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Model Description:
1990 Server

Model Details

NetFRAME Servers
Owners of NetFRAME NF100, NF200, NF250, NF300, NF400, NF450, NF8400, NF8500, NF9000, and NF9016 servers may obtain support by calling the number below.

USA CODE + (208) 893-1150

Article from 1990:
Milpitas, California-based NetFrame Systems Inc has expanded its family of multiprocessor network computer systems with the model NF200. The new machine uses the 80486 and runs NetWare 386 from Novell Inc and Microsoft Corp OS/2 LAN Manager, and is aimed at environments where local nets are growing to support more users - typically up to 250 - and evolving beyond file sharing and communications applications to encompass SQL database processing. Two separate input-output buses combine with specialised memory and CPU data paths to achieve peak internal transfers up to 200Mbytes per second. It has expansion room for up to three input-output processor boards, and can connect three separate local nets, scaling in throughput to sustain data rates approaching 15Mbytes of data per second. It features as parity checking on all data paths, error correcting memory, power module redundancy and automatic restart/retry to provide mainframe-class reliability and data integrity levels. In the sme cabinet as used for the NF100, it comes with 8Mb shared main memory, 380Mb disk and one input-output processor board with connections for SCSI-II, RS-232 SDLC, RS-422 and either Ethernet or Token Ring. It can grow to 32Mb memory, 16Gb disk, and starts at $26,950, immediately.NetFrame also said that standard Microsoft OS/2 Version 1.21 for the NetFrame family will be available in January 1991 and will run LAN Manager 2.0 and all off-the-shelf applications written for LAN Manager, which can be had from Microsoft at $6,490 for unlimited number of users.

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