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Paint & Graphics

Newtek Aura 1.0

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Item #:MO683383
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Paint, Animation and Video Layering system

Model Details

Description as of the current version on 02-2003.

Aura is a powerful painting, animation and video layering system that supports all major still image and animation file formats, including AVI, Adobe Photoshop, BMP, GIF, FLYER CLIP, JPEG, TIFF, and many more,Included is an arsenal of industry standard video and image processing tools, natural media brushes, as well as fully animated/video bruch operations - you can literally paint with and onto video!Aura will enhance any non-linear editing system, paint system, character generation program, or even 3D animation application.

Aura offer direct support for DPS's Perception, Hollywood, and PAR non-linear video systems, but will also work with any non-linear device that provides system access to video image files.

With Aura's unlimited layering system, you can easily position keys, 3D animations, video elements, painted layers, and effects.Layer transparanency is managed at a pixel level!Aura can be used as a powerful compositing tool and the time-line-based layers feature is perfect for rotoscoping.

When playing back animations/video, you have absolute control over playback rates.Keyframe tools can position and rotate any element in 3D space. "Time stretching" interpolation options make elements "fit" into defined time slots.

Animators will lve the light table (onion skin) feature allowing you to see action in preceding and subsequentframes. As such, Aura is ideal for use as a pencil test system for traditional animators.There is even support for Wacom-compatible pressure sensitive drawing tablets.

Web graphic artists have been waiting for tool like Aura to come along.With Aura's animation abilities, you cna create stunning animated graphics and save them directly as Net standard animated GIFs.

Aura's plugin archetecture enables users to add new filters and features as external modules.Some included filters can even have their effects applied over time and Aura is also compatible with many Adobe Photoshop plugin filters.

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