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Routing Switcher

Lighthouse Digital Syst. K series

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Model Description:
K-Series switchers consists of 19” rack mount frames (4 to 24 RU high) with required input modules

Model Details

The K-Series switchers consists of 19” rack mount frames (4 to 24 RU high) that hold the required input modules, switch modules, output modules, control modules, and power supplies. The K-Series is unique in that the internal signal interconnects are not accomplished with motherboards, that’s right no- motherboards. Instead, K-Series uses a series of high speed, high density, impedance controlled, mass terminated, flat cables. This means that a frame does not determine the configuration of a switching system, the modules installed do. The big advantage of this is that all future expansion and growth can be determined in the future, in the same frame.

The K-Series is the latest switching family from LIGHTHOUSE Digital Systems. The K-Series uses a multiple-module design to allow exceptional flexibility when configuring or expanding systems. Sizes range from as small as 32x32 to systems as large as 512x512 and larger.

K-Series switchers can combine multiple levels such as digital video and AES digital audio for comprehensive AV signal routing, or data and clock levels for other applications. Each level may be controlled separately with one or more control panels and/or by NavigatorTM, or all levels may be controlled as a single unit (AFV).

All Lighthouse crosspoint switching products (not OZ) are best described as protocol-independent data communications devices.

Lighthouse has products for:

Lower-speed (below 10 Mbs) systems using coax, shielded twisted-pair, or low-speed fiber optic I/O.
Medium-speed (below 622 Mbs) Digital Video and telemetry using coax or fiber optic I/O.
High-speed (below 1.5 Gbs) for HDTV and other data communication using high-speed coax, twinax, or triax cable or high-speed fiber optics I/O.
Almost universally, these systems do not care what specific data is passing through them (within the speed family) and they can accommodate more I/O configurations than can be mentioned.

Lighthouse crosspoint switchers operate independent of data rate and protocol as long as the signal is within the speed and performance window of the particular switcher.

Lighthouse switching products are categorized in data speed families. They can pass high data rates to the upper performance limit of the circuit design and semiconductor technology employed (CMOS, ECL, Silicon, Gallium Arsenide).

Additional Detailed Information:

4 RU Frame                                                                                           
                                                                                                                        8 RU Frame

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