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Waveform/Vector. Monitor

Hamlet HVI-301

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Item #:MO799504
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Videoscope/ waveform and vector, composite/component/yc capable, pal/ntsc video scope

Model Details

The waveforms are in square boxes burnt into the video signal.
Expand mode: Video and/or vector boxes, are each 512 lines high with a width of 34uSec in
PAL and 40uSec in NTSC.
Small mode: Video and vector boxes at top or bottom of screen. Internal selection of half or
quarter size.
Inputs: Three B.N.C connectors for the A ,B and C inputs, with loop through outputs. Return
loss is better than 40db. Zin of 25K ohm, max d.c.+/- 3 volts.
B.N.C. connector for external reference sync or video signal, sync amplitude of 0.1V
to 4V, Zin of 25K ohm loop through output. Return loss is better than 40db.
Front panel B.N.C. Zin of 1M ohm parallel with 30pF
Outputs: 1 + 2 to monitor, 1Volt to 75 ohms.
Response: Flat +/- 1% from 25Hz to 5.5MHz, -5% at 10MHz
Low pass is -1db at 1MHz, -40db at 3.58 / 4.4MHz
Chroma is a bandpass filter -3db at +/- 750KHz
Sensitivity: 1V video-in displays 100% (140 IRE) in CAL mode
Gain variable between 0.5 and 5 times.
Error in CAL position is less than 1%.
D.C. Restorer: Attenuation of less than 30% to line hum signals, displayed level changes less
than 2% for 1 volt change in mean signal level.
Timebase: 2V, V, 2H, H, V mag, H mag. ABC parade, Filter parade. Accuracy limited
only by display resolution due to crystal sweep.
Accuracy: Better than 1% in CAL mode 75% or 100% positions
Gain is continuously variable from .5 to 3 times
Display phase is continuously variable by more than 360 degrees.
Pal switch on/off.
105V-120V A.C. 48Hz to 66Hz @ 20VA, with 200ma slow T fuse.
210V-250V A.C. 48Hz to 66Hz @ 20VA, with 100ma slow T fuse.
9V-24V D.C. @ 10VA, with internal 2amp fast F fuse.
Indoor use, 5 to 40 deg C ambient to 2,000 m.
Max humidity 80% to 31deg C decreasing to 50% at 40deg C.
Overvoltage category 2. Pollution degree 1.
Mains supplies of 110V, 240V or 12V DC are all suitable. The AC voltage selector is on the
rear of the unit. When operating from mains supplies, the integrity of the supply earth should
be checked to maintain electrical safety. The mains cable should be protected by a fast fuse of
no greater than 6 amps in the supply feed.

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