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Film scanner

Northlight Northlight 2

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Item #:MO805760
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Model Description:
Film Scanner for digital mastering of 16/35/65mm. features in 35mm 4k: 4.7fps 10/16bit

Model Details

Northlight is a high-quality pin registered digital film mastering scanner. Unlike telecine based machines that have been adapted for scanning, Northlight was engineered specifically for the exceptional demands of digital film mastering, providing image quality surpassing that of traditional pin registered film scanners used in special effects post production.
The FilmLight team has been designing and building 35mm and 65mm scanners since 1984, and Northlight represents the third generation in this innovative research and development programme. Designed with the philosophy that quality in film digitisation goes beyond resolution power alone, Northlight incorporates image stability, speed, low noise and intelligent illumination into an ergonomic high-productivity scanner that integrates easily into post production workflow. Supporting 35mm, 65mm and 16mm formats, Northlight has been designed for the digital mastering of entire feature films, for current release and for back catalogue preservation.
Northlight 2 - The Quality Standard
The images below show just how much resolving power the Northlight 2 delivers. A resonable quality 4K scan requires 83 line pairs per millimeter to be well resolved. Now look closely in the increasing spiral of line pairs and you can clearly see that the Northlight 2 is resolving more than 160 lines per millimeter.
This headroom is there to make sure that the Northlight 2 can deliver excellent quality 4K scans with all the headroom that 4K post-production and digital projection demands.

Four years ago, the Northlight set a new quality standard in digital intermediate scanning. As the feature film industry embraces a 4K workflow in preparation for digital cinema projection, Northlight 2 is delivering not just the speed that this requires, but actually increasing its quality lead with unbeatable results.

Northlight Infra Red Scanning
The Infrared scan capability is now available as an option on Northlight 1 and Northlight 2 scanners. The IR error map is encoded as a secondary element into the DPX to aid automatic 'dust busting' packages, and is accessible from the UI.
Existing scanners can be retrofitted.
Automated Repair of Dirt and Dust
FilmLight supports most repair packages including Forge from The Foundry and also Clean from Pixel Farm. These packages are in test with the new IR scans and provide accurate and fully automated clean up. We are working on seamless integration of this technology within the scanner environment, and of course either can be used as a pre-process to Baselight grading using the same Linux node hardware.
Northlight Image Filtering
Northlight now ships with templates and examples of image filtering. The filters are designed to compensate for any losses in the optics and array, and therefore result in improved perception of image detail. Users can modify and add their own filters, and a special option allows 4K images to be intelligently filtered down to 2K.


  • Ultra low noise linear motor scan action
  • Revolutionary pin registered projector design with fast spooling
  • Easy to load, safe transport with push button re-racking
  • Unique projector action allowing all current film formats
  • 16mm, Super 16, 2/3/4/8 perf 35mm 5/8/10/15 perf 65mm
  • Stable 700W metal halide diffuse illumination system (patent pending)
  • Latest generation 8k tri-linear CCD sensor
  • 8k x 6k, 5.5k x 4k, 4k x 3k at 15 perf /65mm
  • 6k x 4.5k, 4k x 3k, 3k x 2k, 2k x 1.5k at 4 perf/35mm
  • 2.5k x 1.8k, 1.7k x 1.1k at standard 16mm
  • 3k x 1.8k, 2k x 1.1k for Super 16mm
  • 4k 35mm 4.7 sec per frame, 2k 35mm 2.6 sec per frame
  • Academy/scope/full-gate/user-defined crops as required
  • Full resolution over sampling at all output resolutions
  • Full pin registration with pin blocks for neg and ip
  • Fully indexed for scanning frame accurate to EDLs
  • 1250' 65mm and 2000' 35mm capacity
  • Automatic generation of high quality proxy images
  • Outputs 10 bit log DPX/Cineon files to standard filesystem
  • Designed to allow unattended roll end to end operation
  • Optional keykode reader
  • Optional 16/35mm dual gauge projector

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