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US Audio MIX 8

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Model Description:
stereo line level eight channel mixer 1/4" input jacks,...

Model Details

The U.S. Audio Mix 8S is a stereo line level eight channel mixer with
separate left and right signal paths. Each of the 8 inputs has left and right
balanced 1/4“ input jacks. For mono input, the right jack can be used
alone and it will ”Y” the signal to both left and right busses. The signal is
actively balanced through differential buffer amps and sent to gain
circuits. Each channel has a dual element level control with a gain range
of -60 to +18 dBm, allowing user control over a wide range of input audio
levels. Unity gain is at the 12 o’clock position for both channel volume
and the master volume.
Signals from individual channels are summed together and delivered to
both master gain stages and to the headphone driver circuit. The left and
right master outputs are controlled by a stereo volume pot which has a
gain range of -60 to +18 dBm. The 60 dBm of attenuation turns off the
audio signal at the main outputs if necessary.
The Mix 8S headphone circuit monitors the left and right busses and will
drive stereo headphones with impedances greater than 30 ohms. The
front panel stereo 1/4“ headphone jack has a volume control with a
range of -60 to +18 dB. The signal going into the headphone circuit is a
pre master fader.
Careful layout of the circuit board and a star grounding scheme ensure
no internal ground loops between channels and / or sections of circuitry.
Using low noise components, noise is 81 dB below 0 dB at unity gain,
with one channel up and 78 dB below 0 dB will all channels up at unity.
The Mix 8s utilizes a dual transformer power supply which is configured
with internal jumpers for 120 VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz operation.
There is an internal fuse on the hot side of the AC cord, and the power
switch makes and breaks both the hot and neutral legs of the AC cord.

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