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Symmetricom XT-DC

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Model Description:
High-Precision GPS Synchronized Time and Frequency Receiver

Model Details

Symmetricom's ultra precise XL_DC provides the highest degree of time and frequency accuracy available in a GPS timing receiver.Standard outputs include a 1 PPS, analog IRIG B time code and serial I/O time strings.A major advantage of the XL-DT is its versatile and modular architecture.A wide range of time and frequency plug-in options allow the XL-DT to be custimized for specific applications and easily upgraded at a later time.

Symmetricom's proprietary multi-satellite ensembling technologies provide very stable and precise timing outputs.Timing accuracy is less than 40 nanoseconds rms to UTC even during Selective Availability (SA).This superior oscillator disciplining to GPS enables internal oscillator accuracy to better than 1x10-12.For applications requirung increased oscillator stability during GPS outages, the XL-DT can be upgraded to include ovenized quartz or rubidium oscillators.

The very modular backplane architecture supports multiple time and frequency output options to address specific needs. The standard model supports up to four single-height plug-in modules. Using the optional 3.5" high chassis, the XL-DC can accommodate up to ten single-height modules. These modules can be incorporated at any time and significantly increase the adaptability of the XL-DC to changing requirements.

The option modules are a cost-effective way to create a very versatile clock to support different applications beyond those supported by the standard outputs. For example, adding the Network Time Server and Telecommunications modules allow the XL-DC to synchronize computer clocks across an Ethernet network as well as routers, multiplexers, switches and other telecommunications equipment that use T1 signals. Option modules can also increase signal distribution. Additional sine wave or time code modules can eliminate the need for other signal distribution chassis. The wide range of options lends itself well to configuring the XL-DC as the central time and frequency source for many applications commonly found in the laboratory, range, and enterprise environments. See the Options section for a complete list of options

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