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3 CCD & Studio

Ikegami HK-388PW

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Model Description:
Ultra-Wideband Portable Digital CCD Camera

Model Details

The HK-388 and HK-388P are full digital cameras that combine Ikegami's vast studio camera experience with today's digital technology. By incorporating newly developed digital processing IC's (ASIC's), these cameras achieve consistently high picture quality and reliability that only digital processing can deliver. A 10MHz ultra-wideband component triax system and a fiber optic digital transmission system are introduced together with the HK-388. Both systems deliver high resolution pictures even at long cable lengths.


Newly Developed ASICs
Three VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration) chips have been developed by Ikegami for the digital process, digital encoder, and data rate converter IC's. Cutting-edge VLSI technology with 300,000 gates per chip, 3 volt power, and up to 60MHz sample frequency allows extended digital functions and performance with the equivalent power consumption of conventional analog circuits.

Video Processing by DSP
A single ASIC provides 16-bit video processing including funtions of flare correction, linear matrix, gamma correction, detail enhancement, knee, and auto iris.


Digital Encoders
Both camera head and base station incorporate the new digital encoder ASIC providing highly stable performance with NTSC encoded outputs available as standard at the camera as well as base station.

Standard with Digital Outputs
In addition to the full compliment of analog outputs, the system comes standard with four D1 serial component digital outputs from the base station.
This is accomplished by the developement of a data rate converter ASIC which changes the digital component video from CCD sample frequency to D1 sample frequency. The identical ASIC is used at the camera to convert the aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9 in the HK-388W and HK-388PW.

Combining Top Image Quality with Production Creativity
The HK-388 and HK-388P deliver high resolution, low noise image quality with a wide dynamic range and accurate color fidelity. Due to the extensive use of digital circuits, top image quality is achieved in a consistent and easy manner. Also for production creativity, a wide range of state-of-the-art functions can be selected to enhance the image quality.

Instant Switching between 4:3 and 16:9
By command from the MCP or from the external system, the camera will instantly convert between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.  Camera video is converted by digital process eliminating the need for re-calibration of analog circuits or re-alignment of optical axis.  The viewfinder automatically follows the switching of the camera video.

New Super V
The New Super V mode for CCD operation allows the vertical resolution to be increased in three increments from 400 to 480 TV Lines for frame capture and wide screen applications, bridging the gap in vertical resolution between conventional and high definition performance.

Flexible Filter System
Both studio and portable camera types include dual motor driven 5-position optical filter wheels and electronic color temperature correction so it is easy to satisfy production
requirements.  Daylight color temperature can be corrected electronically so optical filter positions are available for combined filter effects.

Dual Knee System
Both Pre Knee and Digital Knee Circuits are incorporated to handle a wide dynamic range maintaining faithful color reproduction.  The digital encoder includes Black Stretch and Black Press to improve reproduction of high and low contrast scenes.

Extended Range Continuous Variable Speed Shutter
This unique system for FIT CCDs permits variable shutter operation above and below 1/60 second so the camera can sync to slow scan or fast scan PC display monitors.  High shutter speeds, including continuously variable mode, are also available for sports applications.

True-to-Life Color Reproduction
The camera is equipped with a digital linear matrix circuit for accurate colorimetry.  For special applications the standard colorimetry can be changed via six function remote control of the linear matrix as well as the overall Color Saturation remote control function.


High-Density CCDs
The HK-388 and HK-388P employ high-density 520,000 pixel 2/3-inch FIT CCD image sensors. The HK-388W and HK-388PW employ newly developed 640,000 pixel 2/3-inch FIT CCDS. In the studio cameras, the CCD block is mounted on a bedplate with axis adjustment assuring perfect optical alignment between zoom lens and CCD sensor.

New Level of Wide Screen Performance
The HK-388 and HK-388W, operating in 4:3, have the same resolution performance.  Owing to the 640,000 pixel CCD, however, the 16:9 performance of the HK-388W establishes a new higher level of performance with greater modulation depth and true wide-screen angles-of-view.

Digital Detail Enhancement
Operating in the digital domain the DTL system provides 3-channel enhancement for uniform sharpness of all colors.  It includes.conventional as well as new digital functions not possible in analog DTL systems.
Diagonal DTL
Diagonal DTL derives an edge signal from the diagonal components of the video signal to enhance resolution. Not only horizontal and vertical edges are influenced by the detail signal, but also diagonal edges.  This key function enables the HK-388 to provide a very natural image impression which can not be obtained with conventional cameras. With the Diagonal DTL function, cross-color artifacts are reduced.
Slim DTL
Slim DTL reduces edge thickness without changing the boost frequency of the edge signal.  This permits a fine edge which will not be attenuated by bandwidth limits in the path to the home receiver.
Skin DTL
Skin DTL softens the facial complexions of the talent while retaining the detail in the rest of the scene. The AHD (Auto Hue Detect) function facilitates Skin DTL adjustment to select a desired skin tone at the mere touch of a switch.
DTL Boost Frequency
The boost frequency of the horizontal edge signal can be shifted within the range of 3MHz to 8MHz. Appropriate edge enhancement can be selected for different applications and different scenes.
DTL B-W Balance
The balance of sharpness between dark and bright areas can now be controlled by adding the DTL signal to video both before and after gamma.

Total Commitment to Practical Use
The HK-388 and HK-388P are designed for easy operation in practical applications. New component triax and fiber cable systems are available together with interface accessories for existing RGB triax.Camera operator and video operator facilities are further enhanced over predecessor models.

Ultra-Wideband Triax System
A 1OMHz ultra-wideband component triax transmission the system permits a maximum distance of 2, 1 00 meters (on 14.5mm diameter triax). Component video transmission provides an excellent combination of high output resolution with long cable length capability. It is a proper match for the component digital output and component digital studio system.

Optical Fiber System (option)
Full data rate uncompressed digital transmission is available utilizing a new hybrid fiber and copper cable.  A maximum length of 2,000 meters (on 9.2mm diameter cable) powered from the base station is possible.

RGB Triax System (option)
The studio camera heads can be interfaced to the BS-366 base station, through RGB triax transmission, by mounting the TIF-86 interface adaptor and TA-366 triax adaptor. Compatibility can be retained with RGB triax systems currently in use. In similar fashion, the portable companion can be fitted with IF-21 interface adaptor and TA-375P or TA-553 RGB triax adaptors.

HK-388P + IF-21 + TA-553

Teleprompter Video / Video Trunk
In addition to Return Video (selectable between RET 1 and RET 2) for the viewfinder or external monitor, there is a second video channel from the base station to camera for teleprompter video.  For applications with point-of-view cameras in the field, the triax system permits the direction of the second channel to be reversed, providing a video trunk feed from camera head to base station.

Full Automatic Set Up
Consistent high quality performance is easily achieved by using the automatic set up system.  Several processes including Full, Daily Level, and Quick allow the operator to rapidly align the camera to reference settings.  Lens files are utilized to immediately correct for changes in the optical path such as the use of a range extender, as well as changes between different lenses.  The lens file can also be programmed to make corrections for the glass of the teleprompter mirror.


Snap Shot Files with Memory Card
The "total look" of the camera can be captured by Snap Shot File and stored on a Memory Card. The Memory Card provides a very secure long term means to restore camera set up.  The Memory Card plugs into the MCP and has a capacity for 20 Snap Shot Files.  In addition, up to 240 Scene Files can be stored on a single Memory Card.

Control Panel System
The microprocessor control system for the HK-388 features high speed direct access panels which can be configured to best meet the A typical control configuration consists of one OCP Operation Control Panel for each camera and a single MCP Maintenance Control Panel shared by a system of cameras (up to 40 cameras). The OCP-388 is available in joystick and rotary versions. It provides primary operating control, and includes new facilities such as variable control for skin detail and master gamma. The MCP-388 compliments the OCP with maintenance and secondary operating control. An alternate control configuration consists of one CCP Camera Control Panel  for each camera. The CCP-388 integrates operating as well as maintenance control in a single panel dedicated to one camera.

OCP-388J       MCP-388

High-Performance Viewfinders
A range of high-performance viewfinders are available for the studio and portable cameras.
* 7-inch Viewfinder
  - Standard for HK-388 and HK-388W,
  also option for HK-388P and HK-388PW
* 7-inch Color Viewfinder
  - Option for HK-388 and HK-388W
* 1.5-inch Viewfinder
  - Standard for HK-388P
* 2-inch Viewfinder
  - Standard for HK-388PW
* 6-inch Viewfinder
  - Option for HK-388P and HK-388PW
* 5-inch Viewfinder
  - Option for HK-388P and HK-388PW 

The 7-inch monochrome and color viewfinders attach to the camera with a mechanism allowing easy panning and tilting for the viewfinder.  As the height of the mechanism is changed to permit more tilt range, the front to rear position remains unchanged minimizing the effect to the overall camera balance.
The 2-inch viewfinder for the HK-388PW provides the standard viewing size in 4:3 but increases in width to provide an enlarged viewing size in 16:9, about twice the screen area as compared to scanning a 1.5-inch viewfinder in 16:9.
The 6-inch viewfinder for the HK-388P and HK-388PW includes a cableless, one-touch mount for easy exchange between tripod and on the shoulder operation.



Viewfinder Detail
The viewfinder receives full horizontal and vertical detail enhancement independent of the DTL level set for the camera output.  The VF DTL is set by the camera operator to satisfy their requirement to find focus easily.

Viewfinder Character Indicators
In addition to LED indicators, a variety of characters can be displayed on the viewfinder.
* Safe Action
* Safe Title
* Center Marker
* Optical Filter Position
* Video Level (zebra pattern)
* Auto Setup and Warning Indication
* Working Time (hour meter for camera)

Expanded Intercom Facilities
Both studio and portable cameras include 2-channel intercom each with separate program listen, and with stereo split selection for dual headset. There is a facility to remotely switch headset mics OFF when they are inadvertently left ON. Also, there is the added facility for production to leave a message for the camera operator to playback upon return to the camera.

Compact Base Station
The size of the BS-388 is reduced by 25% compared to predecessor models.  Despite this decrease in size, an Expansion Slot is provided in the base station for applications in future upgrades.


New Ergonomic Design for the Portable Companion
The HK-388P and HK-388PW have a new mechanical design with lower center-of-gravity for good balance on the shoulder.  The triax connector is mounted with pivot to provide excellent freedom of movement. In addition to triax or fiber operation, the HK-388P and HK-388PW can be docked with a Betacam recorder utilizing the VA-95SA VTR Adaptor and IF-21 Interface.


l Rating

< Input Signals>

[ HK-388/HK-388W Camera Head ] External Sync Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W

(BBS 0.45Vp-p positive 75W)

Mic -60dB ~ -40dB/-20dB 600W

2 channels (option)

Intercom -10dB/-50dB, 2 channels (ENG/PROD)


[ HK-388P/HK-388PW Camera Head ] External Sync Signal VBS 1Vp-p Positive 75W

(BBS 0.45Vp-p positive 75W)

Mic -60dB ~ -40db/-20dB 600W, 2 channels

Intercom -10dB/-50dB, 2 channels (ENG/PROD)


Tally Contact (R tally) (Sytem connector)

[ BS-388 Base Station ] o Analog External Sync Signal BBS 0.45Vp-p positive 75W Loop through

(VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W)

Ret urn Video Signal VBS 1Vp-p, positive 75W Loop through,

2 channels

Q-TV Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W Loop through

Intercom 0dB 600W,

2 channels 4-wire/RTS (ENG/PROD)

PGM (Audio) 0dB 10kW, 2 channels

Tally R, G, 2 channels, Contact/Power

o Digital Ret urn Video Signal Component serial digital signal (270Mbps)

0.8Vp-p 75W (BNC Connector),

2 channels (option)

< Output Signals > [ HK-388/HK-388W Camera Head ] Composite Video Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W

Q-TV Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W

Monitor Signal Menu select signal positive 75W

Intercom 0dB, 2 channels (ENG/PROD)


Intercom 06dB 600W 4-wire/RTS Extension

Tally R, G 2 channels, Contact/Voltage

Audio Trunk Signal Through 600W (XLR)

Utilit y Power 200VA

[ HK-388P/HK-388PW Camera Head ] Composite Video Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W (System connector)

Component Signal Y, CB, CR, 1kW (System connector)

Monitor Signal R+G+B, R, G, B, Y, ENC positive 75W

Ret urn Video Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W

Intercom 0dB, 2 channels (ENG/PROD)


Q-TV signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W

[ BS-388 Base Station ] o Analog Composite Signal VBS 1Vp-p positive 75W, 3 channels

R, G, B Signal V.0 7Vp-p positive 75W (for chroma-key use)

Component Signal Y, CB, CR, 75

PM Signal R, G, B, -G, Y, ENC 1Vp-p positive 75W,

2 channels

WFM Signal R, G, B, SEQ, Y/C, ENC 1Vp-p positve 75W,

2 channels

Sync Signal 2Vp-p negative 75W

WFM Control Signal SEQ ON, STAIR CASE signal

Tally R, G 2 channels, Contact/Voltage

(for video monitor)

Intercom 0dB 600W 2 channels 4-wire/RTS (ENG/PROD)

Mic 0dB 600W, 2 channels

o Digital Component serial digital signal

(270Mbps/SMPTE259M) 0.8Vp-p 75W,

4 channels(BNC connector)

Image Sensor HK-388/388P:

2/3-inch 520,000-pixel FIT CCD X3


2/3-inch 640,000-pixel 16:9 FIT CCD X3

Optical System f1.4

Optical Filter 1 2 3 4 5

ND CAP 100% 25% 6.2% 1.6%

CC CROSS 3200K 4300K 6300K 8000K

Gain Selection * Master gain: -3dB/0dB/3dB/6dB/12dB

* R, G, B gain: ±6dB

Shutter 1/60 (OFF),

1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000

CVSS: 1/30.3~1.57.6 sec., 1/61.4~1/1966 sec.

Continuously Variable

Power Consumption HK-388(W) camera head: approx. 130VA

HK-388 (W) camera head + BS-388:

approx. 270VA

HK-388P(W) camera head:

20.5W (DC+11V~+16V)

Ambient Temperature Camera head: -20°C~+45°C(-4°F~+113°F)

(25%~85% relative humidit y)

Base station: 0°C~+45°C (+32°F~+113°F)

(25%~85% relative humidit y)

External Dimensions HK-388(W) camera head (including 7"VF):

W12.2 X H16.2 XD15.0 inches

(W310 X H410.5 X D380mm)

HK-388P(W) camera head + TA-388P

(including 1.5" or 2" VF):

W4.9 X H9.1 X D14.8inches

(W125 X H230.5 X D375mm)

BS-388 base station :

W19.0 X H5.2 X D16.9 inches

(W483 X H133 X D430 mm)

Weight HK-388(W) camera head: 27 kg (59.5 lbs) approx.

HK-388P(W) camera head: 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) approx.

(excluding VF and TA)

l Performance Modulation Depth HK-388/388P: 70% or more

(5MHz) HK-388W/388PW: 80% (16:9) or more

70% (4:3) or more

Registration 0.02% or less, relative to the screen height

(over the entire screen, excluding lens aberration)

S/N 62dB (gamma, DTL, matrix: OFF ;

band limitation: 4.2MHz)

Sensitivit y F8.0 at 2000 lx

Frequency Response (Wit h reference to base station output,

Ych, 100kHz Standard)

60Hz ~ 4.5MHz: wit hin ± 0.5dB

4.5MHz ~ 8MHz: wit hin ± 1dB

Gamma Step change over 1.0 (OFF)/0.45/0.40/0.35

Fine adjustment: ± 0.05 continuously variable

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