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Stradis SDM280 + Airbox bundle

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Model Description:
Stradis SDM280 Standard Definition MPEG-2 Video Decoder bundled with Playbox Airbox playout software

Model Details

SDM230, SDM260, SDM280, and SDM290

With a proven history of high quality output, versatility and performance, Stradis has long been the MPEG decoder of choice for applications requiring true broadcast quality. Now available in four models from the SDM230 for applications requiring unbalanced analog-only outputs, the SDM260 with balanced audio, the SDM280 with digital video output, and the SDM290 for multi-lingual applications with delivery of up to eight embedded audio channels.

All four decoders share ground breaking advances – from high-speed random access and display of any I-Frame to frame-accurate, synchronized playback across multiple decoders – those applications can deliver a level of performance that previously simply was not possible.

Easy Integration. The Stradis Application Program Interface (API) for Windows makes it fast and easy to integrate Stradis decoders into video systems, and gives applications complete control over all decoder functions. The API supports up to 16 Stradis decoders in a single computer with synchronized playback among all cards.

Professional Performance. Stradis decoders provide continuous, frame-accurate, seamless back-to-back playback of all standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams, decodes 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 video at up to 50 Mbps. They are available in models that generate audio and video output in both analog and uncompressed digital formats. Stradis decoders are used in applications including playback from disk for server applications and real-time decoding from a satellite or terrestrial network.

Advanced Audio on the SDM290. Of special interest to creators of broadcast and cable solutions, the SDM290 can decode, mix, and output up to eight audio channels, and embed them into the SMPTE 259M-C serial digital interface. Applications include multi-channel language delivery and voice-overs. The SDM290 maps the decoded audio channels onto analog and digital outputs through software control, and an on-board DSP enables cross fades and voice-over tags.

Coupled together with Airbox playout software, this bundle is all you need to start broadcasting using an existing PC.


Key Features

With Stradis standard definition decoders, your MPEG video application can offer:

  • Continuous, seamless back-to-back playback of multiple MPEG streams (which may be in different formats: Transport, Program, System or Elementary streams)
  • Frame-accurate, synchronized playback across multiple decoders
  • High-speed, random access and display of any I-Frame in an MPEG file for variable speed reverse and forward play, plus seamless switching to any I-frame of another stream
  • Complete control over all decoder functions via the Stradis Application Program Interface (API) for Windows. Applications access the API with a C-style interface using the __stdcall calling convention
  • API compatibility with all earlier-model Stradis SDM series MPEG Decoders

Additional features for MPEG decoding and output:

  • Decodes all MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 stream types and produces NTSC or PAL output
  • Still picture display from bit-map files with transition effects and simultaneous audio playback for "slide shows"
  • True-color graphics over video or still pictures with keying and 64 levels of blending and shading
  • Digital control of video saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma and hue
  • Hardware Audio/Video synchronization
  • Two balanced analog audio outputs with line-levels up to 28 dBm
  • Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) based on stream time codes or synthesized by the API
  • Closed captions (ATSC and proprietary formats supported)
  • Any VBI line can be overwritten with API generated data such as closed-captions or VITC
  • API has three interface levels (RateBuffer, Demux, and File Interface)
  • DirectShow® filters for compressed data input to the Stradis decoder and uncompressed video output from the Stradis Decoder
  • Wave file playback and raw PCM audio playback
  • Audio "voice-over" capability allows the application to replace the audio from the main multiplexed stream with another audio stream
  • Virtual streams based on a single, repeated I-Frame that can be seamlessly played back-to-back with other MPEG streams
  • Decryption function for file-based decryption using Stradis-supplied or user-definable algorithms
  • Video capture interface for capturing decoded video output and placing it into PC memory
  • Video image can be displayed on the computer's VGA monitor, with scan-rate and color conversion
  • PC based YUV video frame buffer output capability. This allows multi-zone applications containing graphics generated by the PC and full motion video decoded by the decoder.


These specifications apply to the SDM290. Other models (SDM230, SDM260 and SDM280) contain a subset of these specifications.

MPEG StreamsISO/IEC 13818 and ISO/IEC 11172 compliant. Parses all streams: MPEG-1 Elementary and System Streams and MPEG-2 Elementary, Packetized Elementary (PES), Transport and Program streams.
VideoDecodes full MPEG 4:2:2 profile or MP@ML (4:2:0) up to 50 Mbps.
AudioDecodes four stereo channels of MPEG-1 layers 1 and 2, ISO/IEC 11172-3 or MPEG-2 layers 1 and 2, ISO/IEC 13818-3.SMPTE 302M-1998 Uncompressed Audio.IEC 61937/SMPTE 337M-2000 compressed digital audio output of AC-3 & ATSC A/52 on AES3 outputs.
Digital bitstream inputThrough the PCI bus using bus mastering and burst transfer mode.
Digital video outputSerial Digital Interface (ANSI/SMPTE 259M-1997) with 8 channels of embedded audio (ANSI/SMPTE 272M-1994), BNC connector.
Analog video output(M) NTSC, (M) NTSC-Japan, (B, D, G, H, I, M, N) PAL. 1V P-P, RS-170-A compliant, BNC connector. DC restored output. Luma and chroma signals are filtered in accordance with the standard requirements of RS?170?A and CCIR 624. A programmable cross color reduction filter is also provided.
Digital audio outputsTwo AES3 digital audio outputs through a DB-15 connector.
Analog audio outputFour balanced analog audio, 600 ohm, level up to 28 dBm. Nominal output level user selectable. For example, standard 0 dBm or 4 dBm nominal line-level with 20 dB headroom is supported. Balanced analog audio through a DB-15 connector. Also four unbalanced audio outputs through two MPC standard sound card connectors.
LTC2V P-P, 1K ohm, BNC connector
Machine Control9-Pin, RS-422A can be configured as either "Controller" or "Device"
GenlockLocks to the H-sync and V-sync, allows variable delay about the H-sync in 9.26 ns increments. Chroma phase adjustable in 1.4 degree increments field phase of output follows GenLock signal. Composite video input, 1V P-P, BNC connector
On-Screen Display8x2 to 740x480 NTSC or 8x2 to 720x576 PAL bitmap, using true-color or a 4-, 16-, or 256-color palette, 64 levels of blending and 64 levels of shading.
Host system requirementsPentium-based PC with an available PCI short card slot conforming to PCI specification revision 2.1 running Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000 or greater, with a VGA supporting Microsoft® Direct Draw mode.
Power requirements5v (10 W typical), 12v (2 W typical), -12v (0.3 W typical)
SizeStandard PCI short card, 6.875 in. (174.63 mm) by 4.2 in. (106.68 mm), less connectors.
Regulatory ApprovalsFCC Part 15, Class A. CISPR 22/EN55022, Class A. CISPR 22/EN55024 (98)

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