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Betacam Camcorders


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Item #:MO798090
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
DNWA28 Package with power supply

Model Details

DNW-A28 package which includes DNW-A28, AC-DN2B power supply, AC-6CORD \


  • Betacam SX Record/Playback The DNW-A28 offers high-quality Betacam SX video at very low bit-rates and four channels of audio at full bit-rate. Records up to 62 minutes using Betacam SX small cassettes only.
  • Frame-Accurate Video/Audio Fast, linear editing operations are achieved using the frame-accurate insert editing with familiar operating characteristics.
  • Front Loading Type Portable VTR With the vertical sliding key-panel, loading can be closed. When the slot is closed, while the tape deck is protected from dust, output video process and Time Code setting can be controlled.
  • 525/625 Operation The DNW-A28 operates in either NTSC or PAL modes for international compatibility.
  • Recording & Playback Volume Proirity Switching Function Audio volume can be controlled by two controllers. You can switch the volume control by either controlling Recording level or the playback level.
  • Variable Playback With Variable Playback, the DNW-A28 offers -1/+2 playback range with Dynamic Motion Control.
  • Good Shot Markerâ„¢ Support Good Shot Marker Support allows for added efficiency to editing by recognizing shot information entered during acquisition.
  • Reading of Shot Data Date, time and shooting device ID data are recorded on the DNW series camcorders or DNV-5 dockable Betacam SX machines that can be superimposed using the DNW-A28 and a monitor.
  • ANALOG FEATURES: Betacam SP Playback The DNW-A28 is compatible with existing analog media and eases the migration process to digital.
  • 4 Channel Audio Playback With 4 Channel Audio Playback, the DNW-A28 can mix or swap any 2 audio channels from available 4 digital audio channels or 2 analog audio channels.
  • New Sliding Simple Key Panel The Sliding Key Panel enables flexible operation of video and audio level controls in addition to serving as a protective cover for the cassette loading slot.
  • Remote Control Interface The DNW-A28 can be controlled by external devices by a RS-422A interface.

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • Front Loading Type Portable VTR
  • Supports Betacam / Betacam SP Playback Capability
  • Full Editing Capabilities (via RS-422A)
  • Superb Video and Audio Quality
  • Frame-Accurate Video/Audio
  • 4 Channel Audio Playback

Package Items
  • AC6CORD - IEC65 AC Linecord Rgt Angl 6'
  • ACDN2B - Ac Adapter
  • DNWA28 - Betacam SX Compact Editing Recorder/Player

  • Supplied: AC6CORD - IEC65 AC Linecord Rgt Angl 6'
  • Supplied: ACDN2B - Ac Adapter
  • Supplied: DNWA28 - Betacam SX Compact Editing Recorder/Player

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