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Magna-Tech 835-B-6 600

MAGNA-TECH / 835-B-6 600
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Model Description:
Audio Electronic Film Recorders and Reproducers

Model Details

Electronic Film Recorders and Reproduce
Electronic Interlock Film Recorders and Reproducers for Studio & Telecine Applications
* 16/35mm combination transport
* Fast wind, rewind outside sprocket.
* 10x sync speed through sprocket interlocked to MTE High Speed or any
other projector.
* Local operation at sync speed, 10x sync speed and inching
* Interlock to videotape using SMPTE or EBU time code and synchronizer
* Local and remote advance and retard of individual films in interlock
* DC Servo controlled take-up
* 24/25 frame speed selection, 30 frame optional
* 3000 foot reel capacity, 5000 foot optional
* Available in 16mm, 35mm, and 17.5mm in all track configurations by use
of interchangeable plug-in head assemblies
* Rapid acceleration for telecine mag follower application
* High-speed CMOS technology
* Microprocessor based film length/time counter
* Optional remote motion controls
* Line reference standard, video reference optional

Magna-Tech Series 600-C Telecine Followers are the third generation of a line of magnetic film recorder/reproducers that has become the world standard for film-to-tape transfer and film sound recording.

Among the advanced features of Series 600-C Recorders and Reproducers are DC, servo controlled supply and take-up drive systems which permit operation at up to 10 times normal sync speed. In addition, integral fly-wheel transports allow high acceleration in both forward and reverse modes. And reel capacities are available for up to 5,000 feet.

Control units of the Model 600-C Series have been completely redesigned. The newest generation high speed CMOS integrated circuits and longer life electro mechanical switches have been incorporated into these machines for even greater reliability than before.

All 600-C Series Followers are compatible with earlier 600 Series machines, and will operate in synchronization with these models. Older machines can also be retrofitted to bring their performance up to the level of 600-C Recorders and Reproducers.

Magna-Tech know-how and technology for over 35 years brings to you the latest innovation by way of engineered efficiency of operations.

Built into all Magna-Tech 600-C Telecine Followers is the kind of quality that studios have come to rely on through the years. Sophisticated, thoughtful design provides all of the features necessary to do the job easily and quickly. At the same time, these new models contain 30% fewer mechanical parts that are subject to wear than previous models. All 600-C components and parts must meet rigid engineering specifications and are tested after manufacture for long life and reliability. PC boards and other electronic components are burned-in before final assembly as well. Finally, completed 600-C Followers are run through their paces before shipment to the customer.

Magna-Tech Series 600-C Telecine Followers are backed by a worldwide network of sales and service offices. Factory trained technicians stand ready to assist in the installation, operational training and in servicing of MTE machines. Throughout the long life of the equipment, Magna-Tech service is available to keep customers' equipment functioning at peak efficiency.


Film Drive System
Stepping motor sprocket drive. High-speed CMOS IC logic and control. Flywheel accelerators for rapid film stability. Film retracted from heads in all modes except sync speed forward for longer wear. 1OX speed local or interlock. Sprocket de-clutch for start mark alignment. Machine can be cued on and off running interlock buss with no interruption to buss. 16mm, 35mm speeds push-button selected with automatic equalization and flywheel accelerator speed compensation. Interlock buss selection from six sources. One frame per second advance/retard of film in local or interlock while in sync speed. Local inching forward and reverse for accurate start mark alignment.

Reel Spindle Drive and Controls
DC Servo controlled film take-up tension. Dedicated wind and rewind push buttons for rewinding film outside the sprocket. Automatic machine shutdown If film breaks.

Rewind Time
Through sprocket 3000 feet 4 minutes. Outside sprocket 3000 feet. 2 minutes

Reproduce Output
600 ohms ungrounded Record Input- 15K ohm bridging

115V & 220V AC, 50/60 hz. 10 amp max.

0.06% RMS at 90 fpm -0.08% RMS at 36 fpm

0.5% THD at +16dbm output level

Signal to Noise Ratio
70db below 100% output

Standard Models
Type 636-C 16/35mm 36+90 fpm 2 speed sync. Type 636/7-C 6/17.5/35mm 36+45+90fpm 2 speed sync. Machines are available as "Pickup" recorders (with erase) or as Reproducers. Prefix MR denotes Recorder, MD denotes Reproducer.

Frequency Response
SMPTE/CCIR curves 16mm, 35mm, & 17.5mm

Magnetic Heads
Available in 35mm, 16mm, & 17.5mm,35mm-1, 3,4,6, 8, & Cinemascope format 16mm- 200 Mil Edge track, 200 Mil Center track, 160 mil 2 track EBU, 90 Mil 3 track, 200 Mil Edge, 100 Mil Center, 100 mil Edge, 200 mil Center.

83"H x 18'D x 22W

400 Lbs.


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