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DVCAM Camcorders


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Model Description:
HDW-730s W/Vct And J-H1 HDCAM

Model Details

The HDW-730S HDCAM camcorder is extremely compact and light-weight while maintaining the robust and reliable construction for which Betacam technology is renowned. Innovative new features have been added to the HDW-730S to meet various field requirements. The HDW-730S is capable of imaging in either 50 or 60 fields interlace. This latest addition to the HDCAM family is an economical, well balanced solution for next generation EPF requirements. The J-H1 is an HDCAM compact player developed as a cost effective solution for HDCAM tape viewing, logging, and off-line editing.The J-H1 comes with unique features such as computer display output, i.LINK interface (optional), and multi field/frame rate operation. The J-H1 HDCAM cost-effective viewer machine is aimed for the HDTV operation environment. \


  • Colorimetry The HDW-730S produces pictures with astonishing color reproduction accuracy. The Multi Matrix function also offers unique possibilities for creative intervention by allowing selective color enhancement of alteration. Multi Matrix allows a particular color
  • Color Balance Color Balance is widely accepted as one of the key settings for any shot. There are a number of ways of setting this when working with the HDW-730S.
  • Paint Functions Paint functions permit color levels to be adjusted on set according to the cinematographers creative needs. The picture can be changed electronically to make it warmer or colder. This feature can be used very creatively, particularly with scenes with mixe
  • Contrast Range The HDW-730S can handle a very impressive contrast range. For the most challenging of light settings and associated scene conditions, a number of useful operational features are available that allow image optimization in real-time to help capture the desi
  • Auto Tracing White Balance This function allows automatic tracing of White balance in situations where overall color temperature of the lighting fluctuates.
  • Adaptive Detail Control Allows the image detail enhancement in the highlight area to look more natural
  • Skin Tone Detail This control the detail level of objects with specific color tonality allowing for a separate image enhancement (or de-enhancement) to occur in those color areas while not affecting the rest of the scene content.
  • Knee Saturation Control The Sony TruEye processor is one of the most innovative features of Sony's ADSP development, and makes possible to reproduce very natural colors in a high contrast scene environment. Without TruEye, a color distortion can occur in which highlights take on

  • Mass - Approx 5.4kg (12 lb. 15oz) with cassette and BPL-60A battery
  • Power Consumption - 32W (record mode, without HDVF-20A)
  • Operating Temperature - 0°C to 40°C (+32°F to 104°F)
  • Pickup Device - 3 Chip 2/3 inch type IT CCD
  • Picture Elements - 2,200,000 pixels
  • Smear Level -125dB
  • Modulation Depth - 45 +/- 5% at 27.5 MHz
  • Minimum Illumination - .15 lux (at 42dB gain)
  • Sensitivity - F10.0 at 2000 lux

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • Power HAD IT Sensor technology
  • 50i / 60i switchable recording modes
  • F10 at 2000 lux
  • 54 dB Signal to noise ratio
  • -125dB smear
  • 10 bit A/D
  • 600% Dynamic Range
  • Turbo Gain (+42dB gain up) position
  • Built in HDSDI output
  • Single Optical Filter Wheel
  • Dual Earphone Output
  • Setup parameters can be stored to Memory Stick
  • JH!:
  • HDCAM playback capability
  • Supports 1080/50i and 1080/59.9i formats
  • Accommodates both small and large cassettes
  • Versatile output capability for flexible monitoring
  • Equipped with HD analog Y/Pb/Pr component output
  • Down conversion built-in
  • NTSC or PAL composite video output from both BNC and RCA output connectors
  • Equipped with RGB computer display interface (at XGA resolution)
  • Shot mark handling

Package Items
  • HDW730S - HDCAM Power HAD 60i/50i Camcorder
  • J-H1 - HDCAM Compact Player
  • VCT14 - Tripod Adaptor

  • Supplied: HDVF20A - HD 2" Electronic Viewfinder
  • AC550 - AC Adaptor
  • ACDN10 - Ac Adaptor
  • ACDN2B - Ac Adapter
  • BKDW701 - Servo Filter Wheel Control Assembly for BVP-550
  • BKW401 - Rotation Bracket for 1.5" Viewfinder
  • HDCA901 - HD SDI Camera Adaptor For HDW-F900
  • HDVFC30W - 2.7" HD Color LCD Viewfinder for the HDC / HDW Series
  • HDVFC750W - Multi-format LCD HD Color Viewfinder
  • HKDW702 - Down Converter Board For HDW-730/750
  • HKDW703 - Picture Cache Board for the HDW-730/750
  • HKDW705 - Slow Shutter Opt for HDW-7XX camcorders
  • HKJ101 - i.Link interface board for JH series VTRs
  • LCHDWF900 - Case For The Hdw700a & Hdwf900
  • RMB150//A - Handheld remote control unit for BVP-950A, BVP-750A, BVP-570, BVP-550, HDW-700A, HDW-F900
  • RMB750 - Remote Control Unit For HDC and BVP Series
  • RMMJ - Rack Mount For J & JH Series VTRs

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