and Free Source.

• Lock/Release and Protect/Release for destinations.

• Single button to return to a pre-defined default state.

• Hold breakaway levels.

• System salvos.

• A menu to change Panel ID and button illumination.

• In a multiple panel configuration, a force release of a locked or protected device

can be configured for each NV9602. However, note that release and force release

are mutually exclusive on the same control panel.

Other NV9602 Control Panel Features

The NV9602 supports gang or dub switching in an X-Y configuration. This allows the

operator to route single sources to multiple destinations.

The panel displays error messages and lock or protect status.

NV9602 Button Use

The NV9602 panel uses green and amber button LEDs on the front panel to distinguish

between sources and destinations. Buttons are capable of lighting with the two colors

and three levels of indication:

• Buttons with multiple functions are green in one function and amber in another.

• Source buttons and associated functions are green.

• Destination buttons and associated functions are amber.

• The three levels of button indication are: high (bright) when selected or On; low

(dim) when not selected; and Off (unlit) when unavailable.

• When [Menu]

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