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A V Conferencing Equipment


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Item #:MO683626
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Audio Distribution Amplifier (2 mono input / 4 output each channel)

Model Details

The RU-DA4D is part of the group of RACK-UP products from Radio Design Labs. RACK-UPs feature the advanced circuitry for which RDL products are known, combined with accessible user-friendly controls and displays. The ultra compact design permits high density installations, with three products mounted in a single rack unit! Single RACK-UPs can be mounted right where they are needed using the adhesive method popularized by RDLs STICK-ON series of products. Optional brackets permit mounting a RACK-UP module above, below, or in front of any flat surface!

APPLICATION: The RU-DA4D is the ideal choice in applications where line level signals need to be distributed. All connections are made using full-size barrier block terminals on the rear panel.

The RU-DA4D has two separate line level inputs. Each input permits the connection of either balanced or unbalanced, high or low impedance audio lines.

When a stereo source is used, each channel is connected to an individual input. In this configuration, the RU-DA4D provides four isolated outputs from each of the two (left and right) inputs. When a monaural source is used, a total of eight outputs can be fed simultaneously. A jumper may be placed between the two rear-panel terminals which feed the audio source signal connected to the channel A input, to all of the channel B outputs, as well as to the normal channel A outputs.

Each of the outputs is provided with a front-panel screwdriver gain control. Relative to the input level, this gain potentiometer allows an adjustment ranging from -15 dB to +18 dB gain. Each of the outputs drive balanced audio lines, and may be unbalanced if required. A convenient write-on label area is provided to identify the feed controlled by each output level control.

Audio `presence' is indicated by an LED indicator. An indicator is provided for each channel. Whenever an audio signal is present for the given channel input, the indicator lights.

Wherever an audio distribution amplifier is needed to provide superior audio clarity, user adjustments, reliability, compactness and unsurpassed versatility, the RU-DA4D is the choice. Use the RU-RA3 rack-mount adapter to mount multiple RU-DA4Ds, or to combine related products (such as audio mixing, video distribution, or audio metering) into a single rack unit!

Typical Performance
Inputs:2; Line Level
Input Impedance:10 kohm Balanced or Unbalanced
Gain:Each Output Adjustable -15 dB to +18 dB
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB) into 600 ohm
10 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB) into 10 kohm
THD:less than 0.010%
Headroom:greater than 18 dB above +4 dBu (Input or Output)
Noise:less than -85 dB below +4 dBu Output
Crosstalk:less than -70 dB
CMRR:greater than 50 dB @ 100 Hz
Indicators:1 LED Per Channel for Audio Present,
(Audio Input greater than -20 dBu)
Power Requirement:24 to 33 Vdc @ 120 mA, Ground-referenced
Mounting Options

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