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Audio Monitor

Logitek Ultra VU

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Item #:MO809336
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Ultra VU Bargraph Audio Meter

Model Details

The Ultra-VU meter displays VU and peak levels on the same bargraph. Tri-color LEDs allow the VU level to be shown as a green bar and the peak level to be shown as a red dot. That way both levels can use the full meter range without confusion.


A switchable hold feature supplies a momentary or continuous hold of the highest peak reading ensuring that operators will always know if maximum levels are exceeded. The sensitivity of the clipping indicator can be set from the front panel allowing the Ultra-VU to be used with multiple standards. The zero VU point is user adjustable allowing optimum use of the 70 dB meter range while the lighted zero reference marker ensures a clear reading of critical levels even from across the room. A second lighted marker provides a positive reference for peak program levels. And the front panel brightness control allows the meter to be easily adjusted for ambient lighting conditions. 

The Ultra-VU’s dual bargraphs display the left channel above the right channel with scale markings in between. Pressing the MODE button causes mono sum to be displayed on the lower bargraph and phase to be displayed on the upper bargraph. This unique phase display uses a red LED to show the location of the furthest left sound in the sound field and a green LED to show the location of the furthest right sound. In this way the width and location of the stereo image can be easily seen or adjusted. Problems with phase reversal or off center mono are also easy to detect. Pressing the MODE button again activates a filter which tailors the VU frequency response to track more closely the perceived loudness of the signal. This allows better loudness matching between music and voice segments. Pressing the MODE button yet again causes the meter resolution to expand around the reference point. The .2 dB per LED resolution in this FINE mode makes precise level setting a snap. 

On meters with digital inputs, the Ultra-VU provides several auxiliary data displays. The sample rate is measured and displayed while the auxiliary data is decoded to show the format and emphasis status. The digital input versions accept serial data in either professional or consumer format via a transformer isolated input that automatically locks to the incoming sample rate. A pass-through mode allows the unit to monitor digital lines without the need for a distribution amplifier. Analog input versions have bridging inputs that accept balanced or unbalanced signals while the gain trim controls allow for easy calibration to any common reference level. And, if you want complete flexibility, choose our “B” version units that have both analog and digital inputs. These meters will automatically select the active input. 

Bargraphs per displaytwo
Number of indicators:62 bar type tricolor LEDs, 1 red clip indicator
Normal Range:-70 dB through 0 dB plus clip - digital
-50 dB through +20 dB plus clip - analog
Fine Range:.2 dB per segment centered around reference point
Reference Point:User selectable at -10, -12, -14, -16, -18, or -20 dB
Peak Markers:+8, +9, +10, +11, +12, +14, +16, +18 dB above reference
VU Mode300 mSec/20 dB attack & release
Peak Mode0 uSec attack, 2.8 Sec/24dB release
Peak Hold0 uSec attack, 2 Sec or 4 Sec hold
Max Hold0 uSec attack, pushbutton reset
Image/Phase Display:4 Sec hold on maximum image width
Clip Indicator:trigger on 1 0r 4 consecutive clipped samples, set from front panel
Frequency Response:.
Normal+/- .1 dB (20hz - 20,000hz)
Loudness Filter58 dB SPL auditory curve
-40 dB 20 Hz, 0 dB 1250 Hz, -50 dB 20K Hz
Brightness control:eight brightness levels set from front panel
Analog Input:electronically balanced
Sensitivity:-10 to +20 dBu for full scale
Sensitivity Adjustmentscrewdriver adjustment on rear panel
Overload Level:+24 dBu
Impedance40K Ohm balanced or 20K Ohm unbalanced
Connector3-pin XLR
Digital Input:transformer balanced
Impedance & Connector110 Ohm balanced (XLR)
75 Ohm unbalanced 
(w/ optional RCA Coax adapter) 
(75 ohm BNC available)
Pass-through2200 Ohm balanced (XLR)
Dual Input:.
DigitalSame as above
AnalogSame as above except for 1/4" phone connectors
Power Requirements:110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz - switchable
UV1-(all), UDT-(all)10 Watts
UV2-(all)20 Watts
1RU enclosure19" wide x 7" deep 1 3/4" high
Desk top enclosure8 1/4" wide x 9" deep x 2 1/4" high with front bale

Additional Detailed Information:
  • Expanded range - 70 dB
  • Expanded detail - 63 LED bargraphs
  • Simultaneous Loudness & PPM Display
  • Peak Hold or Max Hold
  • Stereo Image / Phase Display Mode
  • High resolution Fine mode
  • Clipping indicator
  • Channel data display on digital inputs
  • User Adjustable Reference Point
  • User Adjustable PPM Reference Point
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Dual Analog & Digital inputs available
  • Mix analog and digital inputs
  • 1RU or Desktop Versions
  • 1 or 2 Stereo Pairs in Rack Version
  • Powerful DSP processing

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