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Sync Generator

Sencore CM125

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Model Description:
"Pix Pak" Computer Monitor Signal Generator

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Sync Generator

USEDSencore CM125

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"Pix Pak" Computer Monitor Signal Generator

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Model Details

The CM125 "PIX PAK" is small, but it packs a powerful pixel punch with 125 MHz video bandwidth and 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution. The sync, pixel, and blanking times are also fully programmable so you can adjust to match the monitor under test. The "PIX PAK" is also compatible with TTL, analog, and ECL video types so you're ready for any computer monitor. The CM125 has storage locations for 100 computer monitor formats with the most popular formats in 43 preprogrammed locations. You just recall the storage location, and start testing. A complete set of dynamic video patterns help test the performance and operation of monitors and point you toward defective circuits. Plus, a special pattern sequence feature lets you automatically cycle the patterns several times a minute to prevent phosphor burns. The "PIX PAK" gives you these patterns: Raster, Windows, Circle/Cross, Multiburst, Color Bars, Text and Staircase.


  • RGB video generator for bench and field computer monitor troubleshooting and testing
  • A complete set of troubleshooting and performance testing video patterns to help you identify monitor defects
  • Easy-to-use, portable, lightweight, and compact for all your field and bench testing needs
  • A fully programmable scan frequency and pixel resolution RGB video generator: - Video bandwidth to 125 MHz and 2048 X 2048 pixel resolution - Compatible with TTL, analog, and ECL video types - 100 monitor setup memory locations (43 preprogrammed)
  • Hook-up adapters available for all popular monitor types

  • Video Bandwidth : 125 MHz.
  • Horizontal Sync - RANGE : 10.0 kHz to 250 kHz. ACCURACY: + 200 nSec. STEPS: 10.0 kHz to 99.9 kHz, .1 kHz and 100 kHz to 250 kHz, 1 kHz. LEVEL: 5 VPP POLARITY: (+) or (-).
  • Vertical Sync - RANGE : 10.0 Hz to 250 Hz. ACCURACY: ? (1/H FREQ) x 6. STEPS: 10.0 Hz to 99.9 Hz, .1 Hz and 100 Hz to 250 Hz, 1 Hz. LEVEL: 5 VPP POLARITY: (+) or (-).
  • Horizontal Pixel Resolution - Range : 80 pixels to 2,048 pixels in one pixel steps.
  • Vertical Pixel Resolution - Range : 80 pixels to 2,048 pixels in one pixel steps.
  • Digital Video - LEVEL : 5 VPP. VIDEO POLARITY: (+) or (-). BLANKING POLARITY: (+) or (-). VIDEO OUTPUT: red, green, blue, and intensity.
  • Analog Video - LEVEL : 1 VPP, white level .714 V, black 0.0, and sync -.286 into 75 ohms. VIDEO POLARITY: (+) or (-). SYNC ADDER: red, green, blue. MODE: Non-interlace or interlace. VIDEO OUTPUT: red, green, blue.
  • Blanking Timing : The CM125 recognizes common computer monitor formats and adjusts to the correct sync, front porch, and back porch times. ECL Video - LEVEL: -0.9 to -1.6 V. VIDEO POLARITY: (+) or (-). VIDEO OUTPUT: red, green, blue.
  • Default : If the CM125 does not recognize the computer format, it sets the output to 80% displayed video and 20% sync. The blanking pulse is divided into thirds between the front porch, sync, and back porch.
  • Programming : Blanking time parameters can be changed through the front panel (FRONT PORCH, BACK PORCH, and SYNC) or with a personal computer through the RS232 port.
  • Minimum (Horizontal) : The minimum blanking time is 1.5 uSec. Minimum sync time is 0.3 uSec.
  • Minimum (Vertical) : The minimum blanking time is 1/H freq. Minimum sync time is 1/H freq.
  • Memory - PREPROGRAMMED : 0 - 42. USER DEFINABLE: 43 - 99.
  • General - DISPLAY : LCD readout for frequency, pixel, porch times, memory and error messages. SIZE: 6.00" X 11.75" x 4.50" (15.2 X 29.9 X 11.4 cm) HWD. WEIGHT: 4.75 pounds (2.1 kg). POWER: 100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 60 watts.

Additional Information

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