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Betacam Camcorders


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Item #:MO798089
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Betacam SX Editing VTR with Power Supply

Model Details

This package includes DNWA25WS, ACDN2B and AC6CORD. The DNWA25WS includes a built-in LCD video monitor,ideal for ENG field editing, this unit is small enough to be carried by hand and versatile enough to be used internationally. It features frame-accurate insert editing functions, as well as Betacam and Betacam SP tape playback, making it a very flexible product for broadcast stations bridging the analog and digital worlds. The DNWA25WS can be docked with a second DNWA25WS to form a complete portable editing package and can also be used as a feeder or as a third VTR for A/B roll with the DNWA225.The DNWA25WS expands on the operational versatility of the popular DNWA25 through the addition of selectable video signal output modes to allow undistorted display of 16:9 material. A new Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) is also incorporated which greatly improves the visibility of the sub menus under bright ambient lighting conditions. This unit supports Betacam SX operation in both NTSC and PAL formats, as well as supporting PAL viewing of analog Betacam media.


  • Frame-Accurate Video and Audio Insert Editing: Fast, simple, familiar linear editing in the Betacam SX format.
  • Betacam SP Playback: Compatibility with existing analog media eases the migration process to digital.
  • 525/625 Switchable Operation: Ideal for international operations; supports Betacam SX operation in both 525 and 625 formats, as well as supporting 625 viewing of analog Betacam media.
  • Variable Playback: -1/+1 playback range with Dynamic Motion Control.
  • Good Shot Marker Support: Adds new efficiency to editing by recognizing shot information entered during the acquisition process.
  • High-Resolution LCD Monitor: Bright, wide-angle display makes viewing easy, even in bright light.
  • Dual Docking Capability: By using the BKNW-225 docking kit, two DNWA-25 units can be combined to provide a complete portable editing solution with complete redundancy.
  • 16:9 / 4:3 Selectable Display Mode The DNW-A25WS recorder is capable of displaying both 16:9 wide-screen and 4:3 aspect ratio standard pictures on its built-in LCD screen. In the 16:9 mode, the following three modes are available:LETTERBOX, EDGE CROP, SQUEEZE
  • New Vacuum Flourescent Display This new display greatly improves the visibility of the sub menus under bright ambient lighting conditions, further enhancing the performance of this portable recorder.

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • Vacuum Flourescent Display
  • Frame-Accurate Video and Audio Insert Editing
  • Betacam SP Playback
  • 525/625 Switchable Operation
  • Variable Playback
  • Good Shot Marker Support
  • High Resolution LCD Monitor
  • Dual Docking Capability

Package Items
  • AC6CORD - IEC65 AC Linecord Rgt Angl 6'
  • ACDN2B - Ac Adapter
  • DNWA25WS - Betacam SX Wide-Screen Capable Portable Editing Recorder with Built-in LCD Monitor

  • AC550 - AC Adaptor
  • Supplied: AC6CORD - IEC65 AC Linecord Rgt Angl 6'
  • Supplied: ACDN2B - Ac Adapter
  • BKNW225 - Docking Kit for DNW-A25
  • BPIL75 - Intelligent battery
  • DCL90 - Battery Case for Digital 1000 Camcorder
  • LCDN220 - BVW/SX/DVCAM Portable Systems Hard Case (factory)

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