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Virtual Studio Video System

ORAD Cyberset O

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Item #:MO800128
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
virtual set system

Model Details

This is the world most popular virtual set system that
provides a new and powerful dimension to any
broadcast and especially to news, sport,
elections coverage, entertainment shows and
much more.

CyberSet is a complete scalable virtual set system which
delivers unmatched quality for the most demanding
Providing maximum flexibility with tailored-made tracking,
CyberSet can utilize all of Orad’s tracking technologies,
ranging from Xync, an infrared tracking system, as well as
Pattern Recognition and opto-mechanical sensors.
CyberSet supports all types of broadcast cameras, lenses
and tripods. Multiple camera configurations are easily
integrated providing unparalleled production freedom with
no reliance on 3rd party technologies, and more importantly
technology does not get in the way of the production process.
CyberSet allows the same studio space to be used for either
a conventional or a virtual set production. A small studio as
large as 10x10 square feet can be easily turned into a broad
virtual set, giving the broadcast a big market look. Switching
between virtual and conventional studio is instantaneous.

CyberSet supports an unlimited number of cameras and
offers a 360 degree shooting range. By utilizing the Xync
infrared tracking system both handheld and crane mounted
cameras are supported which allows total freedom within the
virtual set.
CyberSet is an intuitive and simple virtual set to operate. It
allows concentrating on the creative side rather than on
technicalities. As such CyberSet relies on the popular 3D
Studio Max as its authoring software. Scenes created using
3D studio Max are seamlessly imported to CyberSet and
used in the virtual set.
CyberSet is powered by the DVG-10 - the most powerful
rendering platform available. To accommodate the most
challenging and complex scenes, CyberSets DVG comes in
a dual node configuration and with 4 video inputs which
ensures stunning results.


The most advance virtual set solution available.

Seamlessly integrates with all of Orad’s tracking systems including Xync

- Orad’s infrared tracking solution, Pattern Recognition and opto-mechanical

sensors tracking systems.

Free camera movement including dolly, handheld and crane mounted.

Does not require any special 3rd party add-ons.

Utilizes Orad’s powerful dual node DVG playout platform.

Supports up to 3 full resolution video inputs + 1 Alpha.

360 degrees shooting range.

Minimal set-up time and calibration.

High quality internal Chroma Key.

Minimal delay time — 2-4 frames.

Utilizes 3D Studio Max as authoring software with seamless import


Empowered by Orad’s Map Set for enhancing the realistic presentation

of the virtual set.

Full scene anti-aliasing.

SD & HD compatible.

Supports 4x3 & 16x9 formats.

Optional talent tracking technology.

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