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Non-Linear Systems

Quantel IQ

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Model Description:
"iQ is the only DI business model that works and works", as per Quantel.

Model Details

as per Quantel web site:
iQ is the only DI business model that works and works. It handles pre-vis assembly, colour grading, trailers and deliverables at resolutions up to 4K within a single, integrated, multi-capable system.

iQ delivers five revenue streams from one extraordinary DI machine. This incredible versatility is the reason that iQ uniquely makes money in DI, and is the reason why it's the backbone of more DI businesses worldwide than any other system.


iQ Toolset

Next generation timeline editor
Quantel has taken the concept of timeline editing on to a new level. The whole range of editing tools are just a gesture away, not hidden under layers of set-up menus. Editors can use the interface they feel most at home with as many of the functions are duplicated across the pen & tablet, keyboard, jog/shuttle and hand unit interfaces. A free-form desk means the editor can work the way they choose with many sources open at one time or in the common player/recorder mode. 3 point editing, complex trims, matchframe and edit from library deliver total editing control. The iQ editor is perfect for making last minute changes or putting together a complete trailer.

Multi-view compositor
The multi-view compositor give artists many ways of interacting with a composite. The timeline or 'blender' view will be instantly familiar to Editbox and Henry operators and is a great place to start work on an effect. The scene tree view gives unlimited hierarchical control over DVE axis and layers. The process tree view gives new control over the order of processes and allows unlimited processes on a layer. Finally the camera view provides a virtual camera view of the composite in true 3D space and gives full control over animating the camera. From simple opticals to sophisticated visual fx the iQ compositor gets the job done.


Paintbox included
Integrated into iQ is a fully featured Paintbox, right on hand ready for any graphics work. Paintbox is perfect for everything from generating a simple matte to rotoscoping, from a quick fix restoration through to building a graphical title or sting.


The QColor option turns iQ into a complete non-linear color correction system with instant non-linear access to grade any shot in-context right in the edit. One of the many smart things about QColor is its ability to automatically re-apply color corrections after editorial changes - perfect for DI.

Hundreds of plug-ins
There are hundreds of plug-ins available for iQ from leading developers such as Genarts, The Foundry, Alien Skin, Red Giant, Boris, Imagineer, Photron and more. The plug-ins are fully integrated into the multi-view compositor allowing multiple plug-ins to be chained together and the results instantly viewed in the context of the composite.

Integrated titling
iQ has vector based titling integrated right into the compositor, plus it has Qscribe which is a separate titling module perfect for creating rolls and crawls. The caption compositor makes light work of long form work allowing titles to be added on the fly.

Flexible i/o
iQ excels at network and video i/o. Frame accurate VTR control at HD RGB, HD or SD is a given and iQ can even emulate two VTRs for RS422 control from external devices such as telecines or colour correctors. Network i/o is background and iQ can resize clips on-the-fly for output. QXML lets other devices work with material in iQ's workspace. The powerful iQ architecture lets it support new formats as they emerge, iQ already handles Varicam, HDCAMSR, Viper and the Arri Tornado.

1000fps HD from Arri Media and iQ

Real time multi-format versioning
Resolution Co-existence means iQ can version from one format to another in real time, without rendering or filling the workspace with different format copies of the same clip. 2k masters can easily be played out in HD, 625/50 or 525/60 in anamorphic 16:9, letterbox or centre cropped. iQ handles everything automatically, simply choose the destination format and press play!

Data archive

Every aspect of a project can be archived as data, preserving all the original information completely transparently. Archiving is background task via the network and doesn't interrupt the suite's operation. Background archive to a local DTF2, LTO2 or SAIT data recorder is also supported. All archiving is intelligent, only saving or restoring information not already in the archive or on the iQ.

Multi-channel audio
iQ can handle up to 16 tracks of audio, letting it handle 5.1audio for promos, DVD and d-cinema applications

Real time Print matching 3D LUTs
iQ has real time hardware for print matching 3D Look Up Tables meaning what you see in the DI suite is what you get on the final print. The iQ real-time 3D hardware is fully compatible with LUTs from the Kodak Display Manager System and the Arri Color Management System.

Partner colour correctors

Complete integration with hardware colour correctors gives realtime in context grading at 2K. Realtime reframing for complete creative control.
Version 2 Software
Version 2 added new editing, effects and workflow power to iQ

iQ Technology

Unbeatable Performance
iQ is designed to make DI a real money-making proposition. Purpose built media processing hardware makes iQ the fastest DI system in town. That means work keeps moving through the suite or the client keeps experimenting, either of which are good for the bottom line.

Resolution Co-existence™

Resolution Coexistence™ opens up many new workflow possibilities. Material of any resolution, colour space and bit depth can be loaded without the need to re-start or partition the disk. Different material can then be combined in the same project and on the same timeline instantly saving time, disk space and delivering higher quality results.

The best quality
iQ supports 16 bit and higher processing with Quantel's patented Dynamic Rounding™ and all material is maintained in non-compressed form in YUV or RGB, eliminating any losses due to unnecessary format conversions. iQ handles cineon log data and the full screen, full quality monitoring means what you see is exactly what you get.

Gigabit networking

Fast background data import and export over standard IT networks eases workflow bottlenecks. Full compatibility with ADIC and SGI Fibre channel-based SANs. Import and export many common file formats including dpx, Quicktime and Windows Media 9.

Broadcast industry standard i/o
Easy systems integration and reliable operation with VTRs thanks to purpose-built Quantel video and audio interfaces. The video and audio interfaces lead directly to the Quantel hardware, bypassing the PC part of iQ entirely to guarantee reliable operation and maximum quality. Interfaces include HDSDI, Dual link HDSDI, HSDL, SDI and AES/EBU audio.

Massive RAID protected Quantel Workspace

iQ can have over 11 hours of 2K workspace, that's over 14TB of non-compressed hardware RAID protected storage with the throughput and reliability needed for DI. Keep working even if a disk fails. The system automatically rebuilds the data when the failed disk is hot-swap replaced. Quantel's Frame Magic™ disk management makes sure that every minute of disk space is always available without you needing to waste time defragmenting disks or consolidating material.

FPGA hardware
All the powerful Quantel hardware in iQ uses Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. FPGAs are hardware devices that are programmed at power on by software. FPGA technology gives iQ unbeatable performance today and makes it possible to add new capabilities in the future.

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