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Encoder and/or Decoder

Blackmagic Design Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4

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Model Description:
Black Magic Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4 PCI card

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Encoder and/or Decoder

NEWBlackmagic Design Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4

SKU# MO797489N

Black Magic Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4 PCI card


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Encoder and/or Decoder

NEWBlackmagic Design Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4

SKU# EQ427892N

Black Magic Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4 PCI card


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Encoder and/or Decoder

USEDBlackmagic Design Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4

SKU# EQ427937U

Black Magic Decklink Pro HD 4:4:4 PCI card

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Model Details

Blackmagic DeckLink HD Pro™ is the highest quality broadcast video card available, perfect for the most demanding high end television and feature film post production.

HDTV Connectivity
Supporting the highest quality video standards that exist today, DeckLink HD Pro is fully Dual Link HD-SDI 4:4:4 based using 2 channel HD-SDI inputs and outputs. SDI connections can instantly be switched to standard HD-SDI 4:2:2 or standard definition SDI.

Monitoring is built in, and uses the most incredible quality true 14 bit digital analog conversion in RGB or YUV. Unlike other solutions, analog monitoring instantly switches between HDTV and standard definition modes.

All these incredible features are packed into a high speed single slot PCI-X 133 MHz card, and for standard definition only work DeckLink HD Pro can also plug into slower 33 or 66 MHz PCI slots.

Also included is SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio input, and SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio out, audio word clock out, and TriSync or Genlock input. DeckLink HD Pro also includes Sonyô compatible RS-422 serial control port!

DeckLink HD Pro is much more than just an NLE card, as it also includes our acclaimed Blackmagic Deck Control application. This lets you mark in and out on tape, and automatically capture a selected segment from tape using the serial control port. All the deck control is automatic. You can then place finished renders back to tape from the comfort of your workstation when your job is completed.

Deck Control is bundled free and is great when you're doing web streaming, digital effects, color correction or broadcast design and you need to save the cost and complexity of NLE software. Deck Control allows you to complete your workstation without any third party extras.

If you're running DeckLink HD Pro, you can take advantage of built in down conversion for mastering HDTV video edits out to standard definition decks such as Digital Betacam, and D5.

Extreme Technology
DeckLink HD Pro features blazing fast speed PCI-X 133 MHz perfect the the latest computer motherboards. Fast PCI-X 133 MHz keeps your system bus running at full speed and reduces speed crippling PCI reconnects that plague other slower PCI based video cards.

This means SCSI and Fibre Channel disk array cards keep performing at maximum speed; important when doing uncompressed video.

DeckLink firmware loads at every system boot time, so you are always running the latest firmware, and don't need to do risky "flash" style firmware updates. You can download the latest software updates free from the Blackmagic Design web site. We are constantly adding powerful new features, so you always have the benefit of our customer feedback, even after purchasing the card.

DeckLink HD Pro is the worlds first PCI-X 133 MHz 4:4:4 HDTV card, and is the only card to include incredible 14 bit RGB/YUV analog monitoring with standard definition compatibility.

Blackmagic Design's dream of affordable high end creative tools means DeckLink HD Pro is affordable for everyone. Affordability allows creativity to blossom, and DeckLink HD Pro is an industry revolution!

Independent Monitoring
DeckLink features independent connections for your monitor and broadcast deck. Even when you don't have an expensive broadcast deck available you can still have full SDI video, and SPDIF audio monitoring. That's perfect when working on real time effects such as 10 bit 3-way color correction in Final Cut Pro™!

If you're in a smaller facility and you hire in a deck when it's required, or your in a large post or broadcast facility where you often lose deck access when it's routed to another suite, then you will really appreciate independent monitoring. DeckLink is the only card that lets you keep working when the deck is unavailable.

DeckLink's SDI video monitoring output can be connected to any SDI video monitor, or even converted to analog for video monitoring using an external converter.

If your need analog Y, R-Y, B-Y or NTSC/PAL monitoring but don't want to purchase an external converter, then check out DeckLink Pro which is identical to the original DeckLink, however includes built in analog monitoring, and external genlock! If your connecting to analog decks then check out DeckLink SP, ideal for connecting to analog decks and broadcast systems.

DeckLink includes SPDIF/Unbalanced AES digital audio monitoring output which is compatible with common consumer audio equipment and professional audio products; such as speakers and mixing consoles. SPDIF has pro audio bits set in the data stream making it compatible with unbalanced AES/EBU audio equipment, providing incredible audio quality in both playback and capture modes.

Video Desktop
One of the most fun features of the Blackmagic DeckLink is the video desktop.

When not being used in applications such as Final Cut Pro™ you get a fully featured desktop display output as video from the DeckLink SDI video output. This allows you to drag and fill screen documents in applications such as Adobe Photoshop™ and then work on broadcast paint direct into a full broadcast monitor.

Never be surprised again when dropping those Photoshop™ graphics into Final Cut Pro™. This is a unique feature available on all DeckLink models!

Highest Speed PCI
DeckLink HD is the first video capture card to use the latest PCI-X technology running a screaming 133 MHz, which is more than 4 times faster than older standard PCI based cards when run in Apple G5 systems. That makes HD easy, and reliable, which is why DeckLink HD is the worlds fastest selling HDTV capture card. DeckLink HD is back compatible with standard PCI 33 MHz, so you can plug into older G4 computers when running standard definition video only.

DeckLink, DeckLink Pro, and DeckLink SP use high efficiency and high speed PCI 66/33 MHz bus connections for fast 2.1 Gig bit data transfer speed, perfect for standard definition video

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