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Sony PCS1600

SONY / PCS1600
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Model Description:
Set-top Videoconferencing System

Model Details

Ideal for business meetings, remote offices, and home offices, a Sony PCS-1600 system is compact and lightweight.It gives you everything you need for communications with standards-based systems all over the world,especially with the optional ability to link multiple sites together at the same time. Communication has never been easier.One of the smallest set-top videoconferencing systems in the world, PCS-1600 systems are easy to install.A built-in Memory Stick™ port allows for a better way to share images and inject multimedia life into your meetings.Save ideas, presentations, diagrams and pictures onto the Memory Stick media and incorporate them into your videoconference.You can also save pictures, documents and diagrams from the meeting itself, and then edit them on a PC.Color-coded cabling allows set-up in less than five minutes.All that's left to do is plug your PCS-1600 unit into your network interface, and Sony does the rest.Your system will configure itself automatically and be ready to go in seconds.The optional Smart Management Solutions software provides organizations with centralized scheduling, systems management, and address book control via any PC connected to the company's LAN/WAN.


  • Built-in Dual Connectivity (ISDN & LAN/WAN)
  • Built-in Memory Stick™ Port
  • Simple, One-Touch, Remote Commander®
  • Dockable TrakCam® Camera
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Auto Configuration and SPID Detection
  • Smart Management Solutions
  • Multipoint Capable
  • The PCS-1600 has a built-in ISDN port as well as a 10/100 Base T port for LAN/WAN connectivity.
  • Ability to incorporate JPEG images into a videoconference. Presentations, diagrams and pictures can be shared, sent and saved onto a memory stick for later editing on a PC or reference.
  • Ability to view both far and near ends full screen as well as view far end and graphics on separate screens.
  • Camera can be separated from the base unit to strategically mount in a room environment. Camera is capable of far and near end presets as well as control.
  • Simple, one-touch control eliminates the need for scrolling through many menus for simple functions. Intuitive design makes controlling the system easy. Also controls any Sony TV and the optional PCSDS150 Document Stand.
  • Easy navigation through menu functions as well as on screen help.
  • Investment protection through easy hardware upgradeability without having to disassemble the main unit. Upgrade cards can be slid easily into the back of the main unit. Your system can be enhanced as your needs change.
  • Integration into the organization's networking environment. Enables users to have full control over the system as well as H.323 videoconferencing. (H.323 Software Key is Optional)
  • Full individual control and management of the system from a web browser window.
  • System logs the last 100 calls made from the system. This feature can reduce costs by controlling and monitoring calls especially if several people, departments or companies are using the same resources.
  • An optional client/server software package available through a simple web browser interface that consists of Smart Management, Smart Scheduling and Smart Address Book. Smart Management lets you view, diagnose and upgrade all systems tied to the network from one central location. Smart Scheduling allows you to manage your resources like meeting rooms, videoconference systems and people. When setting up a meeting, meeting rooms will be booked, participants will be notified via email and the physical connections will be set-up completely automatically. No need to even touch the system in the room. Participants can actually walk in and start talking. Smart Adress Book allows users to have access to one smart address book where they can find the names and numbers of all videoconferencing systems on the network. Also, all of the necessary information will be dynamically retrieved and updated so you always will have the latest dial up information.
  • 1. VideoOperating Bandwidth: [Standard]ISDN BRI:56k/64k~128kbps in 56k or 64kbps [Option]ISDN 3BRI(PCS-I160;Extension 2BRI): 56k/64k~384kbps in 56k or 64kbpsSingle V.35(PCS-I161): 56k/64k~384kbpsLAN(PCS-UC161):56k~1024kbps
  • Coding: ITU-T Standard:H.261, H263(Option:PCS-UC161)
  • Picture Elements: CIF: 352 pixel x 288 linesQCIF: 176 pixel x 144 lines
  • Frame Rate: 6B(384kbps): max. 30 frames/s2B(128kbps): max. 15 frames/s
  • Video Signal System: PCS-1600 NTSCPCS-1600P PAL
  • Video Inputs: Camera x 1(for Main Camera)Object x 1(for Document Stand)AUX1 x 1(S-video)AUX2 x 1(Composite)
  • Video Outputs: Monitor Out x 2(S-video x 1/Composite x 1)2nd Monitor Out x 1(S-video)
  • 2. AudioBandwidth and Coding (ITU-T Standard): G.711: 3.4kHz at 56 to 64kbpsG.722: 7.0kHz at 48k to 64kbpsG.728: 3.4kHz at 16kbpsG.723.1: 3.4kHz at 6.4kbps(Option:PCS-UC161)
  • Echo Cancellation: Reduction rate 20dBBandwidth 7kHzNoise Suppressor included
  • Audio Inputs: Internal Mic x 1(Standard)PCS-A300 x 2(Option)Line In x 1(RCA)
  • Audio Outputs: Line Out x 1(RCA)Line Out(Mixed) x 1
  • 3. CameraCamera: 1/3" CCD
  • Preset: Up to 6 PositionPan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Picture Elements: NTSC: 768 pixels x 494 linesPAL: 752 pixels x 582 lines
  • Focal Length: 5.4~64.8mm, F=1.8~2.7
  • View Angle: Horizontal 48.8°(Wide)/ 4.3°(Tele)Vertical 37.6°(Wide)/ 3.3°(Tele)
  • Focus: Auto/Manual
  • IRIS: Auto, AGC
  • Zoom Ratio: x12
  • Pan Control: ±100°, Motor-driven
  • Tilt Control: ±25°, Motor-driven
  • S/N: 45dB
  • Resolution: NTSC: more than 460 TV lines
  • Far-end Control/H.281: Zoom: Tele/WideFocus: Auto/Manual (far, near)Pan: Right/LeftTilt: Up/Down
  • Interface: D-sub 15P
  • Video Output: S-Video x 1 (to Compact Processor)
  • Control: VISCA
  • Others: Auto TrackingAuto ZoomingBack Light Shooting
  • 4. GraphicsResolution: NTSC: 704 pixels x 480 linesPAL: 704 pixels x 576 lines
  • Compression Method: H.261 Annex D (4CIF)
  • Transmitting Time: Approx. 5 sec at line rate 112k - 128kbps
  • 5. Picture-in-PictureSub Screen Size: 1/9
  • Position: One of four corners/Off
  • 6. TransmissionMultiplexing: Video, Audio, Data
  • Frame Format: ITU-T Standard:H.221/BONDING, H.225(LAN;Option:PCS-UC161)
  • Interface (Standard): ISDN BRI x 1LAN x 1(10 Base-T/100 Base-TX)
  • Interface (Option): ISDN BRI x 2 Extensions (PCS-I160)Single V.35 with RS-366 x 1 (PCS-I161)
  • 7. Control PortRS-232C: Aux ControlNote: T.120 is available via LAN (Net Meeting 3.0 Supported)
  • 8. Lip Synchronization: Manual ON/OFF
  • 9. DiagnosticsLocal Operation: Remote Commander or Data Terminal (PC)
  • Remote Operation: PCS-1600 for set up status check & correction Data terminal (PC) for log download and store
  • 10. Remote CommanderFormat: Wireless SIRCS
  • Key: Direction Pad and Exec. KeyP in P/Phone Book/Camera/Still Main MenuPower On/OffMic On/Off
  • 11. AC Adapter(PCS-AC15): 12V, 3A Worldwide
  • 12. EnvironmentOperating Temperature: 10°C ~ 35°C
  • Operating Humidity: 30%~70%
  • Storage Temperature: - 20°C ~ 55°C
  • Storage Humidity: 20%~80%
  • 13. Power Requirement and ConsumptionRequirement: PCS-1600: DC12VPCS-1600P: DC12V
  • Consumption: PCS-1600: 2.5 APCS-1600P: 2.5 A
  • 14. Dimensions and Weight (WxHxD mm) Weight (kg)PCS1600 (including camera): 258 x 134 x 208 2.5kg
  • PCSR160: 50 x 34 x 190 0.15kg
  • PCSAC15: 93 x 34 x 165 0.47kg

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V.35 Cable. Required with the optional PCSI161.

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