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Film scanner

Rank-Cintel Cintel DSX 2K DI package

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Item #:MO813470
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
DSX i2K data telecine & scanner, DaVinci 2K Plus HD/2K, 2 Baselight-4, ArriLaser recorder 35 mm ...

Model Details

All of the equipment in this package is in good running condition:
1 Cintel DSX HD/2K telecine with oliver
1 DataVision DVNR HD
2 imagica scanners for 35 mm 3&4 perf, 16mm
1 x Davinci 2K-Plus HD/2K
2 x baselight-4 with blackboard
1 x arri laser recorder 35mm with speedupgrade
plus various tape machines.

Details: The DSX can be sold first and by itself.
- DSX from cintel able to drive 35mm 3 and 4 perf, 16mm in HD realtime (as a telecine) or in RGB datamode up to 2K (4:3)using the python-II as a scan-driver. The machine is well maintained and up and running.the DSX has a built in "oliver" for optical scratch-removal.
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General Model desciption: DSX is a data-cine designed specifically for high-end commercial post production, resolution independent film mastering and restoration projects.
Developed to keep you at the forefront of your industry, the DSX film scanner uses cutting edge technology to ensure the highest possible quality image - regardless of film type or condition.
Taking all the best features from Cintel's flag-ship product, the C-Reality film scanner, as well as adding more, DSX provides a quantum leap in film scanning.

Using the unique 'OLIVER' system for dust and scratch removal, the effect of surface damage on film is dramatically reduced - and often totally removed - to provide transfers and masters which are scrupulously clean.

DSX film scanners produce 4K film quality images which are sharp, steady, accurate and very quiet. And with state of the art colour vector processing, colour tones are precisely repeatable, as well as providing you a distinctive, memorable and individual 'film' look.

Enhance your DSX film scanner with the latest in grain reduction technology
GRACE is a unique grain reduction system, developed specifically for C-Reality and DSX film scanners. Designed to operate at the scanner front end, Grace works in all resolutions, and is film gauge and image format independent. Fully programmable and using 14bit RGB processing, Grace provides grain reduction without the need for recursive filtering and additional frame stores which cause associated delays and artefacts. As Grace is frame by frame independent, film grain reduction is seamless over scene boundaries, and moving images do not smear or ghost.

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