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Motion Capture

Motion Analysis Falcon Analog System

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Item #:MO800123
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Model Description:
3D optical motion capture system in real time

Model Details

Motion Analysis offers the industry's premier passive (no wires attached to markers) 3D optical motion capture system in real time. This real time analog system is able to acquire and display three-dimensional data with little or imperceptible time delay at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task of interest.
The Falcon Analog System includes high resolution cameras, video processors, and software that can capture complex motion with extreme accuracy. Our customers see capture results immediately which assures them that they are getting good data and helps the actor tailor performances to character sizes and shapes. All real-time captures are stored to disc and can be edited, scaled, retargeted and modified using MAC and third party tools.

Falcon Analog Camera

Motion Analysis Corporation offers the industry's highest performance analog camera, the Falcon. Designed and developed by Motion Analysis, the Falcon is the only affordable camera with both high speed and double vertical resolution.

The Falcon can capture images with 480 vertical lines at speeds of 60 and 120 frames per second, or single field resolution at 180 and 240 frames per second. The switching is done from the software, so you don't have to touch the cameras! The Falcon's internal microprocessor determines the video rate and resolution from the mouse-controlled data acquisition menu. Combined with the TrackLock video processing board, the Falcon provides the accuracy of pixel-locked digitizing systems, while retaining the flexibility of multiple frame rates and resolutions.

The Falcon Analog Camera is remanufactured at our facility in California and offers an excellent value for our customers who want the advantages of a real-time optical motion capture system.



  • 60 to 240 frames per second capture
  • Video rate and resolution determined automatically
  • Double resolution feature for large volume and high precision measurements
  • Non-interlaced scanning for higher resolution

Calibration: The Key to Real Time

Motion Analysis uses a dynamic linearization technique which is the only technique currently available capable of producing precise and accurate calibration. First, a small four-point calibration device is used for defining the XYZ axes. A 500mm wand (for large capture volumes) or a 150mm wand (for small capture volumes) is then used for establishing camera linearization parameters. If the camera lenses are changed, recalibration takes mere moments as compared to the cumbersome, time consuming grid technique used by other motion capture systems.

  • Fully compatible with EVaRT software
  • Standard TCP/IP Protocol
  • 128 channels of synchronized 16-bit analog data acquisition (forceplate and EMG data)
  • Exportable to all major animation software packages


 EVa Real-Time Software (EVaRT) provides a user with a simple and powerful interface. Under a single software environment you can set up, calibrate, capture motion in real-time, capture motion for post processing, edit and save data in the format of your choice.

A dual monitor option provides the motion capture technician with a full view of the active capture display and graphic panels on one monitor while viewing application forms and panels on another monitor.

Simultaneous Display of Graphical Panels

 The Falcon Analog System provides simultaneous viewing of up to four different panels:

  • 3D Display- different views and angles are possible
  • 2D Display- digital grayscale and threshold images
  • Color Video Display (avi)
  • XYZ Graphs
  • Analog Graphs
  • HTR Graphs

Simple and Customizable User Interface

  • Post processing provides one stroke hot keys for power users
  • "Hot keys" are customizable- define your own system for processing actions
  • Preferences for features such as initial monitor display, init poses, etc., can be named to an .ini file so that multiple system users are always assured of their customized configurations at login

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