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Motion Capture

Meta Motion Motion Captor

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Item #:MO799869
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Model Description:
for optical motion capture, whether the goal is data recording or realtime performance animation

Model Details

Motion Captor is the ideal choice for optical motion capture, whether the goal is data recording or realtime performance animation. Its biomechanical skeleton and optimized system throughput work very well together for providing data of outstanding quality, as well as animating realtime rendered characters in Filmbox motion capture and FiLMBOX online. The ease of transporting and setting up the system make it easy to set up on site - it can even be used outdoors (as long as direct sunlight is blocked).

Workflow is remarkably fast and it is very easy to learn and use. Training takes one day and setup takes about an hour. Calibration takes 2 minutes.

Automatic marker recognition eliminates the need for tedious and time consuming manual marker labeling.

Greatly minimized marker occlusion results in tremendous time savings, since much of the the cleanup normally required for optical mocap is eliminated.

Increased productivity, thanks to the software's use of a biomechanical skeleton to track marker positions during capture.

Very clean data output can often be used 'as-is', saving countless hours that would normally be spent cleaning up optical mocap data.

Highly configurable and transportable. It can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of capture areas.

Uses widely available off-the-shelf hardware, making it easy and affordable to upgrade the system to a total of nine cameras. Additional cameras or lights can be purchased quickly from a number of local dealers, rather than waiting for the system manufacturer to sell / ship replacements.
System includes plugins for FiLMBOX, 3DS MAX BVH, Maya and Softimage. FiLMBOX allows import and export of characters, objects and scenes from and to Lightwave as well as MAX, Maya, and Softimage.

Another feature that makes Motion Captor a must-have item for any company in the market for a motion capture solution is the price! Less than half of what you would expect to pay for an optical motion capture system with similar performance.

for work flow:

If FiLMBOX motioncapture or online is being used, the capture can be done entirely within FiLMBOX, for live performance or recording for eventual output to 3D Studio MAX, Maya, Lightwave or Softimage.

If FiLMBOX is not used, the resulting captures can be converted to Maya or Softimage fomats, or BVH for 3D Studio MAX. Use of FiLMBOX motioncapture or online is recommended for integration with Lightwave.

Motion Captor is available with CLIMA (Clinical Motion Analysis) software for gait analysis. CLIMA captures the patient's motion, performs a biomechanical analysis of it, and facilitates quantified analysis of the results, such as:

· Articulation angles and angular velocities
· Positions, speeds and accelerations
· Stride length, center of gravity positioning, etc.
· Comparison with normal values

Ergonomic Research
STT, the creator of Motion Captor, is a dynamic company with a very strong focus in biomechanical engineering. Drivers for common ergonomic analysis programs such as Catia or Matlab will be written free of charge, upon clients request.

Currently, use of FiLMBOX is recommended for integration with systems for simulation. Upon clients request, STT will create drivers for VR programs such as World Up® or WorldToolKit®.


Motion Captor uses widely available standard hardware, making it very affordable and easy to maintain. The system consists of:

  • Standard PC workstation running Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Adjustable camera layout: 4 to 9 cameras (other layouts available on request)
  • Frame grabbers
  • Cables
  • Standard halogen lights
  • Capture area: a circle of up to 6 meters (20 feet) diameter (6 camera system)
  • Unlimited number of markers

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