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CG Character Generator

D.Co MediaPlay

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Item #:MO800301N
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Model Description:
Fastest, Most Versatile, Affordable Video Imaging and Broadcasting System.

Model Details

Quickly create dozens of message pages and use the simple yet powerful Graphic Scheduler to coordinate and broadcast them whenever you want...even months in advance!

Display everything from Event Schedules and Announcements to Rotating Classified Ads, Real Estate Offerings, Product Price Lists, Airline Flight Information and Meal Menus…almost anything you can think of!
Effortlessly add music, video, a crawl message, weather info, narration or sound effects in any combination with easy-to-use Multimedia features!

Download and display Internet Web Pages and Weather Station screens!

MediaPlay Features:
Offline Editing: Create, revise, or delete messages and update scheduling sequences without interrupting the current sequence of messages. (Optional)

Video Fonts: Choose from a variety of fonts specially selected for their video messaging effect.

Multilingual Compatible: Create messages using any language.

ASCII Importer: Display up-to-the-minute messages from an incoming data stream, pre-existing or frequently changing text such as: NOAA National Weather Wire Service, golf tee times, school lunch menu, etc.

Automatic Internet Updates: Set the MediaPlay to automatically access Websites to retrieve and display up-to-the-minute information such as weather and sports from around the world.

VCR Control: Cycle between your sequence of messages and a video tape. (Optional) One of our most popular features!

Complete Graphics Support: (Optional) Use graphics from the included software, import artwork from the Web or CD-ROMs, or scan graphics with the included scanner.

Background Music Generator: (Optional) Insert music sequences from the included CD of background music or from up to any 4 Compact Discs at once.

Audio DuckerTM: Allow background music volume to reduce automatically during playback of digital voice messages.

Flexible Messaging Scheduling: Schedule video message sequences, VCR control, easily nestle schedules within schedules (subschedule) and weather reporting in advance --- by day, hour, evening, weekend, holiday.. Or any time you choose!

Time/Date Display: Place current time and date on message pages.
Graphics Tools: Use over 50 different "building blocks" to create circles, squares, checkerboards and other shapes
and patterns.
HTML Compatibility: Display video messages from the World Wide Web.
Import Fonts: Use any Windows based fonts for video message production.
Templates: Follow convenient, predisigned video message templates.
Crawl Lines: Place "crawling" submessages to scroll across a single page or over a whole sequence.
GenLock: Overlay text on live video feeds.
Spell Checker: Reports misspelled words.
Bullets: Use any of dozens of included symbols as bullets to emphasize important message items.

Built-in Backgrounds: Professionally-designed backgrounds with graphic themes ranging from Valentine's Day to
exotic sports cars.
Animation: Schedule playback of digital (.avi) animation files or animated GIFs.
Weather Station: Display current on-site temperature, daily highs and lows, windchill, barometric pressure and wind
conditions live to viewers.
VCR Control & Video-In-A-WindowTM: Really get your message across by integrating full VCR scheduling to control
playback of video into your display pages as small, medium, or full screen "video windows".
Contact Closures: Internal contact closures provide control of a myriad of devices or control your MediaPlay in response
to external contact closures.
Networkable: Connect multiple units together over a LAN or WAN.
Communications: Our own custom communications, including synchronization and batch transfer mode, makes connecting
by modem reliable and fast.
Multiple Channel Output: Show different video messages on multiple monitors or video feeds concurrently.
Full Kiosk Capabilities: Integrate your messages with touch screens and credit card swipe units.

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